The 100K Post

Well, I finally did it. I reached 100,000 views on my ISSS, Eye Sedso. First, look at this:

Lol, the amount of Smaxx reminds me of binary (in case you're wondering, it means nothing in binary).

So in this self-glorifying post, what should I talk about? Before I do anything, I have to thank the number one supporter of Eye Sedso:

Where would I be if it weren’t for Google? My post would have almost no pictures, aside from screen shots that I take myself. I realize that using pictures via Google image search is the same as taking them from some other site, but I don’t give a shit, because I have an ISSS, and I can do whatever the fuck I want. Anyway, back to this post, which is all about me.

I am the best. As proof, my site has garnered more views than the amount of gold coins found inside a chest filled with 99,999 gold coins. That’s right, more than that. I rule. Take a look at these graphs, which clearly display my awesomeness:

So what does all of this bullshit mean? I don’t know, make your own assesments, I’m too busy being awesome to write any type of opinion on it. Let’s see, now I’ll either make you feel great, or make you feel left out, but if you feel left out, it’s only because you suck and don’t comment enough (by my standards). I’m going to dish out some awards. Some will be to me, most will be to you.


Award(s) Number 1: Loyal Followers

Here, I will link to all loyal followers. Now, you might come here everyday and read/re-read/masturbate to the shit that I put up. For the record, that would be fine with me, but don’t expect me to throw your name down if you haven’t commented or left any hint that you visit Eye Sedso. And I even went to such lengths as to not only LINK to said site, but also provide pictures of their avatars. With that being said:

Glo the Legend:

Well duh, almost half of the comments made here are from me. I’m number one assholes! But that only proves that I always reply to every comment made here. not because I care about what you said, but because I always must have last word (except on other sites sometimes).


Not only does he comment on most of my posts, but he even links to me, and when he does, it usually means that I get a huge boost in hits. Just look at July, I think know that he linked to me after I wrote the biographical post about his trip to England.  I wrote that post at the end of June. The next month was my highest on record hits wise. I think I’ve made my point. He also tends to suggest anime/manga that are generally awesome.


I call her klux, because it sounds cool to me, and because I have an ISSS, so I can do pretty much whatever I want. Whenever I write a post, it’s almost a given that I’m going to see at least one (and in many cases more) comment(s) from Klux. In case you don’t know, we joke to each other about being married, but little does she know, I secretly fly to Malaysia and stalk her while she and her several boyfriends/escorts (yes, I know about all 9 of them) hang out at The Roost, which is a completely awesome place. Like Baka-Raptor, she has also been known to link here, and that makes me happy in the pants. The first time she linked to me, I got a huge boner. The End.


Whenever I see the name, “Yi” I just want to yell out “Yi YI!” like some black rapper dude would do (no racist). In fact, I usually do (again, no racist). Yi is someone who comments here fairly consistantly, and while it’s not ever single post, it’s still a lot more than I can really expect anyone to. She posts here a good amount. Besides this, she enjoys anime/manga that deals with lesbians, which I tend to like, despite being a straight male with huge muscles and a chiseled physique. Her avatar is awesome and I think she drew it herself (but I honestly don’t know). Anyway, that’s what I know.


Wow, another female blogger. I guess I really appeal to the feminine anime bloggers, despite occasionally bashing women (yes, that is my one and only blog, and it’s even shittier than this ISSS. I’ve actually long since abandoned it). We were going to do a podcast, although honestly I’m so fucking busy with school that it might have to wait till summer before anything ever gets done…..anyway…..Day is the most bad ass female blogger (or maybe simply female) ever. She was in the God damn Army, and killed 7 huge guys with one arm, while laughing and belittling said huge guys. After she gave them a proper thrashing, she walked away while performing the motion that one does when they are done with a chore or something, where you kind of clap (or rub?) your hands together.


Here’s a dude with a way better site than mine. He’s the one who kind of got me into the whole manga thing, simply from seeing a review or something on his blog. I started reading FMA because of this (I think), and it just snowballed. XBlade? Awesome. Gantz is probably the big one. Anyway, great taste in manga (I’m about to pick up To-Love ru), and he also takes time to comment here, even though i don’t really comment much on his blog (because they’re mainly reviews of things I haven’t read).


