Video Girl Ai Should Be Viewed Now

This is an awesome freaking show. Awesome. Go watch it. Go watch it and come back here to read this review. Actually, I’m not including any spoilers, so you can read this right now. But come back anyway and give me more hits, because Eye Sedso. Not only will you be giving me one extra hit, but you’ll also……..well……you’ll be giving me one extra hit.

Video Girl Ai

Originally, I came across this  anime on 2-D Teleidescope, in this post. I made promises to watch this show, but forgot to write the show down and thus forgot to watch it, because I suck. Months later (few days ago), I came across the manga, because lately I’ve been obsessed with manga (I’ve actually been obsessed with both. In between episodes of anime I read chapters of manga. I do this for about 4 hours a day. Is that wrong? If so then I don’t want to be right). Anyway, I came across the manga, and suddenly, my mind became clearer than something that you could see through perfectly……like a window or something. My mind had been jogged like a person who is being forced to run a distance, but not at such a rapid pace that it would be considered a “run”. All shitty analogies aside (I try and make them shitty, in case you haven’t realized by now) I had suddenly rememberd the name. I knew had heard it somewhere, but fuck……where? I couldn’t remember. I began the manga. After about 2 chapters, the whole plot came back to me, and I remembered everything:

  • The fact that it was animated.
  • The fact that I had read about on a blog.
  • The fact that I left a comment on said blog saying that I’d watch it.
  • The fact that I thought the show looked awesome.
  • The fact that the blog in question had a white background.
  • The fact that it was 90’s anime (the best kind).
  • The entire general plot.

I still couldn’t remember the blog name, but fuck, I really wanted to watch this now. And so I did. I loved it. I loved it so much, that I decided I was going to write a post about it. But then I went to bed. And then, once again, I forgot about it. And wouldn’t you know how life decides to work things out? Today I read this article, and remembered not only that this (2-D Teleidescope) was the origin of my decision to watch Video Girl Ai, but also that I had wanted to write a post about it. It all comes full circle in the end, and now here I am.

Unfortunatly, I didn’t take any screenshits (that’s right, I’m calling them screenshits now, because it sounds funny) except for this one and one more, that I guess I deleted:

Let’s talk about this picture. Video Girl Ai has slapstick. In  case you don’t know, slapstick is fucking great, and can’t actually be worn out, as it is insinuated in the subtitles above. But don’t turn your head just yet and say something along the lines of “Oh, posh, another dumb slapstick anime?” Because Video Girl Ai actually has a great plot, and it gets pretty serious as it progresses, yet the blend of everything: comedy, romance, seriousness, drama, perverseness (there’s a bit), is combined into a gradual shift. To say it more clearly: The plot starts off as funny slapstick and slowly shifts toward serious drama in a way where you don’t really ever notice it shifting from one genre to the next, which is the sign of a good anime/movie/etc.

The Plot

So the plot is pretty simple. A kid (Yota) whose heart was just broken gets a video from an odd video rental place, and pops it it. Up comes this girl named Ai on the screen. Little does our hero know, but these videos are special, and the girls in them literally pop out of the screen and come to life seven days after the buyer watches the movie. Their whole purpose is to comfort the buyer of the video (in this case, Ai is there to comfort Yota). But Yota has been using a shitty, broke ass, piece of shit VCR (that’s right, it’s the 90’s bitch!), and so all sorts of things happen the The video girl, Ai, that aren’t really supposed to happen (you’ll learn all about that as you watch this).

I’m not going to say anymore, except for my final grade. It’s only 6 episodes long, but it has the quality and semblance of a good anime movie, and I would recommend it.


There’s a reason for it not getting a 5^^, but I’m not going to tell you it. Neither is Bill, who is currently renting a video.

14 thoughts on “Video Girl Ai Should Be Viewed Now

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Video Girl Ai (I think a friend of mine had it on VHS back in the day), but I remember it being pretty good. I THINK it was because it took the whole “magical girlfriend comes along and makes all your wishes come true” except without the whole “all your wishes come true” part. It wasn’t a parody (since it came out long before the need to parody the genre), it just took that scenario and didn’t try to make it all sweet and pretty and stuff.

    At least that’s how I remember it. I totally need to watch it again.

  2. To this day, the only thing that really bothers me about the show is the bit where they started throwing bowling balls at each other. That’s DANGEROUS, you crazy kids!

  3. Seeing as I consider Chobits one of the greatest anime ever, this is really something I should give a shot soon. Only 6 episodes, I can easily find time for that

  4. I first came across the second volume of the manga back in 2003 while I was in Korea and instantly fell in love with this romantic comedy from just that one volume. Long story short, I finally came back to it just this past month to finish up the entire manga series (finally finished), and I have to say that the anime, while it is a fun watch, is nowhere near the manga in quality of the message. The manga was a lot more powerful, in my honest opinion.

    For anyone unable to buy the manga books, here is a site that I found where you can read the series in its entirety. ;o)

    I only have 5 or 6 volumes in hard copy, so this site came in loads handy. :o)

    • I’ve been meaning to read the manga, but then One Manga died a gruesome death. This is helpful.

      EDIT: This site kicks ASS. I don’t have to click a thousand times to change the page, they’re all right there I just scroll down. AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME! Kick ASS dude!

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