There was an entire episode dedicated to meat. What does that tell you about the awesomeness of this show? Now onto the rest of the review.

Air Master

Wow. Wowy wow wow. This anime kicked serious ass. How much ass? I lost count. This anime does almost nothing wrong, and is one of the best, if not the best, action anime I have ever seen. I mean….I don’t even know how to start a review on this. I guess I’ll tell you what it’s about:

The Premise:

STREET FIGHTING. SICK. AWESOME. STREET FIGHTING. I mean, honestly, this is awesome. But why is it awesome? (okay I know where to go with this post now). I’ll tell you why.

The Fighting:

1) The Animation

First and foremost, if you want to have good fighting scenes, well you NEED to have good animation. I’ll admit, at first I didn’t like the noses on the characters, or the animation overall. But I knew I’d get used to the style, because the animation was pretty good. HOWEVER. I should mention that the animation is mainly only good during the fight scenes. Truth be told, this anime is like Jeckal and Hyde with the animation. In scenes where there isn’t any fighting, the animation tends to be really shitty and mainly disproportionate. For example (again):

I know that Maki is tall, and has a GIANT vagina, but come one dude? This doesn’t make her look just tall, it makes her look massive. It mainly just looks odd and out of place. But these problems didn’t really bother me, and they won’t bother you either.

The animation during fight scenes, however, is fantastic. To farther elaborate, I’ll show this video, because it’s different than the one everyone else shows, but it still happens early enough in the show where I won’t be ruining anything.

Well, gee, that was fun, but take into account that the fights get even better as the series goes on. In fact, this series is packed so hard with adrenaline moments that, had I a full day’s worth of time to sit down and watch this uninterrupted, I could have done so with extreme ease. Rarely do I see a show that get’s me pumped before the fight (like shaking in anticipation), and then deliver something awesome to my face. This show was a complete bangout.

2) The Fighters

Snark covered the characters pretty well, so I’m just lightly going to explain this, as to not sound one who is a piece of shit, and can’t think of his own ideas. The characters all had their own unique fighting styles and moves, and also reasons for fighting. Literally every fighter was awesome. Except maybe like, a few of them (remembering the ones that sucked, and were meant just to lose once). I mean, there’s fighters that fight with sticks, fighters that use ki, the Lucha Master (he gets his own class because he’s awesome), and fighters that even use bikes (that’s right, bikes). There’s also several female fighters, and I think I saw adaywithoutme make an appearance in there somewhere. Needless to say, they’re all bad ass and awesome.

Jesus Christ, between this and watching Fight Club several times in the past 2 weeks, I really want to fight. I guess I’ll keep boxing (well, not really boxing, but throwing punches in my friend’s basement/room/apartment to stay in shape. Dear God this is great.

3) Air Master

Air Master, aka Maki, is just great to watch. She kicks ass, gets her ass kicked, comes back, kicks ass, swaps ass kickery……she’s pretty much a huge bad ass, and some of the intricate moves that she does are just so fucking awesome that you can’t not notice the MANY MANY BAM moments that this series, (and her fights particularly) contain. Okay, what else can I talk about?

Best Character

Hmmmm It’s a toss up between three people:

  • Airmaster (Maki)
  • Lucha Master
  • Kaori Sakiyama (you won’t forget the name ever)

Each character brings something awesome. Airmaster is the best fighter pretty much ever. Lucha Master is the man, looks cool, and acts cool. Kaori is a crazy bitch. Winner?

Kaori Sakiyama

Why? At first, she just wants to be a supermodel. Instead, she somehow becomes a complete bad ass. She gets progressively better as the show goes on, but what I really like about her is the fact that she NEVER stays down. You can beat the shit out of her, and she’ll still try and whoop your ass and talk shit to your face. She’s a crazy psyco. I mean, she’s gotten fired from like…449585839 jobs because she always ends up beating someones ass or something. She rules.

So with all of this said, I now wonder… When was the last time I gave an anime/manga a 5^^? It seems like it was a long ass time ago, but the streak ends now, because Air Master gets a


Do I have to explain?

9 thoughts on “Air Master NOOOOWWWWWWW

  1. this show is awesome… however im only half way thru because i decided one day i would watch an ep of one piece just for the hell of it…. and WE ALL KNOW that when you watch ONE episode of one piece it turns into 20…. and i have no stopped watching one piece putting everything else on hiatus.

  2. One great fight after another. Two of my favorite characters by the end were Lucha Master’s sister and the #4 ranked female fighter.

    I watched the show (legally!) on Crunchyroll. I noticed two interesting trends from the comments section:

    – All the girls hated Mina and loved Renge
    – All the girls fervently encouraged Julietta to rape Maki

    • Mina pissed me off because she always was crying and shit. What an annoying bitch.

      Renge pissed me off sometimes, but I actually didn’t mind her that much, or he ball shaped head. Girl can eat anyway, and that’s an attribute that deserves praise.

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