rose_darkangel Can Suck It

Hello there everyone. Having a nice day are we? Good, good. So then, let’s get down to brass tax. This is a follow up on a comment that someone wrote here a few days ago.

There’s a reason why I put your name in the title, rose_darkangel, it’s because I want to you see this. I want everyone to see this. You suck. I assume from your words (which I will get to shortly), that you are a girl, because only a girl would have a girly name like “rose_darkangel”, and only a girl would bitch about something as stupid as K-On. I bet you’re the type of feminist whore who thinks she owns the whole God damn planet. It’s just your world, and we’re all just living in it, right? I’ll get into more detail in a bit, but first, a bit of background.

Honestly, rose_darkangel, you're going to sit there and tell me that watching this shit for 13 episodes amuses you? That's like a baby being amused by jangling car keys.

I almost never get mad or upset over any type of comment. Ever. Even lately when Neige aka Iron Lung aka Crystal Method aka Midgets Into Crunk aka AilesGrises was trolling around. I don’t mind a troll, because everyone knows that all it takes to beat a troll is a well-placed Wingardium Levioso to knock it on it’s ass (feel free to make fun of this shitty joke, I won’t care, in fact, you’ll just be agreeing with me that it is indeed, shitty [IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY FUNNY!]). Anyway, if a person leaves a rude or negative comment, I may respond with something that may have made it seem as though I was mad, but I don’t think I’ve ever been remotely close to peeved over a comment that someone leaves on my site ever. When I respond, I’ll almost always throw in a joke or sarcasm that most people won’t get, but I will, and I’ll know that I wasn’t serious, even if that person doesn’t..err…know…………;dr:

Comment X: That whole post SUCKED COCK. You are a PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!

For a comment like this, I might leave a reply like this:


Now, my reply might be yelling in all caps, and the person might think that he successfully got to me, but in actuality, I was just having a grand old time referencing a very funny video, which Refuse to Come Wack recently put up on one of his glorious posts, which brought fame and fortune to the small town of Southington Maki’s Vagina.

If I were actually ever mad at a comment, I would be doing this shit, aka writing a post about it. By the way, rose_darkangel can SUCK my FUCKING DICK (if she’s of age and hot, which she probably is neither……in fact, I’m probably writing a post making fun of a 12 year old immigrant from China. Don’t I feel strong and big and cool?). If rose_darkangel is indeed not of age then she can choose option B of falling (or jumping, either one works) off of a cliff.

Okay, enough beating around the bush, here is the comment that this self-satisfying Hitler Nazi posted on my beautiful post, which bashed K-On gracefully and majestically:

rose_darkangel’s silly little remark

Just in case you’re too lazy to click something with your mouse, here is what she said (this completely defeats the purpose of a link, but whatever).

“rose_darkangel” your name sucks. rose_darkangel. Yeeaaaa. Yea you’re a pretty girl with a bit of a dark side huh? You’re a dark angel. Ooooo. So  mysterious and DARK. But we still know you’re pretty, because you have the word rose in front of this. You’re like a deceptive, dark, seductress. You’re hot and dark. But you know what they say in the famous rap, Dirty Mouf:

“Pretty pretty princess nope, you’re a bitch, if’ you’re hot and you think you’re a queen, nah you’re a bitch”

Look I even have the video:

Yea, that’s me on the second verse, and even though this was recorded like….6 years ago, I’m pretty sure I was talking about you. Who knows though. Maybe I shouldn’t write stupid ass raps in my spare time. If only I could have you to tell me what to do 24/7, then I’d know what I’m allowed to do…

You know, I might punch you if I see you (emotionally).