This mofo actually comments here a lot, and links here quite a bit. Sometimes, he may not agree with anything I say, and even though he liked K-On, I still must say that he seems like a generally good guy, and I enjoy reading his blog, which has a fucking sick name, which I always feel the need to yell with a sense of surprise added to it:

Example: “NaNEEEEEE!!!!?!?” (I really elongate the “E”)

Yea, I embellish it. However, just because I enjoy you’re blog doesn’t mean you’re a loyal follower. He comments. He links. He does his job. Keep doing your thing you fucking pedophile.

Those are what I would say the big five are. They comment/link/masturbate to Eye Sedso more than a lot of people, but here’s a few more:


Canne is relatively new to Eye Sedso (I feel like), yet already has posted a vast array of comments, which I love.


Well, why is oballer down here? It’s because I actually am friends with him in real life. Likewise he comments here a lot, and I do the same on his blog, even though it has such a generic name. I will also link to him on the rare occasion that he actually posts something (which I see he just did). A few months ago, he quit anime, and has since realized the err of his ways. For some weird reason, he almost has 100K, even though he never posts.

Refuse to Come Wack:

This is the only other person besides me who has an ISSS. What glee! Needless to say, this ISSSer has an ISSS filled with witty humor, and a bunch or greatness. The reason why he is so far down here, is, like oballer, I know him in real life, and he also never has anything good to say when he comments here, because he doesn’t like anime (despite the fact that he got me into anime). What a joke.

Well, that takes care of all the losers who have absolutely no life other than reading my ISSS religiously. However, if you didn’t make this list, you should probably take a second to sit down and think about where your life is headed. Can you really afford to not read Eye Sedso religiously? I don’t think that it’s wise to leave up to chance.

Seriously though, I can’t list everybody, and there are certainly more that I can (I’m truly grateful to anyone who reads my ISSS, whether you comment or not, and there are people who comment a lot who I didn’t list), but I don’t want to make this post too long. And if I do decide to make it long. I want it to be about me, and my 100,000 views.

First Ever Comment

Baka Raptor

Baka-Raptor wins the award for first ever comment (no surprise here, since he’s pretty much the only person who knows/supports this site), which was made here, back when no one knew this God damn site existed. I think I’ll take this time to point out that oballer is a hypocrite, as determined by his comment (which was the second comment ever) here. How is that hypocritical? Well, notice that his name is not oballer, but instead Jimmy D. Jimmy D is not his real name, and at the time of the comment, he had already seen Deathnote, hadn’t seen Higurashi. At that point in time, I was getting a lot of crap for having a blog (even though it was an ISSS, not a blog) from these two. Obviously since I linked to them, you can tell that they soon became jealous of my site, and promptly made their own. In a way, I am their father.

Best Stalker of Eye Sedso


Proof that I never forget anything, nor leave anyone out, the best stalker award goes to notouchi. She laid claim to being an Eye Sedso stalker, and has done such a good job stalking, that one would not even be able to tell she is even stalking me. Even I can’t tell she’s stalking me. That’s a sign of a good stalker. Truth be told, I don’t have a clue who the fuck this is, she commented here once, and laid claim to being a stalker (albeit, obviously not true…..if it is, I might be aroused by it).

Most Referenced Media

Probably Family Guy. I love to link to Family Guy quotes. And why not? Family Guy is awesome!

Most Awesome

Glo the Legend:

Eye am awesome.

Best Video Game that I’m Currently Playing

For the record, I did not get this off of google, I screen shotted it myself. I also tried to make it my facebook picture, but it didn't work so I gave up.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’m playing it via rom/emulator, and since I’ve already beaten it enough times to memorize every detail, I’m using cheats, mainly, “Press L to Levitate”……do you realize how much you can do with that cheat? You can pretty much beat any temple (almost) as a kid (unless you need the metal boots). I almost beat the Shadow Temple as a kid (until I needed metal boots). Technically, you could not beat any temples and beat the game, as long as you get the required equipment to beat Ganondorf. I also borrowed Game Shark from a friend of mine, and plan to use that for all sorts of shit. I’ve only used it once for Goldeneye, and it was awesome. Playing any multiplayer level with walk through doors cheat on immediately makes any level huge and awesome, especially Archive. btw, I OWN at that game, because I’m FUCKING AWESOME.

Next Segment

Reaching 100K in views to me is a lot like graduating High School. Now you’ve proved yourself to be worthy, but it’s not over yet. I kick ass. Let me now talk about some bullshit, also known as, my writing style.

