Chest Wars! To Boob? Or Not To Boob?

The Deathseeker is a blog I am subscribed to. The Deathseeker is a good blog. The Deathseeker has declared war on boobs. Well, not really on boobs, but has declared that we start a war (or debate rather) about what’s better: Nice Big Boobs or DFCs (Delicious Flat Chest….yea…that’s not pedophilic or anything).

So he asks us of the anime blogs (and in my case, ISSS) to declare their side. Needless to say this is a post that is right up my alley (BTW this won’t even be close to a safe for work post, unless you ever work for me), as I love talking about tits, ass, and all sorts of perverted stuff. Judging by a certain past post where I had a similar debate, you can probably guess what side I’m on, right?

Wrong. You have no idea (well actually you do, but…)


Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of perfect boobs on Google? VERY HARD (like my cock after looking at tons of pictures of boobs on Google ZIiiIIzZzZZ). In the end I SETTLED on this picture of Aoi Sora, who I think has a great body, a nice set of boobs, and pretty awesome hair (although she has kind of a large nose, and needs a trim down below (apparently in Japanese culture a shaved region gives the impression of a slut or something….I heard that somewhere). Here’s another picture of her.

For fucks sake this girl is know what? She could keep the hair I'd still be fine with it.

digitalboy found some boobs that were close in his post (which failed to pick a side, and instead took the cheap “why can’t we all get along” way out…this is a WAR!!! When you say “can’t wee all just get along” makes you sound like a hippie, and I hate hippies, with their God damn music and flower power and other bullshit), but I don’t want to use the same ones (for the record, I’m referring to Yua Aida, not the 2-D pictures). I in fact though that they were the perfect boobs, but in fact I would like them slightly……

As I continue to beat around the bush (and my DICK! EL OHHH EL!), let me get back to that post I linked to way above (my post, not Deathseeker’s) where me and fellow ISSSer Refuse to Come Wack (that’s really your internet name? It’s the same as your ISSS. You can’t do that, it’s stupid), had a rousing debate about which was better: tits, or ass? Well, he “called” ass before I did, so I was forced to choose the side of boobs, even though personally, I believe that ASS is BETTER THAN BOOBS! (I still won the debate in question if you ask me [in fact, the poll at the bottom of the post in question is TIED 28-28!]). But the question for this post wasn’t whether or not I like boobs or ass more, it was what type of boobs I like more.

I want my mouth/hands/anything on these now.

Truth be told I don’t really mind small boobs at all. They really aren’t bad. Does that mean I want a girl that’s completely flat? NO……well, as long as she doesn’t look like a child. A girl can still have womanly qualities even if she doesn’t have huge tits. I mean, look at Qwen Stefani, she’s a smoke-show, but she doesn’t exactly need a bra. At the same time, she doesn’t look like a child, you can tell she’s a wild sex panther! Another bonus is that your wife (if she has a flat bust) will never have sagging boobs that get all old and wrinkly and saggy (shudders), nor will she have back troubles! Truthfully, there are good things about girls with small chests.

So you’re saying that you like DFC?

I would not go that far. While I said I don’t mind flat girls, I never said I prefer them.

So you’ve finally reached a conclusion? Big tits?


Then what the fuck?

Well, I guess if I have to choose a side, Big Boobs would be the obvious choice, but not too big, just noticeable. The boobs of Aoi Sora are probably some of the best around, but all I need is a handful. If I can cup a boob with my hand, with maybe a little more spare boob, then it’s the perfect size boob.

You realize that this was supposed to be about boobs on anime girls, right?

Uh….yea…..yea of course I knew that……I mean……wait a sec…….it says “or real life counterparts” so what the fuck?

Yea, but still…

I have an ISSS = I can do what I want. I’m not going to show anime boobs just because…you know what? It’s not like those are the rules or anything anyway! They’re more like guidelines if anything! I’m saying I like boobs, what man doesn’t like boobs? They don’t HAVE to be anime boobs. There is no way in hell I’m showing anime boobs just because it would please the court. NO WAY.

HOLY SHIT. When I was looking on google for “anime boobs” I clicked on some picture, and it was from MY SITE! WTF!!!!

Anyway, I threw in many many pictures of topless anime girls, just for you jackasses who need to see anime boobs. Personally, I prefer nice, real life, grab-able boobs on a woman, but to each his own floating boat….or something like that.

