Baccano! Holy! Shit!

I created a poll not more than a few days ago. The poll said something along the lines of:

What show should I watch next?

The choices? Well, see for yourself if you want, but the bottom-line is, some people left comments telling me to watch Baccano, which was actually what I planned on doing, but just forgot (I forget a lot of things). At this point, I feel the need to refer you all to oballer’s post where he compares Baccano to Snatch, aka one of the best movies ever made. If you’ve seen Snatch (you’re not cool if you haven’t), then you know that when you compare something to the awesomeness that is Snatch, you better be sure about what you’re doing. Well, I’ll tell you right now, if you liked Snatch, then you’ll LOVE Baccano, even if you’re a fag who looks down on all anime. Baccano is incredibly similar to Snatch. Hold on a second, look at this picture:

I'm trying to not spoil the true identity of the Rail Tracer.

Guess who my favorite character is in Baccano!? It was going to be Ladd Russo, because of his lust for killing and bloodshed, but instead, it has to be Rail Tracer, who literally does whatever he wants and pretty much owns the world. plus he does things like grind a persons face into the ground from a moving train, until the person face is….well…..gone. Anyway, back to the comparison.

Snatch kicks ass because there’s a lot of shit going on at the same time, and everything is constantly becoming interwoven and intertwined. People are doing all sorts of things, and everything they do affects someone else. Baccano is exactly the same, and I’m going to give you an actual example, that doesn’t really spoil anything!:

Issac and Mirial. Probably the most goofy, crazy duo in anything ever. They’re both completely retarded, but somehow they’re both good at stealing aka they’ve never been caught (and this span of thievery has spanned….well…) Anyway, earlier on in the series, they get hit by a car. They don’t die or anything, but they are immediately angry at the car, and swear revenge (by promising to spit on the car). Later on, they unknowingly meet the driver, Ennis, who saves them from some assholes (who also play a huge, related roll in the series). They then help her stash the unconcious bodies in the same car that hit them, again, unknowingly. Even later on, they steal the car (without knowing that it was the one that hit them) and hit the owner (without knowing that it was the owner….this is the real owner, not Ennis). This not only exacts their revenge (unkowingly) but also sets off another chain of events. Basically, anything that someone does sets off a chain of events somewhere else. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED AND INTERTWINED. AND WHAT’S MORE!? THE WAY EVERYTHING IS GIVEN TO US REMINDS ME OF MY FAVORITE MOVIE….PULP FICTION!!

Basically, everything is given to you in  broken and jumbled timeline. First they’ll show you something from 1931, then something else from somewhere else in 1930, or 1932. It skips around a lot, but that makes it AWESOME. Everything is put together so awesomely.

Another comparison to Snatch: In Snatch, they’re looking for a diamond (well, that’s one of the coinciding sub-plots). In Baccano, they’re looking for the elixir that grants immortality (and Dallas, who is a person. No one is so retarded that they can’t find the city Dallas). But both have many, many, coinciding subplots, and no real center plot. In fact, I would say that Baccano has many more subplots than Snatch.

Let’s get back to the characters, I just want to say that one of the best characters is only seen in 2 episodes….the first, and the last:

Snatch also kicks ass because of the characters. Well, Baccano might have the best character lineup I’ve ever seen. Can anyone say the name “Carol” as good as Norio Wakamoto? I submit that they can not. CCYYYAAAAAAARRROL.

So we have so many characters here it’s not even funny. We have the crybaby, Jacuzzi Splot, and his one eyed girlfriend who loves bombs. We have Ladd Russo, who just loves to kill people, and his fiance who doesn’t say shit, and lives just to be killed by Ladd. We’ve got Vino, aka Rail Tracer aka an assassin who kicks ass. I’m not going to try and name all of them, there’s too many, but they’re all fucking awesome. I’m going to end with these last screenshots:

You'll get this when you see's awesome.

So then, Baccano clearly gets a

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ and my third favorite anime ever.

Bill is an immortal.

UPDATE: I am deathly ill with a hurt lower back right now, not sure how much anime I’m going to be watching.

ANOTHER UPDATE ABOUT MY SPRING BREAK PROGRESS: So I finished Basquash and Baccano in like, a day and a half/2 days. Pretty awesome shit. I also watched half of Natsu no Arashi second season, and one episode of El Cazador de la Bruja, which is a piece of shit, and I might have to drop it. I also just finished the first Kara no Kyoukai movie, and it was good. A lot of good shit so far this week. That’s 32 episodes and one short movie, and it’s only 9 o’clock!

Also, in a part of ingenuity on my behalf, I moved my couch in front of my computer, because my back hurts and I’m sick. Best idea I’ve ever had. I might just fall asleep watching anime tonight. Can life get better? Yes, it can get a lot better, but this ain’t bad for making due. What else can I do but watch anime? I’m sick with a bad back and the weather sucks.


16 thoughts on “Baccano! Holy! Shit!

  1. I would have also recommended this too, but I don’t know, like, shouldn’t EVERYONE have seen this already?

    [spoilers]Bill dies in The Passing.[/spoilers]

  2. I TOLD YOU YOU WOULD LOVE IT…. Pulp Fiction + Snatch = Baccano!

    This anime is simply AMAZING and should be in EVERYONE’S top 10. Honestly I can not say enough good things about this show.

    And this has to be my favorite anime plot wise, well actually more of the telling, it was told in such a sick nasty awesome way.

  3. It’s certainly not a boring watch, that’s for sure. So much excitement going on that it’s just awesome the whole way through. I know I can’t get enough of Ladd’s psycho tendencies either :p

  4. Currently at ep7 of Baccano! (Thanks to you, of course)
    The whole thing smells like Quentin Tarantino. I should check if he’s secretly behind all this!

    • Anything resembling or involving Quentin Tarantino is bound to rule. Even that Lady Gaga video with the Pussy Wagon in it was good, and I hate Lady Gaga (she’s not hot, and they make a joke about her “penis” in it, which was pretty funny).

      She actually has a nice body, but her face is just…..

    • Would it be bad if I said that I’ve tried to watch the Godfather about 3 times and never found it remotely interesting?

      Everything else is fine and good.


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