Kara no Kyoukai is Great but…..


You might not be troubled, but I AM!

Apparently, everyone in Japan believes in the power of incest….it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a brother who is in love with his sister or a pair of siblings getting it on…oh, but don’t worry, they’re not blood related. I fear I will never understand Japan’s love for incest, and never will, so instead of dwelling on this sick obsession, I will get to the review of this absurdly awesome series of movies, which are all absurdly awesome.

This has plenty of awesome blood, but it also has awesome special effects/animation. Let me now show you three screenshots:

Art, animation, bloodiness, great characters, great plots, great directing (especially in the fifth movie), and great everything else don’t need that much of an explanation, other then the glorious screenshots that I so generously gave you all, so that you can touch yourself to them appropriately. I’m going to instead talk about the thing that really brought this series of movies together, and that was the music. I believe the person who did all of the music is Kalafina.

This type of music was perfect for these movies, and what’s best is that it stayed consistant throughout the movies, even when it got fast and upbeat, it still contained the same style of song that played throughout.

I loved especially the next song, which was great, and I might download, but probably never will. I would call this the fight scene music. This was one of the reasons why the fight scenes seemed so epic, and I’m going to talk about that word, epic, a bit too.

Back to the word, epic. I will never say anything like “epic win” or “epic fail”, because that shit is not only GAY, but it completely ruins the true meaning of the word, epic. A synomym for epic could be “above the level of fucking awesomely outstanding”. The Illiad is an epic, and that’s because it’s above the level of fucking awesomely outstanding. If you’ve never read it, you are a pussy, and deserve to die a horrible, horrible death. So when you use the term “epic” in something like “epic fail”, you’re completely defacing the value of the word, epic, and I say that to say this:

I called these movies EPIC, so what does that say about them?

Back to the directing. The directors were different for each movie. I know this, because I saw it on Wikipedia, and everything on Wikipedia, as you know, is always 500 percent true. Personally, I loved the directing from the 5th movie, because everything connected really well. It reminded me a lot of The Fifth Element (Holy shit! The number 5 must be magic!). For those of you who haven’t seen The Fifth Element, do yourself a favor and go see it. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, KILLLLL YOUURRRRSELLLFF (or just watch it, which is probably easier and less painful). It has Bruce Willis so there you go.

Anyway, the directing is my favorite kind in this movie. It was not only completely jumbled around, but it seemed that everything connected to everything else (duurrr I already said this). EXAMPLE:

In one scene, Mikiya goes to push open a door, and as he does, the scene fluidly and abruptly cuts to Touko’s car door opening. This serves as a segway to another setting/scene, but connects it to the previous scene. Basically, it’s completely bad ass directing.

Were you paying attention to me? Or were you staring at the women in the red dress? ….. Look again…

What a great Matrix reference. That’ worked out as well as it could, considering I did it all on a whim, and just took a random screen shot which happened to be of Shiki in a red dress. I want some meat loaf, but that’s completely off subject.

Anyway, another thing I liked about these (especially after just watching Baccano) was everything wasn’t in complete chronological order. I love shit like that (think Pulp Fiction, best movie ever made). These movies were pretty much just made of pure awesomeness, and I wish they would make 59583 more, so I could just watch a new one everyday. Unfortunatly, I doubt they are going to do that…in fact, I’m pretty sure that they’re done making these, but still, these (I’m grouping all of the movies as one movie) movies were great.

HOWEVER. I will say one bad thing about them, and that bad thing has a name, and that name is Mikiya Kokutou. What a gay name first of all…..Mikiya…..it has too many “I’s” that sound like “E’s”. And yes, I realize that all “I’s” sound like “EEE” in Japanese. Anyway, the guy is an awesome detective, but he’s a huge pussy. HE WEARS SQUARE GLASSES! So now we have Touka, who is BAD ASS. Azaka (his sister) who is BAD ASS (at times), and Shiki, who is really bad ass. Then we have Spongebob Square Glasses over hear telling Shiki that he won’t forgive her if she kills someone. Shut up you pussy! Hypothetically speaking, I bet if something were to happen to Mikiya, like say his EYE GETS CUT OUT (hypothetically now), I bet he would choose to cover said eye with a gay emo haircut instead of wearing a bad ass eye patch. But don’t forget, this is COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL. It’s not like this actually happened or anything….now I’ll show you a completely unrelated screenshot:

Oh no! You spoiled it! You spoiled i-

SHUT THE FUCK UP. OH WOW BIG SPOILER! HE HURTS HIS EYE REALLY RUINED EVERYTHING WITH THAT ONE. The whole story sucks now because that small piece of information was told to you, even though it doesn’t play any part in anything. So yes, he loses and eye somewhere along the way, and elects to get a gay emo haircut instead of wearing a bad ass eye patch, like Nice Holystone wears.

