Shakugan no Shana S OVA 2: PANCAKE YUM

It took a fantastic post by Nyarth to remind me…..”HEY! SHAKUGAN NO SHANA OVA DUDE! WATCH THIS SHIT!” And so I happily and greedily paused myself midway through an episode of Natsu no Arashi S2 (which I will now finish tomorrow because I’m in such a great mood), and immediately went in search of this episode, which took like….a second (I just went to Anime Season). I found one that wasn’t megavideo, and instead got one that was OUTSTANDING quality. Yes, myspace player rules. Everything I’ve watched lately is torrent quality, which is great because I can’t download torrents anymore without fear (fucking torrents). Anyway, I watched the damn thing.

I had a huge smile on my face from the second it started. Holy shit, why am I such a faggot? This show kicks ASS. I could easily watch an entire series of fillers (the OVAs are pretty much just that), and be almost satisfied, as long as Rie Kugimiya, Goddess of the mouth, is involved. How long had it been since I watched anything with her in it? Too long, apparently, because when I heard Shana talk:

She didn't really say words here, but she went, "Ooo." You know that sound only Rie can do.

Well I just jumped for joy, but not really, because jumping for joy is something that only jack asses, and fruity hipsters do, and I m neither. This episode was pretty much nothing more than an episode, to display Wilhelmina doing what she does best, stalking, and taking everything way too seriously.

She should look into stalking as a full time job, she has all the tools essential for stalking: Hiding behind walls, a maid outfit, and ability to control....cloth? It's cloth right? Am I spelling that right, because it doesn't look right.....cloth? Clothe? Nah I guess it's right.

What a great screenshot. Not only does it clearly display her stalking, but it also shows off her obsess of logic (or I should say her Lord, Taimat’s obsession….they kind of share the same passion though, you know?). Basically, I rule.

.     .     .     .     .

Okay, I just got side tracked by blur’s posts, back to writing this. Shana talking put in a fantastic mood….oh wait I already said…..Wilhelmina. She’s become suspicious of Shana because Shana’s been coming home late everyday after school. Even Yuji doesn’t know why. Personally, I figured it out literally right away, based on past episodes (it’s pretty obvious if you ask me). And decides to stalk her, which everyone else  (besides Yuji, who she kind of and then literally kidnaps) is trying to hinder her.

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Shana is coming home late everyday, which means she working on/doing/learning something new.
  • Everyone is trying to stall Wilhelmina from getting back home.

I WONDER WHAT COU- Yes it’s a surprise party for Wilhelmina, which she isn’t even really that surprised about because she has no emotion. And yes, Shana was learning to cook (I guessed that she was learning to cook, considering she sucks at it). What did she make? Something that made me HUNGRY, as all animated food does (I’m pretty sure Baka-Raptor wrote a post about food in anime, because I was going to along time ago and didn’t because I was pretty sure he wrote one. I don’t feel like looking for it though, but I guess I’ll link to his site for no real reason: No-Reason Link). Here’s what she made:

Look at that shit. It look awesome. I wanna try and make that shit. Dutch Pancake eh? Doesn’t seem to hard to make really. flour, eggs, cheese, bacon…..what else is there? Green things, and red things? I might have some green things, but I’m pretty sure I’m fresh out of red things. Are those potatoes. I’m going to look this up.

Okay, a real Dutch Pancake is pretty easy to make:

Well, that’s it. I’m stopping this post, so let’s all eat. The real life pancake kicked the shit out of Shana’s shitty piece of crap.

One night after writing the previous sentence, here I am to talk about Shakugan no Shana-tan DOS, which is a must to watch after a Shakugan no Shana OVA.

Rie Kugimiya Engrish is AWESOME. The end.

UPDATE! Yuji crying was fucking hilarious sounding.

Kara no Kyoukai Links

I wrote a post. I should’ve included these (if I wanted to, I actually forgot to). Instead of revising an already written post, I did this, because it’s more amusing to me. Anyone else want a link post? It won’t help you get traffic but they’re retarded and fun to do.





Chances are that none of you will get this, and even if you do, you won’t find it funny at all (although if you looked at all of the links, there was some literal humor in there that I always find funny). I don’t care, I’m having the worst week of my life, let me do what I want.