Manga Monday: Pretty Face?

I’m not a fan of the whole trap. In fact, traps are gay as fuck (although so are lesbians, and I like those).

But isn’t this a trap manga?

No. No it is not.

But one of the genres listed is gender bender, and it’s about a guy pretending to be a girl.

That’s all bullshit propaganda. Do you really believe that? Nazis used propaganda. Are you saying that you’re a nazi? You should be shot! I mean, sure, Pretty Face focuses around a dude named Randoh, whose face is burned in an accident beyond recognition, and who gets a new face that is actually a girl’s face, and somehow has to pretend to be a girl for an X amount of time, but it’s not a trap, because his character is drawn in a way where you can tell that he’s clearly a male, even when he’s wearing fake boobs (I shouldn’t even post this, my sexuality is definitely going to take a hit here).

Pretty Face

So how the fuck did I get “trapped” up in this? Well, Lately, I may have said that I’ve been storming through manga. I wasn’t lying. I’ve been literally going down the list of manga on onemanga and just picking out completed manga at random and reading them, unless the plot looks completely retarded, or I really hate the art. Also, if it’s shoujo, I’ll mainly stay away, because that shit is lame (lame shit). I found this one, and decided, “Well, I’ll give it a shot for one chapter, and see how I like it.” Needless to say the humor in it was awesome. The jokes were quick (as opposed to long winded and drawn out) and whenever Randoh kicked everyone’s ass (pretty much every chapter), it was great. I also really enjoyed the end.

The Plot

So Randoh. He’s a martial arts bad ass, and has a crush on a girl named Rina. Then he gets burned beyond recognition in an accident. The doctor finds a picture next to him (of Rina), and, thinking that Randoh is the girl in the picture, gives him Rina’s face. Whoops. When Randoh (who now looks exactly like the Rina) comes to terms with this, and goes out on the streets, wouldn’t you know it, he runs into Rina. Rina, however, thinks that Randoh is actually her twin sister, Yuna, who ran away from home long ago. So now, Randoh is caught in all sorts of shit. What’s a guy to do?

But wait, if he was a marital arts champion, wouldn’t he be jacked? Even with a girl’s face, his body is still male, so shouldn’t it be obvious that something odd is going on?

It’s all explained in the manga. Also, keep in mind that this is a manga, and isn’t close to factual.

Couldn’t he just have sued the doctor for malpractice and avoided the entire situation?

Probably, but again, it’s a manga.

The Comedy & Content

The jokes in this were what got me hooked. Even though Randoh’s never ending ass whoopings kind of got old after 52 chapters, they didn’t get boring enough for me to stop reading. The jokes in the first chapter especially were quite good. Another plus was that they [the jokes] sometimes came from no-where, and were unexpected. Sure there was a lot of cliche, but sometimes I like cliche. Actually, most times I like cliche.

Here’s some things it had:

  • Nosebleeds (I’m writing a post on nosebleeds….not sure how I feel about it. I might not put it up) I have since put up said post. I’m not going to link to it, it’s literally the last post I posted.
  • BAM moments (I’m not linking to this anymore. No I’m sorry, search it if you don’t know what it is)
  • Humor based on awkward moments, misconceptions, and mistaken identity/gender, not to mention perversion.
  • Intriguing Characters (The Zany Dr., the obsessive lesbian, the obsessive sister, the nutty friends…..solid cast)
  • A Good/Funny ending.

The Trap

This is slightly off topic but also slightly related, honestly I just want to give my two cents on it. Everyone’s been making a big deal about Hideyoshi from Baka to Test. All of the gay bloggers (or the only one I’m actually subscribed to) are obsessed with him. As I stated above, I’m not a fan of traps. Who the fuck wants to see a guy dress up like a girl (besides the previously stated)? Not me. I’d rather see a girl dress up as a girl. Or better yet, a girl not even dressed up, just naked. Or better yet, a girl sucking my cock (attire unimportant as long as she does a good job. If she does a bad job, I might get bored and want to immerse myself in her fashion, and in that case dress counts). So then why did I bother with this in the first place? Well that’s because unlike a character like Hideyoshi, who is drawn exactly like a girl, and is simply said to have a penis, Randoh still looks like a dude, but he just looks like a dude with long hair.