My grammar sucks. I make a shitload of typing/spelling mistakes. I might even input incorrect and/or misguided information into my posts. Too bad huh? But as far as style goes, Mine has changed. In the beginning, you might be able to sense a hint of Maddox-like  writing style. That’s because at the time, I had just found his Awesome Page, and was reading it all. The writing style rubbed off (and this was mainly just in the very very very beginning. As I read some of my early bullshit, I realized that my style (in my opinion) is much better. I mean, as a rookie, dude I had no idea what I was doing. I was like a blind man trapped in the middle of the desert, completely fucking lost. I made retarded posts (a tradition that still lives strong to this day), that made….you know what, fuck it, I’m tired. You can email me if you want to send presents to my house….I’ll give you the address (but I’m not paying shipping and handling).

Cheers to me!

EDIT: Speaking of Maddox, he apparently wrote another book, entitled, I Am Better That Your Kids. That sounds like something I could jerk off to. Pretty much, it’s a book of THIS and THIS, which are literally my two favorite posts in internet history of all posts ever made EVER.

DOUBLE EDIT: Ding Ding! Here comes the shit-mobile!


72 thoughts on “The 100K Post

  1. Congratz on 100k!

    Random stuff on this post:
    – Yes, we must remember to pay tribute to the Google gods lol
    – Lol I just like to read stuff where things blow up, body parts fly around, and shit happens. The odd fanservice stuff is cool too. I guess that’s just the kind of stuff you are into.
    – More people need to read Xblade.
    – OoT is awesome. I also played it on an emulator. I never used the levitate cheat though (maybe I should go try)

    • Use the levitate cheat. I only use cheats in games after I feel I have beaten the game enough times where I feel I’ve exhausted everything out of the game, and cheats will add new experiences. This one does, and I even found some new things that I’d never seen before.

  2. Hmmm… I seem to also have hit 100k recently and forgot to post about it. Guess I’ll forget some more :p Seriously though, congratz, and even if I don’t comment every post, your thoughts make for hilarious reading.

    • I could say the same thing for your site: I don’t really comment much, but it’s an awesome site. It’s one of the very few (or only) blogs that deal with music in anime, and that’s awesome. I feel like you comment enough here to make me happy, so thanks for the congrats.

  3. well congrats again (on that last post i gave a premature congratulation)

    also… don’t bash me for not posting a lot… i just didnt post for a while cuz i gave up anime… and now that im back into it i am posting at a much higher frequency, including a post i am writing right now, even tho im watcihng the all-star game.

    well congrats on the 100K, also this was a very entertaining post.

    • You’re gonna get 100,000 soon and I don’t know how considering you took a hiatus. Although our sites were created pretty close to each other, so it’s not that odd. You have now congratulated me 3 times on 100K (last post, and twice in this post). What are you, a stalker? You’re type of stalking isn’t allowed here because you’re a man.

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  5. Congratulations on 100k. It warms my heart to that know a website I influenced to some degree is still up and running. Also, congratulations on not boring me to death. It’s hard. Too many anime-related websites (usually blogs) do nothing but talk about their thoughts and feelings. It’s nice to see another anime-focused web author trying inject comedy into it.

    By the way, I still haven’t watched Index or Railgun. Maybe tomorrow.

    • What is the next landmark? I think the next one would be 500,000 hits, but I don’t know if I’ll ever reach that mark. Considering my whole site is a shitstorm, maybe it will come sooner rather than later. Thanks on the congrats!

  6. For some reason I was under the impression you were a lot more popular for some reason since it’s not really a typical anime blog. Your blog really isn’t something I read too often for that reason to be honest. Well, good luck at keeping those hits up. They aren’t everything though.

    • Wow, you’ve been around for a while. since 2003? No wonder you have such a massive amount of hits. You’re right though, hits aren’t everything, but I’ll use them anytime as an excuse to write a post about myself.

  7. I refuse to go along with the crowd, so I say bad job on your 100 thousand (a number I also refuse to comply and abbreviate)

  8. I generally really hate overloading on obscenities and cockiness, but you’re one of the few who pull it off. That’s why I keep coming back. ^ ^

    Anyway, congratulations on 100K on this blog… I mean ISSS.
    What is ISSS anyways?

  9. Great! Praise Google more. Blow up their ego. One day, they are gonna get the idea of trying to take over the world.
    Google rules… undeniably. 🙂

    And you did make me feel great! Thanks!
    Except for the part on calling me a mofo, being a “generally good guy” and a pedo.
    Hmm… Wait…
    Kinda lost that great feeling there… -.-”

    Just kidding… Lol.

    “In a way, I am their father.”

