Choku! vs Pokey the Penguin

WARNING: I’m colliding two things that are REALLY REALLY FUNNY. May cause seizures.

It’s time to cross examine what I feel are two of the funniest comic things on the internet, nay, the world.

The first thing is something that I am linked to, and have talked about briefly here and there on Eye Sedso. I am of course referring to Pokey the Penguin. The second thing is something that I am not linked to, and have talked about briefly here and there on Eye Sedso.  I am of course referring to Choku, which is, at the moment, the funniest manga I am reading, although there are only 5 chapters out. So with this post, I am going to tell you why they are funny, and why they are similar:

Part One: Extreme Randomness and Total Retardation of Characters

This might actually be the only part of this post. I just perfectly summarized everything about these two comics in that one title. I wanted to add more parts than just one to this post….DAMN MY PERFECT EFFICIENCY! Anyway, both the characters and storylines for these tend to have a lot of retardedness, and a lot of randomness (more randomness for Pokey the Penguin. First, lets look at Choku!:

The preceding was taken from chapter 5 of Choku. The female character, Serika, is completely socially inept…even more than I am, and this leads to her being completely weird. Notice how she just does and says whatever she thinks is fine, and makes her own assumptions about what is going on. Not much of what she does makes any real sense to anyone except her. In fact, I’m pretty sure an actual person like her does not exist in real life, but it’s not just what she says that makes her retarded. It’s how she says them, which I will get into in a bit.

Now let’s talk about Pokey the Penguin. If you aren’t familiar with Pokey the Penguin, then SHAME on you. SHAAAMMEEEE. Pokey the Penguin is as funny as something you laugh at, and so you should read it. Here, below this text, I will show you my personal favorite Pokey the Penguin strip:

This is bad.

My sides! They split! So, how much of that made sense to you? Compared to most of the Pokey the Penguin strips, this made a lot of sense, and probably had the deepest storyline. This is like the Oscar winner of all the Pokey the Penguin Comics. It’s the one strip that is most like a movie. Notice how the characters all speak with contradictions and complete lack of…well…intellect. This is similar to Serika, in that she doesn’t have any intellect, because she’s never spoken to anyone in her life, and thus doesn’t know how. In this way, both Serika and Pokey the Penguin characters are the same: they lack intellect, and this causes them to say completely retarded shit, like:

Keep in mind that this is the first time these two characters have ever met.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I read the text, I picture the characters talking in the same way that really bad actors do. I picture them reading off of cue cards or something, and it makes it a lot funnier. Here are some bullets:

  • In both of these, characters talk as if reading off of cue cards (in my opinion). In Choku!, Serika talks completely retardedly, saying whatever is on her mind at the time, and whatever she thinks is correct/acceptable.
  • Likewise, the characters (all of them) in Pokey the Penguin all contradict themselves and speak randomly, making little to no sense, and sometimes baffling even me. Some of the strips literally make no sense….one is just a scribble I think.

Part Two: The Differences

Yay, I thought of a part 2! So, while both Serika and Pokey the Penguin have completely random, retarded speech and parts, there are key differences, the main one being that Serika is an odd character placed in a real-world scenerio. Everything around her is supposed to mirror real life. So other people realize that she’s odd, and that most of what she says is completely out there/wrong. In Pokey the Penguin, pretty much whatever they say is right. If Pokey says something that seems retarded, it can end up being true/happening. Heres a Pokey the Penguin strip chosen at random:

Now, this strip has absolutely no real storyline, no continuous plot, pretty much nothing but random ass lines that have no connectivity to each other. I mean, there is some plot, Pokey changes the hotel name to Hotel Pokey while the other penguin’s back is turned. But this goes from an art store, to and airplane to James Bond to Hawaiian dancing.. It’s comedy gold anyway you look at it. But it’s completely fine, because that’s the world that Pokey lives in. Everything is like that.

Serika on the other hand, is like a Pokey the Penguin character stuck in a real life scenario, or at least a scene that has more normalcy than she does. I mean, it’s almost like taking Pokey and sticking him in Happy Feet or something. He would make Penguins that talk and dance seem completely believable.

Hold on a second….what’s the point of this post?

What do you mean? I’m simply saying that I think Serika from Choku reminds me a lot of Pokey the Penguin.

I think you just made this to promote Pokey the Penguin, and Choku!, because you like them so much, and you feel like not a lot of people know about them, mainly Pokey. Am I right?


20 thoughts on “Choku! vs Pokey the Penguin

  1. Yeah…no. Sorry, brah, but that was not funny at all. Maybe if you had ADD or a simple mind.

       と_,、⌒) )
         (_ ノノ

  2. dude… pokey the penguin makes no sense at all… especially that second one… like its not even funny… its just stupid… and makes NO sense

    • I thought it was amusing. Truth be told, I know that I’m probably the only one who thinks that Pokey the Penguin is funny, but wow, people got kind of pissed! Excellent!

      Choku actually is funny though.

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      • Well, it was a very flimsy comparison. I am not an art major, and doubt I ever will be.
        Personally I love Dada, because it doesn’t make much sense. I love things that don’t make sense (apart from logic, which is pointless and confusing).

  4. What about surrealism? That’s pretty cool.
    Now I’m probably going to become addicted to Pokey, though…

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