Why Does Everyone Make a Big Deal About Gintama?

Honestly, this show is stupid. It’s not funny, and it has no real plot. If anything, it’s just an annoying pile of jumbled random shit mixed around in a pot and sprinkled with more shit. This show may have made me lose all hope in anime.

I’m now on episode 30 or 200 and something available episodes. I started watching this ages ago, but it’s so hard to keep going, because the show itself is just so dumb. Before you get on me about this, allow me to take an objective stance:

1. Characters

This is an obvious Lone Wolf and Cub reference. Those movies sucked too.

Gintoki – Here’s a shitty character if I’ve ever seen one. A dude who carries a wooden sword around. He’s lazy one minute, then not lazy the next. He mainly just pisses me off as a character.

Shinpachi-Does he even do anything? Here’s a prime example of an extra character who somehow found his way into a lead role. I don’t even get it.

Kagura – First and foremost, this character is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, who we all know is the most ANNOYING VOICE ACTRESS EVER. Why does she still have jobs? Her voice sucks! It’s all whiney and annoying, I honestly feel like stabbing my ears with a multitude of household items to stop me from having to listen to her squall. And her character? Well shit, I’ve never wanted to punch something so hard in my life. She, like Rie, whines and whines about everything…..God, shut up.

Ayame – Great, just what we need, another masochist WHORE.

Katsura – Lammmmmme. What the fuck is up with that duck thing? If that’s not the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is.

2. Plot

I HATE parodies. God they suck. By the Bleach, the episodes in Bleach have been really awesome lately.

I HATE parodies.

Yea, or lack there of. What the fuck is the plot? “Random shit happends to people. Durrrr” This is the stupidest thing ever. I hate shows without a continuous plot, and no sir, I do not believe that Gintama has one. Instead it’s some new, gay thing everyday, what a load of shit. But that’s not even what I’m mad about.

I watched this show because I heard it was funny. I have yet to laugh or even think that something I’ve watched is funny. It’s all boring non-sense. The characters make dumb jokes, the things they go through are boring, and overall, I find this show to be stupid and childish. Maybe I’d get the humor if I were 12. I wish I had an example of their bad comedy to show you, but I can’t even differentiate the comedic aspects from the non, so I’m out of luck here. This is the most unfunny show I’ve ever seen. K-On was funnier.


Somebody please tell me why this show gets so much acclaim, because I can’t figure it out. All I see is random shit, and as you I don’t think that random comedy is funny at all. Not only that, but the OPs and EDs SUCK.

25 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Make a Big Deal About Gintama?

  1. I usually like the more comedic episode (like a 4th wall breaking episode where they think of how to improve the show), when the show gets serious I start to get bored, at least even in serious part there is still comedy (like Gintoki defends himself and gang from a kunai shower only to see that he missed a couple and that some are stuck to his head).

    I agree that it not the greatest show on earth but when it tries to be funny it usually is.

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha this was obviously an april fools post.

    i kind of figured before even reading it… but what sealed the deal was “This is an obvious lone wolf and cub reference, those movies sucked too”

  3. Err yeah, when I read this post, April Fool is already over on my side of the world and I don’t found this funny at all. I come this -> || close at castrating you but then I watched an episode of Gintama and all is alright again.

    • You’re being a poor sport, I obviously love Gintama.

      That being said, I had a feeling you wouldn’t take too kindly to this.

      My balls are stronger than steel and produce more sperm than a sperm bank does on a yearly basis. Not only would castration of my balls be impossible, but it would be bad for the environment (massive sperm leak….that’s probably bad for the environment, although I have nothing to back that up).

      More good news, Gintama has distracted me from reading/buying anymore manga, which is good because I can’t afford any anyway.

      • I have been a victim of April Fool’s Day. When I read this it didn’t cross my mind that it’s an April Fool’s Day at your side of the word and I took what I read at face value. Obviously I was mad but then I read the comment posted and realized I have been had. AGAIN.

        Dammit I’m so gullible. It’s not your fault though so I won’t castrate you. I need that sperm. God knows I want your babies.

        But that’s beside the point. I just came back from Borders and found Bleach manga. I was tempted to buy them. Thankfully my toy boy distracted me from buying them. Instead I bought him bunch of CDs, which cost around the same as the manga.

        God dammit.

  4. I havent seen it, so I was prepared to say: Yeah! Like 99% of the anime out there, this one is crap too! Than I saw that it was a joke. Good thing eh? I tried to watch the Lone Wolf & Cub movie but… well… couldn’t do it. I was laughing so hard at stupid face of Lone Wolf that I couldn’t do it! He is a bum. Maybe I can put that movie in Movie Maker and replace his face with… I dont know, the face of the.. COLONEL?!

  5. Eh, this post is exactly what i think about Gintama, only i am being honest and open about it, not trying to “blend with brainwashed crowd”, or mask my despise as an april fool’s joke. You fail, man.

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