Don’t Expect Me To Leave My House Next Week

I’m going to be glued to my computer screen. I have not watched any anime or read any manga in ages, and I’m suffering huge withdrawls. St. Patrick’s Day, I went to Uconn (big party school of parties) for the day/night, and I threw a sandwhich at one of my friends! Is this really acceptable? Well, he took a graham cracker I was going to eat, and dared me to throw the sandwhich at him, so yes, it was completely acceptable. I am happy I did it, and I would do it again too (don’t fuck with my CINNAMON covered crackers bitch! Have fun with the stains on your shirt!). Anyway, here is a list of what I’m going to be doing next week…..oh wait, I should explain why I’m doing this in the first place…

This will be me next week.

Next week, I will be Glo the NEET, not Glo the Legend.

  • Like 3 or 4 of my friends all of my friends came back for their spring breaks, although I still had school for this week, which SUCKED.
  • Next week, they all go back, and I am left alone for my spring break.
  • I have no money, and can’t really do anything during my spring break, although even if I did, I wouldn’t do anything, because I’ve been looking forward to marathoning everything for a while now.
  • ETA is going to stand for Estimated Time it will take for me to finish the thing in question.

So I got a list, here’s the order of my list and it’s in. It goes

Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupaaaac and Biggie Andre from Outcast Jada Kurupt Naaas and then me

  1. Complete Basquash after watching it for like…a year (currently finished 16/26). ETA: Less than a day.
  2. Complete El Cazador de la Bruja (currently finished 7/26). ETA: Maybe a day and a half.
  3. Complete Natsu no Arashi Season II (currently finished 2/13) ETA: A day, maybe less if it’s as good as the first season.
  4. Watch Kara no Kyoukai: This is actually at the top of my list.
  5. Maybe watch 5 cm per Second, and then immediately regret my decision, because I hate things with sad endings.
  6. Watch Sword of the Stranger, which, when added with Kara no Kyoukai, should make this week fuckin awesome.
  7. Begin watching either Gurren Lagann, Tenjou Tenge, or  Moyashimon.
  8. Maybe buy volume 14 of Negima….if I get a paycheck from my “job”, which is 3 hours a week, so isn’t really a job.

That is a HEFTY FUCKIN LIST. Personally, I think the second of the group will be the toughest, and I doubt I will watch 5 cm Per Second (although I guess I kind of have to watch it eventually). So what should I choose for number seven?