I Finally Got…

…some manga. I have always said, “I never bought anything anime/manga related ever (except that one InuYasha game), blah blah blahb alhb lsja.” Well guess what? NOW I GOT THIS SHIT:

I took those with my webcam! I wonder why I haven’t made a video yet? Oh, yea, that’s right, I have no idea what I’d make it about….maybe just me dancing in a speedo? Anyway, these were the two shits I got, and there’s a good story behind how this came to be (lol, came).

Good to see you finally gave in and spent some money on the anime/manga industry you cheap little shit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…..not so fast…..bought? Who ever said I bought these?

Wait, so you stole these!?

No, I bought them.

Wtf? Then why-? Never mind…but aren’t you poor?


And didn’t you recently get your wallet stolen?


And don’t you have like….no money in your checking account?

True story.

Why would you buy manga then? Weren’t you saving up for Spring Weekend?

Yes and I still am….I could always dip into my savings for that though, cuz I’ll have a job shortly thereafter, so I’m not worried about that as much.

Here’s the big story:

The Big Story

On Saturday night of last week, my wallet was lost. I figured I left it in the car or something, and decided, “I’ll look for it tomorrow.” Then I got deathly ill for the entire week, and also was granted a lower back that wouldn’t let me walk (wtf was up with that shit? There was no reason for me to have a sore back at all. I’m 22 I’m not that old yet). So I did not search all week. Long story short, wallet is now gone, and as are all of my cards, etc. So then on Friday, I got a coupon in my email inbox from Borders books, which would award me 40% off any one item. Immediately, I found some LOO$E CHANGEEE in my room, which amounted to 32 dollars US, which is why you should always SAVE UP, SAVE UP, SAVE UP YOUR LOO$E CHANGEEEE! I got it changed into paper money at the bank for free because I’m awesome. And went to Borders.

When I was there, I saw a guy wearing this hat:

Wow, that picture looks almost exactly like the guy, if you add glasses. The guy in the store wasn’t that weird though, he actually looked quite normal if not for the hat….and the….err…black trenchcoat?

Anyway, this guy was weird, so I punched him in the mouth and got my manga. In reality, him going into the manga section was what made me feel like less of a loser to be in the manga section, because he made me look really cool, considering that he looked so weird with his gay hat, which was a lot like this hat, except it was LEATHER. Who the fuck wears that shit? Anyway, the story is more interesting if I say I punched him in the mouth, so I’ll stick with that.

After I punched him in the mouth, people tried to wrestle me down as Fedora Man lay facedown in a pool of his own teeth and blood. I killed them all and payed for my manga, wishing the clerk a nice day. Then I left.


This completes another area of my Spring Break checklist.


23 thoughts on “I Finally Got…

      • I’m 99% sure it was “InuYasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale”, which is a 2D fighting game. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t anything I’d have any interest in if it didn’t have Inu Yasha characters.

      • I got InuYasha: Feudal Combat. Pretty much the same thing. As a fighting game, there were things to like and things to not like. One thing that bugged me was that you could just press something like x repeatedly, and there was nothing the opponent could do.

        I destroyed everyone in it. I may even play it now (I wont).

  1. Yay! Now Yuki Manimoru (fictive name) wont be fired because his manga isn’t selling well, and the publisher is happy with an increase of 60% in Kara-Maru Oshi Moro sales. That huge bump in sales was solely due to a small shop in US, where a client was involved in an incident that was later called by the newspapers ”The Fedora Hat Incident”. Witnesses have described the man who bought the two volumes as ”a man desperately looking for his wallet” but also ”a man who uses a stick deodorant”.
    If id live in US I would fanatically pursue a carrier in the manga publishing business. Or comics, for that matter.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You better be a reporter, if not, what a waste of talent.

      You noticed the Old Spice, eh? I’m a man, and I like to smell like a man. But sometimes, THE MANGA ARE NOW DIAMONDS!

      Anything is possible with Old Spice.

    • I doubt I’m going to buy anymore….it’s actually kind of expensive considering I could read a single volume in about 30 minutes. Ten dollars for 30 minutes of reading? Not worth it….although the artwork is ten million times better than reading shit online, which was the main reason I bought it…..in an ideal world, I would never read manga online, and only buy manga. But when you’re broke, you take what you get.

    • I already finished volume 14 and laughed a good amount. I take back my reply to oballer…manga is definitly worth the price. It’s so much better to read it…personally, I love the smell of books/newsprint/paper. This is fantastic. Chapter 126 is filled with irony and awesomeness.

      • I don’t have a manga collection yet. I am afraid to start one because I can be very generous when spending for my hobby only to find that I am dead broke for other necessities.

      • Yea….I’m gonna be in trouble financially. I refuse to look at Negima online anymore…..I’m probably going to end up spending 10 bucks a week on a volume, and that’s gonna add up.

  2. Sooooooo basically, you went with your mom to the bookstore where she bought you manga? Not impressed at all, sir.

    • Actually, I drove myself. I could see how you might get confused, since you’re used to having your parents do everything for you, like drive you to McDonald’s and watch over you while you play on the play scape, or maybe wipe your ass, but us older people tend to have more responsibilities and understanding of how the world works.

  3. Nah, probably his impostor.

    You. Me. April the fifth at Paris, Tokyo at 1600 hours. Be there or be square. Yeah, I’m calling you out. You and your horrible taste in women, manga. and anime.

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