From Nosebleeds to Colonel Sanders

Originally, I was just going to delete this draft, because I’m trying to actually write better posts, but then I saw this shit on Animerated, and said, “Fuck it.”Ā  So here’s the post on nosebleeds that, if you look at my twitter, you can see I started writing like….a month ago. Okay. Here’s the actual post:

The Actual Post

Anyone who’s anyone knows that in anime, whenever a male character (or in some cases, female character) sees a nice ass or a fine pair of tits they get a nosebleed. Sometimes these nosebleeds are small

But let’s be honest, when do you ever see a nosebleed that’s small? Fuck that shit, just like everything else in anime, nosebleeds too, are highly exaggerated.

That’s more like it. Look at that massive flow. Once I gave blood. It was about that much. I was sidelined from life for about an hour and a half. Anyway, as you know, nosebleeds are among the more common happenings in manga and anime, specifically during moments when a guy/girl sees a really hot girl/guy in a provocative way. Either the character causing the nosebleed is scantily clad, naked, or doing something that creates arousal in the mind/body of the nose-bleeder. So, where does this come from?

Well, when a person gets embarrassed, they may get flushed in the face, and thus it may turn a slight hue of red. But SHUIRLEY the nose bleed isn’t as such in real life, right? So why the huge nose explosion in anime? Does it symbolize a boner? Has anyone you know ever gotten a nosebleed from seeing a naked girl? I sure haven’t, and I see naked girls plenty of times (like in figure drawing, and last week we actually drew a pretty hot girl). So what the fuck is going on. I found it interesting how in anime, the characters treat nosebleeds like a common occurrence.

At this point in the post, you might start to get an idea as to why I never wanted to actually publish this post, because I really have nothing else to say. Was I even trying to make a point here? I have no idea. I guess I’ll just point out another obvious thing found in anime/manga: Colonel Sanders:

Japanese People Love Colonel Sanders

This is another post that I started about a month ago, and I didn’t publish/finish it for the same reasons as the nosebleed post, but I’ll throw it up because it’s kind of similar.

I was reading Mahou Sensei Negima (which is awesome). And immediatly saw the name Colonel Sanders in a tournament, which struck me as awesome, odd, and nostalgic, because Colonel Sanders probably has more cameos in anime than any other character.

Colonel Sanders is fucking everything. Like, honestly. I just saw him in Ai Kora too! Let’s see how many aspects I can find:

I’m pretty sure he’s in more stuff, but I can’t remember what. If you’ve watched a lot of anime, you know that the Colonel is a common occurrence, and that is both odd and awesome. That’s all I have to say. I realize that this post was not that great. My next one will have actual content though. Also, only one of these screeshits was found via google (the last one).

43 thoughts on “From Nosebleeds to Colonel Sanders

  1. I have no idea who colonel Sanders is! Oh, is the KFC guy? The chicken hater! Did he make it to the next round?
    PS: U too have no idea what the bleeding nose means! Help! Maybe other readers know! It could be cancer! When was the last time u have nose bleeding?
    PS2: (not the console) Don’t worry, posts with no actual content are good to keep the fun.
    PS3: (again not the console) Damn, u know how hard it is at times when English is not your native language? I’m missing words from the vocabulary. LIKE: Its ”Did he make it?” Or ”Did he make it?” Shit!

  2. nosebleed is awesome. Why it occurred should never be questioned! Have you seen the amount of blood Kouta has wasted for Hideyoshi and females in general? Without the nosebleed Kouta will be just another voyeur.

    Colonel Sanders is a popular mothafucka. Enough said.

  3. Apparently japanese people go to KFC when its Christmas and order the biggest chicken combo. Don’t ask me why. Do they think he’s santa?? “Oh man, we better order the jumbo family combo or he’ll be mad at us and won’t give us our presents”… or something.

      • Wow, that’s like where I go to school, except people go to Bojangles and order the fried turkey on Thanksgiving. So its actually only very slightly like where I go to school, although both involve bizarre traditions involving Southern-style cuisine (FACT: KFC was started in Utah).

  4. Japanese people call KFC “Kentucky.” And they love it. Love it, love it, love it. You’d be surprised just how fond the Japanese are of fried chicken. Virtually every KFC in Japan is recognizable by a life-size Colonel Sanders statue. What’s more, these statues have been attributed with magical powers, such as the time when fans of the Hanshin Tigers threw one into the river in 1985, and the Tigers proceeded to lose badly for the next eighteen years.

    It’s an odd national obsession, KFC.

    • I think that’s the curse the baka raptor was talking about, then again, I’m not really sure, so don’t quote me on it. Vandalizing a statue of the Colonel is a sin because the Colonel is one of the many forms of God. It’s said that if you defile a Colonel Sanders statue, you must do 100 good deeds for KFC or else you’ll turn into a chicken. That’s where the whole premise for Nyan Koi came from (I may or may not have made that whole thing up).

      I want KFC now.

  5. The Colonel is a popular guy. We black people love him. Though half of us don’t know his full name. Just “the Colonel” or “That KFC guy”.

  6. Nosebleeds occur from that because when one is excited (sexually included), one’s blood vessels contract, causing them to become taut and easily breakable. Thus, nosebleed. At least, that’s how I learned it. Hope it didn’t disenchant anybody.

  7. I hate it when nosebleeds happen in anime because of ecchi. There is no basis for that and it always seems just completely random.
    Also, nosebleeds are usually a sure sign of terrible anime.

    • Almost all anime has nosebleeds at some point. I don’t mind the ecchi stuff as long as there’s comedy, and as long as it’s not retarded, blatant fanservice (unless the blatant fanservice is a parody of itself).

  8. wa…wait! Ningyo!
    blood vessel contraction is the primary mechanism that stop the bleeding(hemostasis). That why we put an ice pack on a bleeding nose, to make the vessels contract!.

    • Lol glo.
      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, when I came out of biology last semester. ‘Shouldn’t it stop bleeding instead’?
      I got my first conception of this from my form 1 (grade 7) science teacher, when I was curious about this and asked her the roundabout question ‘why are some people portrayed to get nosebleeds when they’re sexually excited?’. She gave me an answer in just about the exact wording above, minus the ‘at least that’s how I learned it’.

      Still, making them taut should make them more brittle, right? I’m out of ideas, what’s your take on why they bleed?

  9. Lmao!! What in the world did this post turn into..
    From nosebleeds to Japanese to Colonel Sanders to computer lessons to Medical Practitioners. šŸ˜€

    “Japanese People Love Colonel Sanders”
    – This line was the awesomenessmesstest..

  10. I love the fucking nosebleeds. It gives it the added punch for funny. Though I can see that the squirting of massive amounts of blood is a bit over the top.

    What I don’t get is why the characters just about always fall on their face each time they are made a fool of. XXXHolic is famous for this.

    • Nosebleeds are good unless used excessively and stupidly, like a person who gets nosebleeds for things that any normal person wouldn’t get a nosebleed for. I cleavage doesn’t give me a boner for instance. Boobs would if they were thrown in my face, but come on.

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