Spring 2010: Err…..it’s like….coming and stuff

Well, Eye Sedso is in a rapid state of decline. I’m not sure if this is because of the economy, my crappy posts, my decline in post output, or whatever, but I’ve been averaging like….120 hits per day and falling. Oh well, I really don’t care much about hits.

Anyway, Spring is coming, and even though every freakin’ blogger on the planet has already done one of these posts months ago, no ISSSs have posted any, and seeing as I’m like….the only one that’s anime related, I guess that task is left up to me and my penis (not really sure how my penis plays into this, but whatever). I realized that I haven’t done one of these in ages, and decided, “Hey, why not do one?” Therefore, I’m going to give it a go again, tell you my picks, etc. Not only that, but I’m going to include TRAILERS OF EVERYTHING*. The picture is of course, from chartfag.

Oh, whoops….wrong picture….uhhhhh……okay here we go:

Can you read those? I don’t care. Am I going to go over EVERY SINGLE SHOW? Hellllllllll no. Let me start with the shows that interest me, and that I plan on watching:


Yea, I’m gonna give it a shot, mainly because I love Ironman, and the animation looks Gyod Dayum Nyastay:

That’s the shit right there.

Arakawa Under the Bridge:

It’s SHAFT, so I’m going to be watching it. I also kind of like the premise of “beautiful girl living under bridge”. In real life, beautiful girls will never love under a bridge (I mean, beautiful girls pretty much have life made, they’re  beatiful, and if worse comes to worse, they can become strippers or something, which would still give them enough money for an apartment somewhere). If you’re a girl, and you’re living under a bridge, then I’m sorry, but you’re probably not only poor, but also hideous. I just hope this is better than Bakemonogatari, which I might just drop, but I’m going to try and finish it.

Angel Beats:

Hmmm. I just decided right now that this interests me due to several key factors, the main one being REVENGE. The whole thing seems to be based on REVENGE, which is one of the most awesome things ever. Not only that, but it involves death of some sort, and I like that. Although at the same time, the trailer makes it seem completely different, although the animation looks great.

B Gata H Kei:

So many people are quick to throw this away as a typical fanservice anime. Well not me. Frankly, I love the plot:

Girl aspires to become the world’s biggest whore have 100 casual sex partners…

I am looking forward to this the most. More than anything on this list. I actually can’t wait for it. I see opportunity for comedy gold. I mean, you could have actual comedy, where jokes are written for the show, or stupid comedy, where everything is so retardedly absurd that it’s funny. I even like the story! It’s original and interesting! Anyone who dismisses this show right away is out of their minds.

In fact, I am going to review every episode of this (so it better not be bad….actually, my reviews of it would probably be more enjoyable if it turns out being bad).

Kaicho wa Maid-sama

Hmmm.  I don’t know if I’m going to give this a try or not. I’m kind of on the fence. I don’t particularly like maid shows, because they tend to be a lot of blatant fanservice that isn’t funny, but it’s J.C. Staff, and I like them. At least that’s what I thought, until I read this post and remembered all of the awesome maids (Black Lagoon, Hayate no Gotoku, Hanaukyo Maid Team (1st series)….I even like He is My Master….now that I think of it, there aren’t many shows with maids that I disliked….in fact….are there any?). I’m watching this show, but befre that I need to watch Ladies vs Butlers.

Black Rock SHOOTER:

Well come on…I HAVE to see this. I mean, I’m sure everyone is going to watch it no matter how they feel about it. I look forward to it because it looks sick. However, the characters better not have vocaloid voices (the voice of the singing in the trailer, which is literally a computer singing), those are annoying as fuck, and I will drop this shit like a rock if they use those shits.

Here are some shows that will SUCKKKKKK

K-On: If I find out that a continuous plot is added, and they all stop eating cake/dressing up, then I may watch this, but since it will remain a piece of moe shit, I will instead just say that this is going to be fucking retarded, and I’m not going to pretend that this doesn’t exist at all.

Kiss X Sis: I read the manga (up to date). It’s not too bad. I wouldn’t say that it’s good. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s retarded as fuck (oh wait, that’s why it’s funny). I watched the OVA. I tore off my left arm in rage at the supreme amount of shit that I just saw. It’s not funny at all. It’s not even blatant fanservice, it’s BLATANT, INCEST, FANSERVICE. This might become the worst show ever made.

