From Hot Springs to Festivals to Really? Again?

As you know, I recently finished Saki, and although I really enjoyed it, the last two episodes were brutally stupid. Why? Because they involved two episode plots that I have really begun to loathe.

First of all, I would like to point out that oballer helped out with this post, which was originally just going to be a rant on hot springs. He pushed my mind and I decided to enlarge the original content to include not only hot springs, but also pools and festivals (both school and summer). You can see the conversation at the bottom of the page. You can probably tell who is who, as oballer’s AIM name is vastly similar to his blog name. I kind of want to write a post about blogger names/identities now…..nah fuck that (probably).

Hot Springs

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all (that’s going to be a recurring phrase in this post by the way). Hot Springs episodes……what more can be said about them….fuck I’m tired I’ll finish this tomorrow….

After a nice night of sleep (or two), I am ready to continue writing this. Hot Springs episodes. They’re all the same. Girls go in the hot springs, guys try and spy on them. The guys get nosebleeds. They maybe play ping pong. There’s no real plot or point of these episodes, but still we see them in almost every anime that has anything to do with school or school aged characters.

So what’s so great about them? Nothing.

But what about the fanservice? Surly that’s appealing?

If you’re watching an episode just to see a naked anime girls, why don’t you just watch some hentai? Whatever you choose would probably have a better plot then a hot springs episode.

The Summer Festival

SEE!? There's the Kimono, there's the FISH, and that dude in back must be surprised at the fireworks.

It seems to me that the most usual case for a filler episode is the summer festival. Whenever writers need to fill space in the middle of a series, they’ll just throw a festival in there somewhere. Judging by anime, Japan is filled with festivals all over the God damn place. Maybe it’s part of Japanese law that every town/city/community has to have a festival. These festivals just seem to pop out of no where.

Anime Character A: “Oh hey! I forgot, there’s a festival! Let’s go!”

Anime Character B: “What-WHAAATTT!???”

Anime Character A: (smiles) “Tee-hee!”

That’s kind of how it goes. By the way, Anime Character A was a girl and Anime Character B was a guy in the above conversation. Anime Character C wasn’t involved. But usually what happens is that they all go to the festival and do the same shit over and over:

  • They wear Kimonos, which look nice and comfortable but probably aren’t that comfortable (at least for girls).
  • Try and catch fish, which the man can always do correctly.
  • Get cotton candy, which happens to be one of the greatest things ever.
  • Play those other games (like shooting the whatever or knocking the cups down with the ball).
  • Watch the fireworks and exclaim “Sugoi!” (amazing) while they’re eyes are all shiney and gay.

There’s never anything new (mainly because….well what else is there to do at a festival?). I mean, some shows have awesome festivals, where people die (Higurashi). These are fine. I think that FMP had a cool festival too (giant robot fight), but other than that, it’s just a filler that the writer doesn’t have to write. Literally ONE summer festival was written, and it’s just recycled over and over. Watch the endless eight…it’s full of shit, even if it didn’t repeat. They have the summer festival, and they also have my next topic:

The Pool Episode

The Boob post was a one time thing. I'm not giving you perverts any more blatant least not good blatant fanservice.

If you just thought of the pool episode from Seinfeld, then congrats, you’re almost as fuckin’ rad as I am (that’s right ass-hole….I said fuckin’ rad). I am fuckin’ rad. Holy shit I just realized how awesome that phrase is. New facebook name I think….oh wait, I quit facebook because it’s stupid.

Anyway, the pool episode is filled with only two things

  1. Extremely blatant fanservice.
  2. Nosebleeds at girls in bathing suits. When someone nosebleeds at a girl in a swimsuit, well you know they’re a virgin.

Pool episodes suck, because I’m not a fan of blatant fanservice unless it’s a parody of itself. Eiken was a parody of itself, which I thought was funny. It’s true that the short OVA sucked overall and I almost punched a hole in my face because the boobs were stupid big and IT FUCKING SUCKED.

Another bad thing about the pool episode is that it’s usually preceded by the “I need a new bathing suit” episode, where the girls go out and try on skimpy bathing suits. I usually skip through these.

School Festivals

These should be different, but in the end, every class does either a maid cafe or a haunted house. There are SOOOOO MANY CHOICES of things that a class can do for a school festival, but the class always either chooses a maid cafe or a haunted house. At least Mahou Sensei Negima (manga) had a cool School Festival (even though the class did a haunted house), because it had a whole shitload of awesome shit, including an awesome fighting tournament. I’m done with this God damn shit.