Proof that in a girl can be more bad ass than any guy. I feel like stabbing my eye JUST so I could wear an eye patch, and of course smuggle things in my eye (like small bombs). I mean, look at the facts, almost all characters with eye patches carry some form of bad-assery with them. Kanpachi from Bleach doesn’t even really need an eye patch, he just realizes that it will make him even more bad-ass, and guess what? IT DOES.

Mikiya is a PUSSY.

Other than that I have no choice but to give the show a


Oh, and for the record, my favorite movie was not actually the fifth one, it was the two murderous intent ones (the ones that are related to the above two screenshots). Although this is subject to change. Also, how did I only just find this:

Oh that’s right, the kid who put ALL OF THE KARA NO KYOUKAI MOVIES SUBBED and in HD on YouTube, also put this up there. BAM. That’s right, I watched these in FANTASTIC quality, on YOUTUBE of all places.

25 thoughts on “Kara no Kyoukai is Great but…..

  1. besides #2 and #7, #5 is my most favorite. I’ve told blur about this but I haven’t told you yet (I think) that #5 inspired me to write a fanfic. That’s how fucking epic it was. Did I used the word epic in the right context?

    Anyway, I like Mikiya. He kinda keeps Shiki on the ground, and more humane? I dunno. He’s one lucky bastard though. His romance is full of adventure and blood. I want to kill him and replace him and has a relationship with Shiki. Eh wait… I’m contradicting myself. Shit.

    Anyway, Kara no Kyoukai is fucking EPIC. I love all the movies (except #6 where the incestship shit occurred. I rated that one 9/10) and will forever be in my favorite list. Possibly at #1.

    p/s: I just realized that my review on KnKs were all about the romance =|

    • I didn’t really care about what went on with the romance…well…I can’t really say that. Everything kind of grouped together. I made fun of Mikiya about as bad as I could, but I was kind of half joking. In reality, I actually like him as a character. I’d say that the more I think about it, 5 is slowly becoming my favorite…I mean, there was so much in that one movie that was just awesome.

      Great recommendations! This is all on you (notice the lin- … oops)

      • I would date Mikiya and probably would be contented with eating Strawberry ice-cream everday. He has that nerdy quality about him that I found irresistible.

        There is something in #5 that I found intriguing. I can’t put my fingers on it though. It has something to do with how ‘complete’ I felt the movie was. There is no loose end to the story.

        I demand a link! lol

      • Strawberry Ice Cream is my favorite flavor, this is one thing that made me angry at Shiki. HOW CAN YOU TURN DOWN STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM?

        I liked 5 because of the characters, the whole plot based off of Tomoe Enjou and the building, and Touko’s fighting and awesomeness. I still don’t know if Touko died and her puppet took over or if the puppet died and then she came in. I think she died (I mean, whatshisname ripped out her heart and clearly displayed it).

        Fun Fact: Apparently “whatshisname” is a word, because Firefox spell checked it for me when I spelled it wrong (whatsisname).

        So you want links, huh?

      • lol i didn’t mean it literally! thanks for the links anyway. I got lazy and skipped the other 4 reviews for the movies >_>

        whatshisname. holy fuck you’re right! it is a legitimate word.

  2. So if epic win is gay to use, then http://www.epicwin.org/ is gay? wwwwwwwwwww

    Yes. Epic is the right word to describe Kara no Kyoukai. I haven’t watched the 5th movie yet so probably your post contain some spoilers about it. I don’t really have a problem with incest. It’s not a big deal dude. Are you NEW to anime or something? You should be used to incest now.

    • I have never seen this blog. Should I do sort of Otaku Elimination thing except with the word, epic? Nah, I’m too lazy, I’ll just subscribe to this blog and see how I like it after a while.

      Actually, this just in, after reading the about, I have found that Epic Win in fact has a definition, and a correct one at that! Epic Win is indeed an Epic Win. I also agree with the top ten anime listed.

      Do you have a sister?

  3. Way to steal my “epic” bit.

    My favorite movie was the one in which Shiki beats up Mamiko Noto. I gave each movie a ++. Would’ve given a +++ if they didn’t go overboard with the philosophical chit-chat.

  4. According to my calculations, if they made 59583 more movies so that you could watch a new one everyday(starting now), you would have movies for 163 years and 88 days, which is almost three months.

    If you watch a new movie everyday then you will have watched all of the movies on June 20th, 2173, which happens to be a Sunday. Then you’d probably die, having completed all of the goals in your life and no longer having a reason to live. Too bad they’re not making 59583 more movies…

    • You would most likely like this show, which is actually comprised of 7 movies, abeit not really long ones (the first one’s 50 minutes).

      I don’t get the quotes, although they sound familiar for some reason.

  5. Am I the only one who completely disagrees about Mikiya being a pussy? I think that being a pussy is completely different from being normal, which is what he really is.Just because he doesn’t go killing everybody and doesn’t fight it doesn’t mean he’s pussy. Pussy is Keiichi from Ah Megami-Sama and the other ones like him that are so common. But oh well, whatever, why do I still try to discuss this? lol
    Whatever, Kalafina did the ending themes. Kajiura is the composer.

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