Ocarina of Rhyme: Must Listen Now

Frankly, I did not discover this at all, but I’m surprised I hadn’t found it already. Instead, my fellow ISSSer who preaches rap and hip hop discovered this and threw it up as his Facebook status.

So everyone knows that Ocarina of Time kicked more ass than Bill the Ass-Kicker. I’ve never met someone who hasn’t loved this game, and if I ever do, I’ll headbutt him/her in the balls/ovaries. What was one awesome thing about Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Well, I’m going to say the music (for the sake of this post….honestly I liked everything from the bosses to the glitches about this game). Well what Team Teamwork did was take some of the tracks of the game, and made them into kick ass hip hop beats. Then they overlapped them with kick ass rhymes, hence creating the best mix tape ever. Let’s take the best one.

We all know that the best song from Zelda: OoT was the Gerudo Valley Mexican style guitar. Take that, add Busta Rhymes, get

Allow yourself to get some tissues to clean the mess you just made in you pants, and while you’re at it, grab a few more…..in fact, just bring the whole box next to you, because this one’s about equal, if not better:

At this point, take an hour break and wait for your body to replenish some of the massive amount of bodily fluids you just lost. By now you might be out of tissues, so grab a towel. A big one. It time for MF DOOM:

Jeez, if I keep going I’m just going to end up linking to every song, so I’m going to stop now. If you want more (which you do, don’t kid yourself), check out the link below where you will find a post that contains the link to a place where you can get the album for free (I refuse to link there directly, because this is more fun). The post in question also includes a much better review……I mean, I wrote my post first, but I waited patiently for him to publish his first, because we ISSSers have a thing called respect, and that’s why I waited for this piece of shit to write his gay little post first. Respect….also, I wanted to do someth i n   g    e     l       s               e    .   .   .

Oh here’s a way to get to said site:


HAHAHAHAHAHA PUN!…..AWESOME PUN! It almost reminds me of Pigs Before Swine, which is the funniest comic in the Sunday Paper. Okay time to read more Mysterious Girlfriend X, which is the most awesome manga ever.

Aww fuck….I’m all caught up to Mysterious Girlfriend X…..from now on, only COMPLETED works.


11 thoughts on “Ocarina of Rhyme: Must Listen Now

  1. OoT… brings back memories. Definitely among the best games I’ve ever played (although I probably spent more time playing the original Smash Bros.).

    The Gerudo Valley/Busta Rhymes one was awesome, and I’m not even a big rap fan.

  2. you picked a good three… those 3 are deff my favorites… Team Teamwork did such a sick job… and they seem to have a good knowlegde of hip-hop also… i mean not everyone would mix DOOM or Aesop Rock… but they picked perfect songs

  3. I’m disappointed…I’ve only experienced the ever slightest uptick in hits (or, as they’re known on my ISSS, ‘enlightened students’)

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