Let’s Use That

Do you have any idea what I”m talking about when I say, “that”? Of course you don’t, and it pisses me off in anime, when the characters say something like,

With “that”? Oh yeah, that. I’m sure everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say “that“, don’t they?

I can’t believe they know what the fuck each of them is talking about! I mean, okay, obviously the studios/writers use the word that because they want to make something a surprise, but why do they always have to say, that? Why can’t they say something that sounds more realistic, like, “Let’s use out secret weapon?” If I were one of these girls in the picture (or any person in one of a thousand scenarios) and one of my allies said, “Let’s use that.” I would turn to them and ask them what the fuck they were talking about. Yet, in anime, it’s used a lot, and not just in Bleach.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a year, and this scenario in Bleach just served as a spark that reminded me of that my desire to write said post. There are several reasons why using “that” is stupid:

  • It’s annoying to hear a character use that in the ways I am referring. And not annoying as in “Oh why do they have to leave me in suspense!?” I mean it’s annoying in, “Why don’t they just say what it is they’re going to do?”
  • It’s lazy. Using the word that just means the the writers were too lazy to find a synonym that could replace that, but would still create a sense of mystery surrounding that.
  • It’s a cheap way to try and add suspense to something.
  • 60% of the time, it doesn’t work, every time. This is the most ineffective literary device ever used. Whenever I see it, I just want to gouge my eyes out, but then I realize that I already gouged them out while watching K-On, Kanamemo, and Chu-Bra. That’s right, I have had three eyes. I’m getting new one’s on Thursday……anyway, it’s also ineffective because usually, I’m not even surprised when the characters finally reveal what that is actually referring to.

I wrote more of this, but then my GOD DAMN COMPUTER CRASHED (blue screen), and I can’t remember my many other valid points, which I assure you, could have won me a Noble Prize of Literature. Instead, I’ll leave you with a thought and a picture:


Using the word that to replace something else in a story is BULLSHIT.


The above is from Mysterious Girlfriend X, a fantastic manga.


14 thoughts on “Let’s Use That

  1. I don’t found it annoying or anything. I just tend to take it at face value, then when they revealed the shit surprise I was like… meh. But now that I think about it, you presented some valid points and I can feel the rage when I read that manga panels. That was shit.

  2. My only reaction to this post: why is the third girl in the last picture not wearing a coat? A scarf and no coat? What the fuck?

    • The last picture (manga pic) has two girls, and none of them are wearing scarves. They’re wearing school uniforms. Although this makes no sense either, because as I recall, it was indeed winter during this part of the manga.

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