Franken Fran: EXTRA & 24!!!

The EXTRA chapter, which is extra after 23 I’m guessing, was about the girl who stores organs in her body. This girl is awesome….her body is covered in zippers, and that’s why she’s awesome. The story itself deals with betrayal, organs, and other crazy shit. It was awesome.

FINALLY A GROUP PICKED THIS UP! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MANGA EVER! This chapter (24) was awesomely translated by Amuro, Hox, and was awesome. It’s basically more of the same, Fran finds some creature to operate on, and does so, resulting in some kind of ironic fate:

So in this Fran meets some immortal dude, who is immortal, It turns out that he was told to roam the Earth until Jesus returns (Jesus told him this). His body died, but incests replaced his organs to keep him alive. Fran does her usual and gives this guy a body.

EDIT: As I published this post, chapter 25 came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAM!

Chapter 25 was AWESOME. It has plenty of blood, fighting, and surprise “SMASH RIGHT IN YOUR FACE BITCH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET” moments (aka, revenge….I don’t know why I didn’t just  say revenge)! I’ll give you a sneak preview:

That’s just a small sample. A very small sample, of the greatness that is this chapter.

Let’s Lagoon

Why did I start this? There’s only 8 chapters completed, so I’m going against everything….shame on me…

The basic premise is quite simple and one that’s been heard of many times:

Guy lands on stranded island and finds girl.

Oh gee, I wonder what will happen with that durrr durr durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I must admit, I didn’t have any hopes for this manga…until……

Any manga that features the word “boobies” being said out-loud by a character looking at boobies is okay in my book. So yea, I guess the girl on the island has some tits, but who didn’t see that coming? However, a twist is thrown my way, when the female lead reveals that she has a boyfriend (who, if you ask me, will not be her boyfriend by the end of this manga). THAT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SHIT THAT GOES DOWN:

Let’s Lagoon: A Review After 8 Chapters


After reading what chapters are available…this manga is actually FUCKING INSANE! And I put that shit in BOLD. I EVEN ADDED COLOR TO THIS SHIT! I NEVER DO THAT! There’s twists and shit all over the place! IT KICKS ASS! There’s crazy fucking shit fucking happening all fucking over this fucking place! HOW CRAZY? I JUST DROPPED THE F-BOMB FOUR TIMES THAT LAST SENTENCE, AND I’M USING BOLD ALL CAPS!

I can’t even explain. I though this would be some dumb fanservice manga, but the blatant fanservice accidentally got replaced with BAM moments and complete awesomeness. I should’ve known from the start, seeing as the author is the famed Okazaki Takeshi, who has done such famed works as…..well I don’t know if he’s even done any other works, but they’d probably be good if he did! We’re talking TIME TRAVELING (allegedly), THICK SMOKE, and an PEOPLE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND, and an ISLAND THAT MOVES (allegedly)! HAVE YOU EVER HEAR OF ANYTHING SO AWESOME!?

Oh yea, LOST. LOST, by the way, if FUCKING INSANE! Did you SEE THAT LAST EPISODE!? BAMMY SLAM! Anyway, I’m reminded heavily of Lost from this manga, and I mean HEAVILY. I could easily make about 50 comparisons from the first 8 chapters, but I won’t. If you like LOST, then read this. If you don’t like LOST, than congrats, you have horrendous taste in life.

Lucu Lucu

The other day I went down the list of completed manga on onemanga, and simply clicked on completed anime that were around 100 chapters long. I added about 7 to my list, without knowing much about any of them. For Lucu Lucu, I read the summary and saw: Gag Anime. Okay then, a gag anime, it will be funny, right? Well, it is moderately funny, although it’s nothing all that special. Readable I guess. I might give it 4, because it has it’s moments, such as the above moment.

How is that a moment? It’s not even that funny.

Well, maybe not to you, but I relate almost everything I read to something else, which makes it better (hence, I like almost everything I watch/read). While this weird noodle -looking dude not only proves to be the only person who understands that all “childhood friends” in anime have relationship written all over them, that’s not the reason why it’s funny. If you see the circled words, I will show you why it is funny.

Those words reminded me of this:

A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat! HE SAID KNOWINGLY.

Guess what line I ALWAYS used to say? I’ll give you a hint. ^

Ai Kora: 108

Holy shit, I feel like after a month or two with no new chapters, there’s been a new chapter out every day! (I love this). Anyway, this chapter proved to be great, although I might put this manga on hold for a while because I can tell it’s about to get addicting, and I want to just Bang Shoot right through it.

This chapter not only reflected on last chapter, moving along the relationship between Hachibei and Tenmaku, but Kirino gets scouted for her singing, and explodes literal. It was pretty awesome.