So what am I trying to say here? Well, I’m just stating the obvious, these episodes generally suck. Here’s the conversation, which is actually probably more exciting than this God awful post (why do I bash my site so much? You know what, don’t answer):

is away
12:37 am
2d and 3h ago Comment
OB30ball 12:37 am
OB30ball (12:37:14 AM):

so hows 8 hours of anime going?
Soccersox87 1:31 am
Soccersox87 (1:31:08 AM):

i’ve watched 2 episodes and I’m about to go to bed.
Soccersox87 (1:31:25 AM):

Sadly the episodes were crappy and killed all ambition to watch anime
OB30ball 1:31 am
OB30ball (1:31:38 AM):

what show?
Soccersox87 1:31 am
Soccersox87 (1:31:40 AM):

im just going to finish up this series
Soccersox87 (1:31:41 AM):

Soccersox87 (1:31:44 AM):

great show
Soccersox87 (1:31:47 AM):

its like an action show
OB30ball 1:31 am
OB30ball (1:31:50 AM):

oh i dropped it
Soccersox87 1:31 am
Soccersox87 (1:31:52 AM):

but for mahjond
Soccersox87 (1:32:01 AM):

the last two episodes though
Soccersox87 (1:32:06 AM):

are fucking retarded
Soccersox87 (1:32:20 AM):

i got elbowed in the ear today
Soccersox87 (1:32:26 AM):

my neck hurts
Soccersox87 (1:32:27 AM):

OB30ball 1:32 am
OB30ball (1:32:35 AM):

yea it seemed like a shittier version of Hikaru no go
OB30ball (1:32:39 AM):

with is way better
OB30ball (1:32:47 AM):

and is an action show but with Go
Soccersox87 1:32 am
Soccersox87 (1:32:51 AM):

i wrote a hige post
Soccersox87 (1:32:54 AM):

on saki
OB30ball 1:33 am
OB30ball (1:33:03 AM):

i didnt know shit about Go and watched it and i thought it was one of the best
Soccersox87 1:33 am
Soccersox87 (1:33:10 AM):

Soccersox87 (1:33:17 AM):

thats how i feel about mahjong
Soccersox87 (1:33:19 AM):

sort of
OB30ball 1:33 am
OB30ball (1:33:30 AM):

no i mean i thought the show was one of the best
Soccersox87 1:33 am
Soccersox87 (1:33:37 AM):

its all explained in the post that i’ll post when i finish it
Soccersox87 (1:33:44 AM):

saki is good
OB30ball 1:33 am
OB30ball (1:33:45 AM):

like you dont realloy have to know about go to think the show is NASTY
Soccersox87 1:33 am
Soccersox87 (1:33:48 AM):

not super awesome
Soccersox87 (1:33:50 AM):

but good
Soccersox87 (1:33:57 AM):

ill watch that show eventually
OB30ball 1:34 am
OB30ball (1:34:00 AM):

is you like Saki you should Def watch hikaru
OB30ball (1:34:05 AM):

Soccersox87 1:34 am
Soccersox87 (1:34:06 AM):

i want to watch air master
OB30ball 1:34 am
OB30ball (1:34:21 AM):

i also want to watch that
OB30ball (1:34:27 AM):

it looks good
Soccersox87 1:35 am
Soccersox87 (1:35:28 AM):

thats it
Soccersox87 (1:35:41 AM):

im making a post ranting on hot springs episodes
Soccersox87 (1:35:46 AM):

this is retarded
OB30ball 1:35 am
OB30ball (1:35:47 AM):

OB30ball (1:35:55 AM):

FUCK hot springs episodes
OB30ball (1:35:58 AM):

they annoy me all the time
OB30ball (1:36:55 AM):

they are the equivilent of the mandatory “pool episode”
Soccersox87 1:37 am
Soccersox87 (1:37:09 AM):

those suck too
Soccersox87 (1:37:27 AM):

the last two episodes of Saki were the typical festival and hot springs episodes
OB30ball 1:37 am
OB30ball (1:37:37 AM):

oooh the festivals
OB30ball (1:37:39 AM):

Soccersox87 1:37 am
Soccersox87 (1:37:39 AM):

the festivals dont even look fun
OB30ball 1:37 am
OB30ball (1:37:43 AM):

thats brutal
Soccersox87 1:37 am
Soccersox87 (1:37:45 AM):

catching a fish?
Soccersox87 (1:37:50 AM):

seeing fireworks?
Soccersox87 (1:37:59 AM):

