Critique of My Crappy Art: Part One

So….I finally have some of my art on my computer. Let it be known that I’m incredibly lazy, and it usually shows in may artwork. I’m going to break down my artwork one piece at a time, although I might do 2 or 3 pieces per post. The first piece will be something I did wayyyyy back in high school.

I would like to point out that this piece of shit was made in high school, and that’s why it looks so shitty….well, one of the reasons. To be perfectly honest, this looks a lot crappier on my computer than in real life. In real life, it’s a lot brighter and less shitty.

First a little about the picture in question:

  • The size is 28 by 22 inches. It’s a decent size, but at the same time, not huge.
  • I used a combo of pen and ink and watercolor pencil. Water color Pencil was interesting, you draw with it and then use water to create a wash over the image….it was pretty cool, and it was easy to get pretty cool color mixes.
  • I kind of used this piece to try out different pen and ink techniques (pointillism, cross hatching, etc.)
  • There’s no name….it’s a picture I found on Google.
  • I didn’t use a grid.
  • Lloyd Banks is the man.

Time for me to rip it apart:

Okay, I’m going to pick out a few sections that are wrong and color code them so you know what I’m talking about.

BLUE: In these two areas, the perspective is completely off. In the top blue section, the screens on the side are drawn at a higher level than the screens in the front. Also, they aren’t parallel with the line of the roof/floor. Basically, I completely ignored the rules of one or two point perspective. The door on the bottom looks completely fucked up. The perspective all over is pretty bad, but then again, I did this in high school, where I really sucked at art.

RED: The shadows and values here weren’t really that bad in the corner there, but the plants (which you could barely see in the photo version) have no value, and are actually way too bright. All over this picture, the values are off, and there isn’t enough contrast, although in real life, the picture looks ten times better. I should rephrase: The values are too inconsistent. Sometimes I have values, sometimes I don’t.

GREEN: Just look how sloppy this is. I was running out of time, and so I had to rush through this part. There’s also no value in the trees. The overall craftsmanship is pretty bad overall, in my opinion.

LIGHT BLUE: Again, craftsmanship and perspective were pretty shitty here. It’s just too scribbly, and the back corner of the roof is too low compared to the front (or the front is too high). Let me use a picture or two to explain:

Get it? (I created this using paint…..good thing I don’t have a Mac!)

PINK: I actually like this section. Probably the only part I can actually say I like. I also love the bushes, even though they don’t look like bushes at all. They look fucking cool though.

So chances are that pretty much anyone can draw something like this. It’s really nothing special, but I’m not just going to show my good stuff (although truthfully, it really does look a lot better in real life, it’s brighter, there’s WAY more detail…..etc). Next peice will be something I actually like:

Okay, even though this wasn’t really hard to do, I love it. Skulls are pretty easy to draw, and this is only in pencil (I think?). I mean, there’s really nothing special about this…it’s only like, a 5 minute sketch, but for some reason I love it. Maybe I just like skulls, but there isn’t much I can crtitque about it….or is there???

Wait, let me go over stuff about this really quick:

  1. It’s a 5-10 minute sketch of a skull that was sitting in the class.
  2. Was done in Drawing I (freshman level art).
  3. Pencil on drawing paper.
  4. The piece was 18-24 inches (all drawings are going to be 18-24 pretty much)

For a 5-10 minute sketch, it’s pretty good. I want to say it was ten minutes, because I was able to do a background. but I will say that if I were to do it again, I would add more contrast (darker darks and lighter lights). However, with pencil, you can only go so dark, it’s easier to get darker with charcoal. I might also clean it up a bit, but I kind of like the sketchy feel of it (I LOVE sketchy images, so you’re going to see a lot of my stuff with sketchyness. Example? This:

As usual, this looks better in real life. The contrast is better. Some of the darks in the fact are lost when I took the picture, but  love this, in fact, it’s one of my favorite profiles. I probably have better looking ones, but this is my favorite. It might appear that the face looks all fucked up (the eyes look odd, and the lip look a bit low), but the model in question had a FUCKED UP FACE. She was an old, saggy bag, and this looks almost exactly like her (I think this was a 15 minute drawing). If you could see the model, you’d agree with me. But notice the sketchyness arond her shirt and other areas of her face. I hate doing smooth shading. I mean, sometimes I’ll do it, but for the most part, I like how this looks more.

