Manga Monday: Zombies, Drool, and Samurai Swords


I think this was on the front page of onemanga, and saw that it had pretty  much everything from horror to comedy. So I clicked on it. What a bittersweet choice that was.

Sankarea, as it turns out, is everything I want in a manga. It has subtle and quality comedy, it has a great cast (I’m going to get into that), and it has a story that seems to be completely awesome. However, there are only 3 chapters released (of translated anyway), and it comes out irregularly. Pretty much, it reminds me of Choku! (funniest shit ever), which is fucking awesome and comes out pretty much whenever it feels like.


Furuya: The main male lead. He loves zombies. Like….he loves them. One day he let’s his pussy run wild, and the final result is a dead pussy in the middle of the street (I hope Robert is reading this, or no one will get the joke). He decides to attempt to turn said pussy, which goes (or went) by the name of Babu, which is actually a cool name, and my son (if I ever have one) will be named the same (there’s a lie). Anyway, he goes to a place to do the ritual or whatever, and every night he goes he sees….

Sanka Rea: This girl hates her life, and meets up with Furuya while Furuya is trying to resurrect his pussy. You can maybe see where this is going. If not, let me recap:

  • Boy loves zombies, anything from movies to zombie girls.
  • Girl hates her life. Wants to die?
  • Boy is trying to bring things back from dead. Creates potion with help of girl, who hates her life and is building a relationship with boy, who likes zombies.

Well there’s only 3 chapters out right now, so I don’t know whether to drop this for like…a year, or just keep waiting week to week, kind of like what I’m doing with Mysterious Girlfriend X. Speaking of which….

Mysterious Girlfriend X: Chapter 43

I have been waiting daily for this chapter. This is probably my favorite manga at the moment, because it has one of the coolest characters I’ve ever seen ever. But damn, nothing really happened. This is why I need at least 5 or 6 chapters to be satisfied, but I don’t want to wait half a year to get that! GRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! My life is doomed  for waiting!

Anyway, Tsubaki finds out that there’s something wrong with Urabe (who is really Momoko). Meanwhile, Urabe is still taking Momoko’s place. Nothing really happens at all.

XBlade 26: Introducing Some Bad Ass Awesome Characters

Introducing Hizumi (and some other characters). Hizumi has:

  1. Two swords
  2. Crazy hair
  3. A Bad Ass fashion sense

Therefore she is now my favorite. For the record, I have not read past this page at the moment I am writing this, so I didn’t even take her personality into account, but it appears as though she likes fighting, considering that she didn’t want that other dude hogging the fighting. Hizumi is FUCKIN’ RAD.

Besides her, we have an awesome fight, and an introduction to another girl who obviously has some type of ulterior motive, and considering that she had a two page picture  for her introduction, she must be pretty important. If you ask me, she reminds me a lot of Mana (maybe because of how she looks).

Either way, great chapter…..wait….who is Yamata again? Or did they not even mention it yet? I’m pretty much asking this in hope that TJ reads this.

14 thoughts on “Manga Monday: Zombies, Drool, and Samurai Swords

  1. Yamata is the island that’s hanging upside down from the sky… and also the organization that was trying to revive the island… I think.

    Anyways, Kaya is not on the same side as Tokisada (the main bad guy) and the two Seven Sheaths warriors, but you probably figured that out already.

  2. Mysterious Girlfriend X is in my top 10 favorite manga of all time.
    I also recently picked up Sankarea because I am a Hattori Mitsuru fan. You should check out some of his other series.

    • Mysterious Girlfriend X kicks so much ass it isn’t even funny. It’s easily in my top 5 (I don’t really have many to choose from), and will remain there for a very very long time (unless it somehow becomes really shitty, which won’t happen because it’s fuckin’ awesome).

      I will check out this dude’s shit NOW.

  3. Looks like I have some Manga to add to my list. especially XBlade. If you haven’t already checked it out, Dogs, Bullets & Carnage is a great read with 3 things I love. Them being Nudity, Violence and Cursing.

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