I should just make a superpost
Soccersox87 (1:38:03 AM):

there we go
Soccersox87 (1:38:15 AM):

a triumverant superpost
OB30ball 1:38 am
OB30ball (1:38:18 AM):

any show that involves school has a mandatory festival
OB30ball (1:38:24 AM):

even badass shows like code geass
OB30ball (1:38:42 AM):

if theres a school, theres a festival
OB30ball (1:38:45 AM):

and its annoying
OB30ball (1:39:05 AM):

school days actually revolved around the festival
OB30ball (1:39:11 AM):

that was like the whole story haha
Soccersox87 1:39 am
Soccersox87 (1:39:42 AM):

theres those and the summer festivals
Soccersox87 (1:40:15 AM):

and the school ones always have a haunted house or a maid cafe
Soccersox87 (1:40:21 AM):

make something different
Soccersox87 (1:40:32 AM):

like a human catapault
Soccersox87 (1:40:37 AM):

(jump motherfuckers)
OB30ball 1:40 am
OB30ball (1:40:58 AM):

maid cafe and haunted house is mandatory
OB30ball (1:41:31 AM):

also a dance or something to that effect in which people are considered “official couples” because of
Soccersox87 1:42 am
Soccersox87 (1:42:03 AM):

no thats usually a “legendary tree”
Soccersox87 (1:42:16 AM):

where if you kiss underneith, youll be with that person forever
Soccersox87 (1:42:29 AM):

i just sneezed and almost shit my pants
OB30ball 1:42 am
OB30ball (1:42:35 AM):

OB30ball (1:42:58 AM):

well yea there is also the love ritual or whatever i think is the point of that
Soccersox87 1:43 am
Soccersox87 (1:43:47 AM):

God it’s so dumb….I only need to finish this one episode than I can finish this show
OB30ball 1:43 am
OB30ball (1:43:48 AM):

shana def has a festival now that i remember
Soccersox87 1:43 am
Soccersox87 (1:43:54 AM):

yea they did
OB30ball 1:43 am
OB30ball (1:43:54 AM):

haha that blows
Soccersox87 1:44 am
Soccersox87 (1:44:09 AM):

right when we said festival it was the first thing i thought of
Soccersox87 (1:44:17 AM):

and i plan on using it in my post
OB30ball 1:44 am
OB30ball (1:44:25 AM):

there are so many of them
OB30ball (1:44:29 AM):

its so unoriginal
OB30ball (1:44:48 AM):

and the festivals usually take up about a half of a season
OB30ball (1:44:52 AM):

so they prepare for it
Soccersox87 1:44 am
Soccersox87 (1:44:58 AM):

only the school ones
OB30ball 1:45 am
OB30ball (1:45:00 AM):

then finally they have it 6 episodes later
Soccersox87 1:45 am
Soccersox87 (1:45:06 AM):

summer festivals take one episode
OB30ball 1:45 am
OB30ball (1:45:13 AM):

well yes that is true
Soccersox87 1:45 am
Soccersox87 (1:45:18 AM):

there will always “”randomly” be a festival
Soccersox87 (1:45:25 AM):

just when they need a filller ep
OB30ball 1:45 am
OB30ball (1:45:30 AM):

haha i know
Soccersox87 1:45 am
Soccersox87 (1:45:43 AM):

“what can we do for this episode?”
OB30ball 1:45 am
OB30ball (1:45:50 AM):

are you gonna put in the higurashi festivals?
Soccersox87 1:45 am
Soccersox87 (1:45:52 AM):

“Idk, just throw a festival in there.”
OB30ball 1:45 am
OB30ball (1:45:57 AM):

that was kind of the whole point of the show tho
Soccersox87 1:46 am
Soccersox87 (1:46:09 AM):

well those actually had some semblance to the show
OB30ball 1:46 am
OB30ball (1:46:09 AM):

haha festival or hot springs or pool
Soccersox87 1:46 am
Soccersox87 (1:46:18 AM):

those are the three
Soccersox87 (1:46:29 AM):

this conversation may be recorded
OB30ball 1:46 am
OB30ball (1:46:34 AM):

oh and you have to try to maximze fan service
OB30ball (1:46:37 AM):

thats fine with me
Soccersox87 1:46 am
Soccersox87 (1:46:43 AM):

i probably wont use it though because it’s too long
Soccersox87 (1:46:45 AM):

Soccersox87 (1:46:52 AM):

theres no way i can use it
OB30ball 1:46 am
OB30ball (1:46:54 AM):

yea you can just take from it what you will
Soccersox87 1:47 am
Soccersox87 (1:47:01 AM):

i need to shit
OB30ball 1:47 am
OB30ball (1:47:05 AM):

take bits and pieces i dont mind
OB30ball (1:47:10 AM):

(the convo not the shit)

:49 am
Soccersox87 (1:49:18 AM):