    Talking about how Maddox’s style rubbed off you. I’d say your style rubbed off mine.
    When I started blogging I swore I’d keep it civil. Never be rude or vulgar. Lol. That all changed after I started reading Eye Sedso. One post was all it took. Wham!
    Now, I’m at the point of no return.

    100k. Crazy stats. When are you gonna run for office?
    You got my vote!

    • You always manage to write long great comments that usually disagree with something I wrote before eventually apologizing to me for disagreeing or saying something like “just kidding”, and I love that. Your comments are always great.

      I’m glad I rubbed off on someone. It’s more action then I’ve been getting (lol). Yea it does sound gay, but it’s funny so it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about anything as long as it’s funny. If I ran for office, so far I’d have two votes (you and klux). Awesome.

  10. “Talking about how Maddox’s style rubbed off you. I’d say your style rubbed off mine.”
    Damn… That sounded gay. Need to rephrase… -.-”

    Information Storage Site…. Something.
    *forgot.. Checks out about page

    Information Storage and Sharing Site. 😉

  11. I guess I’ll slip in the congratz like a good commenter.
    You know, I totally easily found that speedo picture like the first time I reached your site. But I think I’ve already talked about that in a comment before. Oh well. It’s significant.

    • Fuck, I should’ve put your name up there too, you’ve been commenting consistently. My bad. Thanks for commenting, and yes, that speedo picture is great, because as we all know, speedos are fucking great. Everyone should have a speedo. Thanks for the congrats.

    • I’ve never seen that avatar. You need to go to

      so that it comes up on my site. So far I recognize you’re comments by the green and white default thingy (although it’s not a big deal).

      Yes, I know all about the affairs, but I don’t care. As your husband, I’ll let you fool around with other men, since you live far away, and need sex.

  12. Ah I remember first reading this ISSS. I’d been getting increasingly sick of academic blogs and reading this was a glorious experience.

    Keep it up and may your post titles never include the word ‘musings’

    • Musings……I would use the word poop before that (because using the word poop is funny and cool). Come to think of it, what the fuck is a musing. I need to take a shower, I just smelled something bad and realized it was me.

    • oh by the way, happy Chinese New Year. Sorta since its no longer the 14th ^^”

      no but yea, happy v-day (vagina day).

      okay seriously, happy valentines day (ugh, I hate valentines day, good thing im single so i dont have to spend money on pointless gifts).

      • I am not Chinese so I dont celebrate CNY. Blur does. But thanks anyway.

        and yes v-day is the best. I declare that we should have v-day on March 9, just so that I get a public holiday on my birthday and has an excuse to use my vajayjay.

        I don’t celebrate valentines either. We don’t need a special day to celebrate love. I celebrate it everyday.

        Also, thanks for the understanding. I need the sex LOL

      • Sometimes my birthday is on Thanksgiving, which you probably don’t have in Malaysia, since Pilgrims from England didn’t land their to begin colonizing it. It’s my favorite holiday, because it’s centered around food.

  13. Bring an umbrella! Its raining with visits! Congrats to your 100k and to free time 😀 HEY! U are stealing my visitors? So that’s why i don’t have none! I want my money back! And a sausage over a campfire, with my shield and sword aside. Wait, thats… too much Medieval II Total War, I guess 😐

    • This comment just made me really hungry. A little confused, and really hungry. I want to roast sausages over a fire right now. Too bad it’s snowing. Snow sucks. A lot of people are commenting on this, I’m excited. My self esteem is high.

  14. Yes! I am rewarded, too!
    Umm, my description is the least colorful compared to others (especially klux’s). Maybe I express too little personality while commenting…or is it because that’s my personality?! like a distant, obscure, untouchable figure. Anyway, I’m honored, really. It’s my first award ever!

    20,000+ hits per month…that’s crazy!

    and, of course, Congratz on the 100k hits. I’m currently on my way there (in about a decade x_x)

    • Yea wow, I skimped on your description. I kinda suck. I thought I wrote more too, what the fuck? You have a real bad ass avatar, I could’ve put that in there. You like a lot of similar anime that I do (I feel like, especially Ghibli movies, but everyone likes those unless their complete fuckasses).

      Thanks for the congrats. Keep kicking ass.

  15. I love my description.

    As for podcast… yeah. It’ll probably not be for a while. I’m taking 8 classes and its crushing my soul. But I can’t stop the soul crush-age because I have to graduate in May. Ah well.

      • Man, the only anime I’ve watched in the past two weeks was an episode of Heart Catch Pretty Cure. I’m behind on everything ;_;

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