I messed up the picture. I didn't mean to measure the shoulders, I meant to measure the chest width. But notice, he's drawn as a girl.

Hideyoshi is drawn (I’m getting into the art here) with more slender shoulders and a hip to chest ratio that a women would have (hourglass figure) as you must know, women have a larger pelvis than men (for when they pop out a kid), which contributes to this appearance, and unless a man is suffering from Klinfelter’s Syndrome, a man having an hourglass figure is not likely (unless surgery is involved). Therefore, Hideyoshi is actually a girl. Plus he wears girls clothing. Plus he has boobs.

Does this look like a girl?

On the other side, we have Randoh, who is clearly given the appearance throughout the manga. He is drawn like a man. Broad shoulders. a penis……but the face too usually is given attributes connected with that of a man, or angry bear. Sharp teeth the annoyed expression, dark eyes,  the look of death before he kicks someone’s ass….so where’s the trap? There is none.


Wait, that’s it? All you did was talk about traps.

Yea that’s kind of all I really wanted to do. All I keep hearing from several regions of the animblogosphere is “Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi, trap, trap, trap.” He’s a girl. I brought fucking science into this shit so I’m right……..suck my dick.


35 thoughts on “Manga Monday: Pretty Face?

  1. “burned in an accident beyond recognition”

    i find that sentence to be ridiculous… have you ever seen a burnt victim? most recognizable person in the room. should be “burnt to recognition”

    also… who the fuck does wanna see a guy dressed up like a girl… its not “trap” is called CROSS DRESSING and its FUCKING GAY…. now i have nothing against gays, but even when gay people see cross-dressers they call them fags

  2. I have to be honest – even if I didn’t know Hideyoshi is a trap, I’d probably even be able to tell in that picture with him in it. I guess I just have trapdar.

    Whoa – now that’s a term that needs to take-off: trapdar.

    • I don’t think that many male anime characters look like girls, but a lot of them look really gay. Like Yuki from Fruits Basket. The bishonen character type is one that should be punched in the face. On that note, time to simultaneously start watching Baccano and Air Master.

    • I’m going to wait till it’s completed, or else I’ll go insane waiting for new chapters (which I’m already doing with several manga at the moment, most notably Mysterious Girlfriend X). It’s on the list (I should update my page).

  3. Totally not related with this post, but I had to say it! Get Gundam Unicorn 01 and watch it! Its so good, shit! Or I may find it too good cause Im a Gundam freak! Anyway! Uhuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    • That’s out? Subbed? The series was pretty good, although I’m not a huge Gundam fan, or mecha fan in general. I do want to see the movie though….or was it an OVA? I’m not really even sure.

  4. By the science you have put on the table disproving Hideyoshi, doesn’t that make him/her a futa :/?
    And Pretty Face was really good, imo. Had some touching moments and worked its plot like a pro.

  5. Oh, darn. I put all that time and effort into my entry about Hideyoshi, only to find that you already wrote one two days before. And you used that confounded science (I got a C in biochemistry in high school).

    This was a good read. Not sure I’d want to read Pretty Face myself, but I appreciate that you’re thinking through these issues in your unique way. Cheers.

    • I definitely can’t wait to see your post on Hideyoshi. I got like a D in chemistry. For the final I literally copied almost every answer from the girl in front of mr (it was bubble in). I didn’t read a single question. It was honestly the easiest final ever (got a 76).

  6. since i dont have a twitter and i just read yours…..

    if you want another one with blood…. BERSERK… i dont know how many times i have to tell you how awesome it is… the anime AND the manga

    • I knew you were going to say that. I already told you a thousand times why I’m not reading it yet, and I’m fully aware that it has blood and is awesome, so you just completely wasted a comment.

  7. THOSE ARE MY EXACT THOUGHTS ON HIDEYOSHI. I mean, the boy is curvier than that tomboy chick! That’s all kinds of fucked up!

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