So that’s that. Those are what interest me. I may watch all of them, I may not watch all of them. I will also most likely pick up any show that gets awesome reviews. Well, for not doing one of these posts in a while, I must say I actually enjoyed writing this. Maybe I’ll do one for summer.

* – that interest me


27 thoughts on “Spring 2010: Err…..it’s like….coming and stuff

  1. I hope you are right about the whore show. We at least need one Baka to Test in every season. I have a week off (kinda) so I’m gonna catch up on all my weekly anime of winter season. Lets hope I get to watch most of these anime when they spring to life.

    • Agreement….I’ll probably be able to keep pace with all of mine until I get to episodes 6 or around there, at which point I will inevitably completely fall behind every show.

  2. What!? 120 hits per day!? You gotta be kidding me. I thought my blog has the lowest blog hits! Damn you! You just broke my blog’s record. ;_;

    Also, SPRING 2010 IS SOOOOOOOOH SWEET! K-ON SEASON 2 MOTHERFUCKERS! (even though im not gonna be able to watch any anime)

  3. I hate Heroman too. And I hate Stan Lee! I promise never to make another season preview as well. Argg, the frustration. Is like advertising a product that you hate, but you get money from it (hits in this case). I PROMISE! Fuck the hits! When I will start reviewing the latest MOE anime just to get hits, i’ll call myself a whore and leave the Internet.
    Some anime from this spring season look OK by me, but they will fail to impress once they are released. The last ”ongoing” anime that I watched as episodes where released was Gundam 00 season 2. The pain of waiting for another episode to be released was never so excruciating.
    I wanna find some emo dudes in town and beat them. Dunno why. I think it will feel good.

    • Beating emo dudes probably will feel good, but not as good as hitting hippies or feminists…or PETA members for that matter. Hobos could do with a good beat down too.

      These posts garner no more hits than any other post really….I think….this is only the second of these I did I think (the first being fall of 08). I don’t make posts just for hits. Take a look at any of my man retarded posts and you’ll agree with me there.

      The only post that should be made about MOE anime should be one bashing it.

  4. This coming season is full of shows that must be watched to keep up with the conversation but not really that exciting. I’ll check out Black Rock, Angel Beat and K-ON!!

  5. A really hot cute girl doesn’t even have to strip, I’ve got a king sized bed, all she has to do is put out every now and then and then she can sit around all day watching TV and eating bon bons while I’m at work, fair trade.

    If you’re worried about your blog numbers be aware that something happened with the way that wordpress.com deals with search engines like google, bing, and yahoo around week 5 & 6 of the new year, I had pretty steady blog numbers for the past 18 months then I lost 2/3 of my hits within one week and never got them back. Other wordpress.com bloggers have also mentioned something about this but no one has any answer to what happened.

    Oh, I can’t wait for the first episode of B Gata H Kei:, it’s just shouting please blog me and make many inappropriate comments.

  6. Kaicho wa maid-sama should be pretty good – according to my brief look-in at the start of the manga which was entertaining and suited J.C. Staff’s style.

    Senko no Night Raid, Iron Man and Angel Beats should at least have great animation.

    Arakawa Under the Bridge and Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei both have potential for random awesomeness.

    Of course, Black Rock Shooter should be interesting.

    Heroman PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCOeG45YyPc

    Here’s to hoping Ookiku Furikabutte season 2 will be just as great as the first one. Likewise with Major keeping to standard. (You don’t need to care about baseball to enjoy these shows.)

    But before looking at next season you haven’t started Durarara!! yet, have you? Pretty much the only new show in the current season that actually stands out. With BakaTest coming close.

    • From what I have heard, Durarara is awesome, and includes many things that I like, such as a headless biker chick, and suicide. Needless to say, this will not be a show that I will be able to wait a week in between episodes, so I’m going to wait until it’s complete before ramming my way through every single episode all at once, with a raging boner throughout.

      • Makes sense. I’ve seen most eps twice now and I’m still considering marathoning it once every episode is released (or maybe blu-rays if they add anything/look even better).

        The latest episode was possibly the best so far (which is saying a lot) but it reinforced the idea that you should make sure you’ve seen Baccano first with a great reference. They appear to take place in the same world although much later and in a different location.

  7. I’m going to be watching Angel Beats and K-On!
    K-On! may have gotten a lot of hate, but I kind of like its relaxing light nature.

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