  • 18-24 inches.
  • Charcoal on drawing paper.


There’s still plenty wrong with this profile, and I’ll point it out now:

  • Her hair. There’s nowhere near enough value, although that’s only in this version. In real life her hair is about as dark as the shirt….I don’t know why it didn’t show up like that when I took the picture. I could have used darker darks I guess, but in real life, it actually looks pretty good to me. I’m going to try and take another picture.

What the fuck? This looks like a completely different picture…look:

The one on the left is the first picture I took. The second one  looks wider for some reason….I guess I just suck at taking pictures…..but yeah…anyway. I’m going to end this with some notes I took in figure drawing, that were supposed to be about the facial structure of a person (where to place eyes/nose/etc). For me, these are actually pretty good notes:

You think those are bad (the notes)? You should see my actual notebook. Every page has an anime doodle (I literally just opened to a random page and found 3 anime faces, with another on the previous page. You would think that with all of the anime I draw instead of taking notes, that I’d be at least somewhat decent at drawing anime figures. Given time, I could actually do a good job. I could probably even do artwork for a manga (given time…lots of time..personally, I could probably draw the faces pretty well (these obviously don’t count), but the figures are….well, I suck at figure drawing, as you’ll find out soon enough). Also, look at the BOOBS. BOOBS is the only word where you could turn every part of every letter into a boob. You can’t turn every part of every letter from the word FIRETRUCK into a firetruck, can you? (while having it still be legible). One more reason why boobs rock.

Well that’s it. I’ll try and do better next time….maybe I’ll even draw some manga or something. I’ll probably throw up some of my paintings (one of which is actually cool and has a picture that actually came out good).

17 thoughts on “Critique of My Crappy Art: Part One

  1. Pretty decent stuff there. Not being an art critic, I usually just look at artwork as a whole and see if it looks good, which means I tend to ignore small errors lol.

    I doodle a lot on my lecture notes too. i think that’s a large part of how I improved during the last few years especially when it came to drawing faces (even though there is still a lot of room for improvement).

    • There’s always room for improvement. I usually hate all of the work that I do, because I always think it could be better, but I never go back and fix it because after I get them graded I usually don’t have any care to do so.

  2. Wohoooo!! A drawing post. Great, cause I just started to draw again myself, after a long hiatus. At a perspective, the hardest things to draw are the rounded elements. Too bad that scan is too small for a proper examination, but I think another problem area is that right lower wall where the massive shadow is. The second pic, wow! U know, old people are always more interesting to draw than young ones (well, maybe not so interesting to draw as a nude 20 yo model but anyway). They have wrinkles, deformed faces and all sorts of asymmetrical features. I cannot draw after nature, my ”art” just cannot do it, I only draw from imagination, in a sort of not-so-exaggerated comics-book style (learned to draw from comics, never went to an art school). The bets thing at the old woman is the shirt. Great piece! At that skull, if u draw an imaginary nose and follow the bone it must be very curved or very Pinocchio like xD
    Dude, keep drawing or posting your drawings, I find it great! When Ill be ready to show my art again, I guess I will make a sub-domain at my blog. The art blog!

  3. I used to doodle back when I used pen and paper. Now everything is on my laptop. The crappy sketches are no more.

    Your art’s a lot better than what I expected after reading that post about my trip to England.

  4. I used to draw a doodles on every page of my notebook, literally. Though I usually draw chibi more often than regular anime.

    Your works are not that bad. And you know what? The first one look kind of pretty when I stepped back farther from the screen =_=

  5. 15 minutes for that portrait? Damn! It would take me a life time and she will still looks like poop.

    I’m just terrible at drawing I guess. But I’m pretty excellent at something else like….. *blank*


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