The Art of the InuFiller

I’ve been coming up with some great ideas lately (well ideas anyway), and I’ve thought of another one which should get a lot of positive feedback (neither of either more likely, although personally, I think this post actually has good substance, but I’m probably just kidding myself). Take InuYasha. As almost any anime fan knows, this show is about a girl who falls into a time traveling well that sends her back to feudal Japan and demons and Naraku and the Shikon Shard and all that good fun stuff. But you know what I feel is under-appreciated about the show? The rare episodes where Kagome goes back to her time, and InuYasha always follows her, which creates a scene. That is the introduction to this post, but please, don’t leave just yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the recent season of InuYasha. Every show keeps me riveted, and afterward I’m filled with happy. But as I previously stated, the episodes where Kagome travels back to her time, and InuYasha inevitably shows up to get her, are mainly ignored (because they’re sort of fillers). Personally, I would love to see more of this:

What’s so exciting about this, right? Well, I think that I love these episodes the most (that’s right, I like them more than the regular episodes, even in the manga, always have), is that they’re different. Rumiko changes the entire setting and cast of the show (or manga really), and thus, InuYasha (and even Kagome considering how long she’s been away) have to adapt to the differences between this world and feudal Japan. Here, I’ll jot down just a few of the differences from the main story that these episodes have. And for your pleasure, I’ll use bullets:

  • Scenery – Instead of forests, there are buildings. Everything goes from organic to industrial. Crazy shit.
  • Technology – Bye bye horses, hello trains and cars. Inuyasha always mistakes bug moving things for demons, kind of like Sallah from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

No clip? Thought we had a clip. Oh well moving on

  • So after ripping off Family Guy:
  • Characters – Besides Kagome and Inuyasha, there are no other characters that are in both worlds, unless you count that ghost of the scabbard from the 3rd movie. Added we have Kagome’s family and friends.

I’ll use those three and leave it at that. At this point, the anime changes from and abnormal setting with one normal character (Kagome, except she has powers so she’s not that normal), to a normal setting with one abnormal character (Inuyasha, the only one with demon blood in this time period [to our knowledge]). Holy shit I haven’t even mentioned my idea yet (although you could probably guess what it’s going to be…and no, it’s not going to be something like, “200 more Inuyasha episodes!” Anyway, before I actually mention my idea, I want to elaborate on my last point of difference, and in fact I think I’ll do just that, seeing as this is my ISSS, which isn’t a blog, but actually is (not) a blog. On a side note, I saw that show Archer on FX. It was actually pretty funny. Anyway I saw like 2 episodes I think it got canceled. This also happened like, a month ago, I have no idea why I’m bringing i-

So the characters of Kagome’s world. Specifically, I’m going to ignore the family (because they all already know that Inuyasha is a half demon, and zone in on Kagome’s friends, who are all sluts. By the way, I find it odd that Kagome is trying to get into HIGH SCHOOL. I mean, you’re telling me that a tall, big breasted, able-bodied COOKING ELIGIBLE girl who is FIGHTING DEMONS no big deal and LOOKS like an 18 or 19-year-old is in MIDDLE SCHOOL? None of the middle school students look middle school like. Their bodies are all way too tall and developed. In fact, I don’t think that Japanese people even grow that tall over their entire life span (racial stereotype). My job entails me looking after middle school kids, and they’re all really fucking small. Like, up to my waist. One kid played me one on one in basketball. Big mistake on his part. I felt like a man blocking the shit out of every shot he took. (I let him score and stuff I’m not a douche bag. I actually let him get to game point, but I can’t let him win. I have enough pride to not want to get beaten by a middle schooler [even though I did anyway, later on…to my credit, we were playing one on one in a crowd of people, so he just hid behind people and took shots, the cheap asshole.])

I’m getting WAYYYYYYY fucking off topic, and you might be getting ready to click the “x” in the corner, but not yet. Here’s a picture:

So, Kagome’s friends, why are they so important? Well, I enjoy, more than anything, when a character with special needs….I mean abilities (well actually special needs could work, but it would just be politically incorrect, and we’d all feel like assholes as we laughed….holy shit I just got a funny Trigger Happy idea [see bottom]). Anyway, I love it when characters who have special abilities enter into a setting where no one else has abilities that are special. In this case, Inuyasha is half demon, is super strong, and can practically fly:

Now, what I really like is when the “special” character is supposed to hide his abilities for some reason, but then people find out, and become surprised/overwhelmed. This element of surprise is just AWESOME. I LOVE it.

