Manga Monday: Futagami Double Headlines

Although I usually like to keep posts that I like up a bit longer, it’s Monday, so I have to put this up. I’m also pretty sure I stole the term “Manga Monday” from about 50 people. Oh well.

It’s only a one shot manga (all of these are), consisting of about 50 pages, but dear God, the plot is awesome. Personally, I’d love to see this adapted into a long running manga or an anime serious. It has potential to really be completely awesome.

Futagami Double

There’s something about a supernatural manga/anime/story that just kicks ass. Among some of the coolest powers ever are those of the psychic genre, ie using your mind to control things, in this case, water. This girl (Amane) can do such a thing. I don’t know how many people have seen this, but there was once a movie on MTV called Volcano High, and it was completely awesome. It was dubbed over by a bunch of awesome rappers, such as Methodman and Snoop Dogg. It also had Tracy Morgan, who kicks ass. In this movie, there is a shitload of cool fighting, and one character has the ability to control/manipulate water at his will. With the ability to manipulate water, you can do things such as:

  • Make it rain! (on dem hoes)
  • Create a FUCKING SWORD OUT OF WATER (see above pictoral)
  • The human body is made up of 75% water (I think).  Think about those possibilities (you can kill someone like that [snaps fingers])
  • Show off in the pool.

Anyway, Volcano High was awesome. But I’m supposed to be talking about Futagami Double (actually I’m supposed to be doing a shitload of homework, but I suck).

I feel like this one shot was nothing more than an intro to a bigger series. I’m going to use Bleach for an example, because it’s awesome, and everyone knows about it, and almost everyone has/is seeing/reading/seen/read it.

Futagami double is almost like the first episode of Bleach, where Ichigo gets his powers and kills that one Hollow. As everyone knows, Bleach is much longer. If you watched the first episode of Bleach and didn’t know that it would continue, then surly you’d expect more, right? Well I feel that way about this manga. This one-shot was just like an introductory episode. Just like Bleach ep.1 introduced us to Shinigami and stuff, this one shot introduces us to the whole doubles system thing that they have going on.

In a nutshell, I want more, because as a week to week manga, this could be a cash cow like Bleach (unless I’ve been fooled all along, and Bleach actually makes no money despite it’s apparently massive popularity)

School Mermaid

Holy shit this one was another great one-shot manga. It was actually awesome and had a cool twist. Basically it’s about two girls who find a book that tells of mermaids that appear at school at night. If a girl eats the flesh of a mermaid, then the person she loves will fall in love with them. The girls decide to try it out, but things are different than they seem.

It’s another one shot manga (as all of these are), and is actually fucking awesome. I can’t really describe anymore without ruining it. It’s a one shot. If you like murder and blood you will like this (even though there isn’t really any murder or blood I guess…..oh wait no there is both.


Stupid. Retarded actually. I mean, it was good until the very end, where the author decided, “Let’s just make this retarded now, and ruin all suspense, drama, and plot that we’ve build up so far.” After I told you that, you’re probably going to read it out of curiosity. Go ahead. Do it. It won’t take long, it’s only a one-shot manga. I’ll even LINK you. Don’t even look it up. It’s about people who live in a really small town surrounded by huge ass walls. One kid swears that he will get out and explore the outside world, but all of the older parents tell him it’s pointless.

SPOILER: Everything in the outside world is water. Then a girl says it isn’t, and so they leave. It’s fucking retarded. and the water is supposed to be up to the top of the wall, so how the fuck does the town suddenly have a beach at the end???? The sad thing was, it actually had a pretty good shock factor until they decided that the whole world wasn’t water (after 400 years they can’t figure that out. Then a girl does one math problem and gets it right away).
That’s all I feel like talking about. XBlade 24 was out too, but I felt kind of let down by it. basically (I thought I wasn’t going to talk about it?) Haru acts like a huge vagina when they get into the 13th prefecture or whatever it’s called, and then he remembers that Mana is there, and stops being a pussy. But he’s still a pussy in my mind because of it. Pussy.


15 thoughts on “Manga Monday: Futagami Double Headlines

  1. I was reading Futagami Double a few weeks ago but for some reason I stopped and forgot about it. Oh right, it was the Olympics.

    Haru is pretty useless without Mana, and he knows it.

    • It’s so short, how could you stop?

      I could kick Haru’s ass if he didn’t have Mana. I mean, he trained so hard and right when he has the opportunity to use his training he pussies out. WHAT A PUSSY, NEEDING A GIRL TO FIGHT FOR HIM.

  2. you know whats kind of has the same plot as island (not really) but wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy x1000000 better?

    the prisoner… the new one… watch it

  3. I read School Mermaid a long time ago. The ending was dark but really amazing. I loved that short manga.
    By the way, Akihito Yoshitomi, the author for School Mermaid, has done numerous very decent yuri manga, and many of them involve water.

  4. Oooo, I’ve read School Mermaid before! It’s a good sign when you can remember a one-shot months later. That story was wonderfully screwed up.

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