Kampfer: I Felt Like…

Maybe I’m at fault here, because I tend to like every show I watch, but over the course of its running, a lot of people were hating on Kampfer. Guess what? I actually liked it. A lot. And here’s why:

Breaking the 4th Wall

I LOVE it when characters break the 4th wall. It doesn’t matter how they do it, I will love it. In this anime, the characters always make fun of the seiyu that voice the characters, or point them out in some way. For example. two character will start arguing with each other, and then go on to insult one another’s seiyu. I loved that. Here’s a small example, which I found funny, but it wasn’t as funny as the episode where the characters (Akane and Natsuru) argue.

And speaking of Mamiko Noto….check out this line that her character drops, which in turn made me pump my fist and laugh, thus making it a combo attack of both a BAM, 4th wall breakage, and comedy. I literally didn’t even read the subtitles (recognized the quote by sound, and replayed it several times), because I already knew what it meant, and was too busy celebrating. I might have even peed a little. Mamiko Noto, you kick ass!

Mamiko Noto is saying this line. If you don't get the reference, go watch Jigoku Shojo, and kick yourself in the most painful way possible for not already watching it.


I may have mentioned in a previous InuYasha post how much I love surprises in a way where a character has powers and then they reveal that they have said powers to someone else who doesn’t know that they had said powers in the first place, didn’t I? For example. At this point in the story Mikoto doesn’t know that Natsuru is actually a Kampfer. Well guess what’s for dinner?

Nooo Way! (relevant part at 35 seconds)

Look at this expression. AWESOME. This could fill three requirements of awesome: Comedy, Awesome expressions, and surprise BAM moment. All in this one screen shot alone.

As you should know, surprises such as these are automatic BAM moments. So that means that so far, this anime has so much that I love, and I’ve barely scraped the surface.

Characters de la Awesome

The cast of Kampfer was one of the best I’ve seen. That’s right, I just said that. Don’t like it? Go fuck yourself. Maybe even kill yourself, see if I care. I don’t have feelings because feelings are gay. By the way, if you didn’t click that link, you’re missing out on something hilarious. Anyway, here they are, my characters, from best to worst.

Shizuku Sanga – Well, originally, I was a huge fan of Akane, but I’ll admit, after a while I couldn’t stop myself from hopping on this badwagon and riding it like a girl that had only recently been introduced to the pleasures of sex. I rode that bandwagon hard, and for good reason too. Shizuku is all of these things:

  • Calm and controlling – She never gets riled, and she always has a sneeky plan, even when she doesn’t actually have a sneeky plan.
  • Her fan club at school – Her fan club already has accepted the fact that she is way out of their league, so they simply want to be abused by her. Does any other fan club bow down like that? Maybe.
  • She knows all.
  • She’s just cool. It’s that kind of cool that is tough to describe. Like, we all know that Fonzi is cool. Even if you don’t know why, you know he’s cool (there are several reasons why he’s cool, but for the sake of this argument, let’s pretend we don’t know them).
  • She’s assertive. Just like girls like assertive guys, some guys like assertive girls. Unfortunately, Natsuru isn’t one of them, as he is a pussy. But here’s a taste (lol) of how assertive she is:


Akane Mishima – When I give her the place of second, it really isn’t by much. There’s just something awesome about a shy, somewhat clumsy and all together good girl transforming into a gun happy bad-ass bitch with one of the foulest mouths I’ve ever seen in anime. In case you’re wondering how foul her mouth was, she kind of reminded me of The President from Detroit Metal City (although no one is touching The President in this category). God she’s cool. This is almost a tie, but for some reason the shy Akane version stopped thinking that everything was related to sex, which was what I felt really completed her as a character.

Mikoto Kondo – She travels around the world through most of the first half, and then comes home. I’m not sure why I liked her, probably because she was a bit nutty. She pulled a pot of curry out of her bag in one episode, and is developing into a fine stalker prospect (for Natsuru).

Two of the Four White Kampfers – We have one who is a typical tsundere (always says stuff like, don’t misunderstand), and one who is quiet, but always talks about blood and brains exploding (in a shy way).  I wish that these two characters got into the mix a bit more, because they were stereotypical and awesome (at least the tsundere was, although she wasn’t even tsundere, she just talked like one).