So you just like surprise? Why are you so keen to InuYasha? Why not watch any show with surprise?

Let me elaborate. There are many types of surprise (which I will use numbers so as to not confuse you with the previous list):

  1. Strategy Surprise – Someone thinks they have the upper hand, when suddenly, BAM, the sides are turned with a superb plan.
  2. Plot Surprise – You think that one thing is happening, when suddenly, B-B…..B-BAM! A character who was dead is actually alive (or vice-versa), or an unexpected twist develops.
  3. Special Character Surprise – Aside from one or two characters, nobody know that this character has any special abilities, when suddenly, BA-BA BA-BA BAM! They realize he is actually a half demon youkai when he does something awesome, or merely shows his ears to people, in a way where they can tell that said ears are, in fact, real.

Why do I like this type of surprise/BAM moment more than say, Light exposing a plot/strategy surprise in Deathnote? Well, why do you like chocolate ice cream more than vanilla (for the record, strawberry is better than both, and chocolate ice cream sucks). Now, I can finally come to my idea and end this surprisingly long post:

I would love to see a short, 6 or so episode OVA of Inuyasha staying in Kagome’s word for an extended stay, dealing with different situations, and finally exposing himself to Kagome’s friends/school, and the related aftermath (how they all react). I mean, I almost feel cheated that no one (Kagome’s friends) ever found out that Inuyasha was a half demon. I probably looked forward to that more than the eventual conclusion of the Shikon jewel plot. And it never happened. Oh shit, did I just spoil that? Yes. Yes I did.

I mean, I’m not asking for like, a 26 episode long series or anything revolving around Inuyasha living in Kagome’s time or anything (although I’d love that too). Just a 6 episode OVA or something. Even 3 episodes would be fine.

.           .           .            .            .           .

~sigh~ I guess InuYasha just always leaves me wanting more. I wish Rumiko would write a new series about Inuyasha.

Other Acceptable OVAs (now that I think about it)

  • OVA about Sesshomaru and Sesshomaru only. Just him kicking ass. No Rin. No Jaken. Just Sesshomaru.

That’s it. Here’s my Trigger Happy idea: Create politically incorrect ringtones (like, “DURR I”M RETARDED” on repeat. Go into a crowd of people where it’s quiet (a church is best), and have it ring. Everyone will be offended. For the record, I do not condone making fun of the disabled. Unless I were disabled. Then you could make fun of me, I wouldn’t care.


13 thoughts on “The Art of the InuFiller

  1. The only thing I ever liked about Inu Yasha were the episodes where Kagome went back to the modern world and stuff from the past spilled over. It allowed Takahashi to get back to the stuff she does best (sit-com antics and wacky everyday-meets-the-weird stuff) while avoiding the stuff she isn’t very good at (pretty much everything else).

    Those episodes almost played liks something out of Urusei Yatsura, except Kagome wasn’t a pervert and Inu Yasha didn’t go around electrocuting her. If Kagome WAS a slut and Yasha DID go around zapping her, it’d be a lot more interesting.

  2. I get what you mean. I always love it when Ichigo and the rest of the shinigami went to the real world and Ichigo and his teenage friends did nothing but being a teenager. Even if it is a filler, I still think it helps a lot in character development. For instance, Keigo’s psychotic sister kinda fall hard for Ikkaku. That was always funny.

    Seeing them in school uniform is always fun but that’s just my fetish

    And I’m going off topic so I’ll stop.

  3. I like the episodes that take place in modern Japan – I noticed that Takahashi usually inserts them after intense action/drama arcs. So they’re great breathers in between the heavy stuff. These episodes also give her more opportunity to show off her unique humor style more so than in the Sengoku Jidai setting. And because Inuyasha and Kagome are the only main characters who can be in this setting, their relationship can be further built, too.

    I think there was at least one more episode like this that was supposed to occur earlier in The Final Act but they seem to have skipped it. Shame.

    I like your point how, in the modern Japan setting, there’s one abnormal character in the normal world, and in the Sengoku Jidai setting, there’s one normal character in an abnormal world. Never thought about that.

    • taking one of these episodes out is just stupid. As I’ve been watching this anime, I’ve realized that I have actually forgotten a lot from the manga, so I can’t really back you up on this claim.

  4. Ok, so I somehow posted this comment to the completely wrong post, so here it is, where it makes sense:

    My only reaction to this post: why is the third girl in the last picture not wearing a coat? A scarf and no coat? What the fuck?

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