For the record, even in anime, big boobs are still better, as long as they’re not used for retardedly blatant fanservice like they were in this post. I mean, who wants to see lolis running around everywhere? That’s kind of pedophilic (mainly because lolis just look like kids, not like adult women with small breasts….then again, most characters in anime are like….15…..holy shit everyone who gets off to anime is a pedophile [note: this list does not include me, personally, I had to stop looking at anime boobs because I got bored {not ever lying(athough I am really tired….boxing two days in a row? pshhhhhhh)}]). Can we get some more real boobs in this post? I don’t like the ratio.


Candace Smith:

Keeping the diversity up, here’s another set of black boobs (for the record, I’m not a fan of a lot of black boobs, but to prove I’m not racist, I will say that I found a lot of black asses that I liked).

African Boobs:

Perfect Boobs:

This last pair of boobs is, in my opinion, the best pair of boobs I have ever laid eyes on. Also, this girl is arguably the hottest on this page. In fact, I don’t think this girl is even human. She’s clearly from an unknown alien race that are comprised of perfect looking people. Still, real life boobs are soooooooo much better than anime boobs. They just are. They look better, they feel better (well, I’ve never felt an anime boob before, wouldn’t it be the same as grabbing a piece of paper?). Just look at these, and compare them to anime boobs. Anime boobs look like shit. They’re drawings. I don’t want to put my mouth on a drawing. What the fuck am I talking about? I’m rambling. This post was off-topic 600 times.

In conclusion, I declare myself for the side of large boobs (I can’t stop staring at that last picture…I’m not even looking at them in an erotic way….those are just works of art…..I want to bury my face in them….artistically).

NOTE: I still love Aoi Sora. She’s fucking hot, and her hair is awesome. If I wasn’t already satisfied with my current marriage to klux, then I would totally fly to Japan and marry this girl.


Real Life Boobs > Anime Boobs

Should I write a post about that^^?

And with that, I’m off to da NYC to get it poppin hollaback. Chillin wit da homies eastside straight murda thug life ponies and rainbows from da streets ya heard.

37 thoughts on “Chest Wars! To Boob? Or Not To Boob?

  1. Boob that are just handful without or with minimal spare boob? That sounds right to me but I assume that you have quite big hands cause the boob in those photos are…far from just handful, imo(not to mention the anime versions!)

    I get the first comment?! I don’t have any boob tracker or stalking here. Just saying -_-

    • I will feel up any boob, but the best boob is the last picture… remind of my friend who always calls my hands “grandma hands” for some reason, which is fine because he has chode fingers.

  2. The perfect boobs pic really represents the perfect boobs. Im my humble opinion, a perfect boob (and I mean perfect for each one of us so now ill present MY perfect boobs) should be middle size (huge boobs just dont work) hang, but not too much (the boobs should not feel like ”siliconized” so they should hang a little, instead of being 100% attached), and they should have a nice jingling game when the owner is moving or laying above you ^^(up-down, up-down or whatever axes you want). One thing that I like are those boobs with bra marks! What I found weird in an anime is that they attach the wrong boobs on the wrong girls. I mean, you see the flat-chested 10yo girls together with the huge-boobs 10yo girls. 10yo they should all be flat as the Atacama desert.
    When I was in Brazil I was staring a bit, and finally asked my wife: Hey, where are the delicious girls? She looks at me and she says: In good clubs, on the good beaches, in the expensive malls. Sorry! But there, in Brazil, I got to differentiate a hot(great body, not so great face) girl, from a beautiful (pretty girl in all that she has, a bit boring and with no spice) girl. Example – the perfect boobs girl from the last photo is hot but not beautiful. Brazil has more hotness than beauty. But its OK with me! I think that ”attractive/spicy/provocative” is better then just plain beautiful. Errr… ok ill end this. Its starting to become weird.

    • I agree that beautiful and hot are two different things. Personally, I see no beautiful girls here.

      Personally, I would choose a cute girl over a beautiful girl or a hot girl anyday.

  3. I’m sorry, what? There were boobs, and I followed the boobs, and then the post was over.

    I’m on the hippie, love everything side. That’s not indecision, that is my decision.

  4. I LOVE YOU GLO. I FUCKING LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!! Not as much as boobs…but still do nonetheless. Yeah, I’m loving the pics lol. About the flat thing though…naw man, I don’t want me no flat girl. Fuck that. Sorry, but I gotta have something there I can suck on. Like cereal bro lol.

    Right now, the girl I’ve been hanging out w/as of late has cups bigger than double Dees. Idk what it’s called, but all I know is I like it and have definitely had a good fill. Once you go big, you just can’t go back…hahah, I’m sure that’s what she said too lol.

    Great post

  5. Wow… So much nudity.
    If it’s a battle of extremes, I prefer small to really huge, because huge veiny sagging breasts are kind of nasty.

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