Strangled Stray Dog – This is the Entrail Animal voiced by Mamiko Noto, who has almost no lines, I had to throw her up here simply because of the line mentioned before. That was the dagger that made this series awesome.

Kaede Sakura – On a good note, she’s a raging lesbian, and by raging, I mean she’s a slightly more agressive lesbian than most. She does get into the habit of being kind of annoying at times, but she provides a lot of comedy in my opinion. Of course, she ends up being more than originally thought, and that adds to her awesomeness (she’s also a huge lesbian, sometimes a massive lesbian).

Natsuru Seno – What a pussy. Probably the only character in the show I didn’t like. I mean, sure, he can throw his stuffed animal around when it talks back, but when he realizes that he can transform into a girl with massive tits, he doesn’t even take advantage. HE DOESN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIMSELF NAKED! I’ve already gone over what I would have been doing. What is this guy, a fucking pussy? (yes) Besides this fact, he could also bag every girl in this show, as both a guy and a girl. In fact, I bet money that he could easily have a foursome (which is really hard to do) with them. And instead he chooses to get with none of them throughout the show. What a douche bag.

The Ending

The ending was completely retarded. It was literally fucking retarded. But it was retarded in a fun, stupid, retarded sort of way, and even though I was almost embarrassed to be watching something so retarded, I enjoyed it. I’m speaking mainly of episode 11. There was singing, and stuffed animals becoming huge fucking spirit things, and more gay singing, and ripped clothes, and it was fucking stupid. I laughed my ass off at the stupidness. Want to know how retarded it was?

The song these stuffed animals are singing is one whose name escapes me, but it’s a rather famous song, and you would know it when you here it. It’s a song that does not belong in any anime, and should never be sung in Japanese. This was completely retarded, and is the main reason that this anime fails to reach a 5* on my grading system (to be honest, it’s Kampfer, it wasn’t going to get anything higher than a 5 anyway).


Bill got Kampfered up by Shizuku, but then beat the shit out of episode 11.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention how awesome the comedy was. There were some moments where I really laughed pretty hard. One moment, I replayed over and over (that might have been the Mamiko Noto moment).


12 thoughts on “Kampfer: I Felt Like…

  1. The animals sing “Ode to Joy” in the 11th episode.

    I repeatedly questioned myself while watching Kampfer, and while it is an undeniably trashy series, I have to give credit where credit is due: It’s the kind of trashy series that is fun as hell to watch. And again, the uproar after ep11 was HILARIOUS. The very fact that people were pissed that the ending didn’t tie things together in a non-retarded way just cracked me up. What did people think they were watching the whole time??

    And, yes, I agree with Shizuku and Akane as 1 and 1a. One on top of the other, just where they belong. (IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT, HURR HURR)

    • “And, yes, I agree with Shizuku and Akane as 1 and 1a. One on top of the other, just where they belong. (IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT, HURR HURR)”

      HOLY SHIT THIS COMMENT WAS AWESOME. I agree that Kampfer was fucking awesome to watch (obviously). Personally, I liked the ending BECAUSE it was so retarded.

    • She doesn’t get enough lines, except in episode 12, which has nothing to do with the actual show and is generally a shitty “special” episode (I’m assuming they call it a special episode by using “special” in the same sense that you use it to describe someone with a low IQ….aka, it was retarded [I also realize that if Hell exists, I’m kinda fucked after I die]).

  2. I loved Shizuku for her cool demeanor, but Akane was just hilarious, with her “double” personality and her obsession with sex in spite of her shy non-kampfer self.

    I enjoyed this anime, the kind of light-hearted comedy without any plot that can be watched while relaxing after a hard day

  3. i am beginning to question your taste in anime…. but then I smacked myself hard. Glo the Magnificent is never wrong and I shall pick this up again!

    Now I want my candy ^^

    • Maybe it was because I came into this anime expecting to drop it, and thus had no expectations, but I liked it. If you didn’t like the first like….4 episodes, I wouldn’t pick it back up though. The end is completely retarded.

      Candy? Did I promise you candy? (serious question)

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