If you read my reply, then you already know why I’m mad. This may be a good reason to be mad to you, maybe not. But allow me to farther embellish my reasons as to why this comment was filled with utter retardedness:

People can write a comment making fun of me or my posts. That’s fine. Most of the time, I deserve it. Other times, I make a post assuming that almost everyone is going to disagree with me (and nobody gets that I do this on purpose), but who the fuck do you think you are, where you can control what I want to say or do? Do I go to your house or place or work and tell you how to dress or do your job (coincidentally, rose_darkangel lives and works out of a brothel, so if I did want to do this, I would only have to go to one place). Let me do this in steps:

    1. You spelled “your” wrong. You meant to type, “you’re” as in “you are”. If you’re getting spelling fixes from me of all people, then you know you suck. Even if you fix the mistake, the sentence doesn’t make sense (it isn’t even a sentence really), but I think you mean to query; “If I hate K-On, why am I (glothelegend) wasting time talking about it?” I can only guess that I’m right, because I’m always right, even when I’m wrong. The answer to this question is of course, BECAUSE I WANT TO. Maybe I was in the mood to bash something. Maybe I was upset that a second season was made. Maybe I was confused as to why people actually like this show, which is comprised mainly of moe bullshit and a repetitive plot cycle of more moe bullshit like eating cake and dressing up in stupid costumes. Maybe I wanted to make people see the light, and notice that K-On was a piece of shit. There are many, many reasons, but I sadly forgot the specifics (probably a little bit of all of them). I hope that answers your question.
      1. You then tell me to STOP IT [the bashing of said show]. Good thing you wrote it in ALL CAPS, or I probably wouldn’t have even seen the word. First of all, I actually did stop. I didn’t plan on ever writing anything about K-On ever again. I wasn’t even ever going to bring it up again, and in fact, I haven’t. If you could read dates, you might notice that this post was written quite a while ago. Then again, reading dates might be a bit above your education level.
      2. “…nobody forced me to watch…” Actually, I forced myself to watch. I went into the show excited. I thought it looked like a pretty good show to tell you the truth. I liked the premise, and thought it had a lot of potential. I even wrote good things about one episode, and brought to light my belief that the show would make a turn around and be awesome like I thought it would and could be! I watched the series, and I didn’t like it. In fact, it’s my least favorite anime ever. That’s just what happened. Don’t blame me for disliking shitty anime.
      3. “….and nobody is forcing you to watch season 2…” I know. That’s why I’m not. I’m pretty sure I insinuated that I would not be watching the second season, if I didn’t directly state that I wouldn’t be watching it. Are you an idiot?
      4. “….stop doing your own plotting in someone else[‘s] work…” This is acceptable. This is your opinion of the post, so I have no problem with this at all. Maybe I should stop doing this. Maybe instead, I’ll watch the first episode of K-On S2 and re-write it out of spite, just to annoy you. It remains to be seen.
      5. “….if you want an anime of your own then damn do it…” At this point I’m pretty much convinced you’re only about 12 or so, but yea, I really should have my own anime, but Danny Choo is getting his own anime, and I really don’t want to be like him (I don’t have anything against him really, it’s not his fault that people suck his dick whenever he puts up a picture of a fucking bowl of ramen on his blog). I’m to busy with other stuff to actually create my own anime. Plus I don’t have time or money to fly to learn Japanese, fly to Japan, and contact SHAFT or J.C. Staff about a great idea for a new anime. Thanks for the advice though, I’m glad you can see that I have skills.
      6. “….you don’t need to fix things on someone else[‘s] story….” Umm…have you SEEN K-On? There’s a whooooollleee lot that needs to be fixed in that piece of shit. (Again, I fixed your spelling. I’ve been thinking, and maybe it’s not fair to make fun of your spelling. It’s possible that you are of a different language speaking decent, and perhaps English is your second language. If this is the case, disregard me pointing out and correcting your spelling mistakes….or better yet, thank me for teaching you how to spell correctly. (I’m such a helpful guy)).
      7. “…are you an Idiot?” “Idiot” isn’t a proper noun, and to my knowledge, isn’t a person’s name (certainly not mine). At times I can be an idiot, but don’t worry, I’m still not close to taking the title from you.

        That is my analysis of said comment. Summary:

        rose_darkangel said it wasn’t right for me to bash K-On, and bashed me. She bashed me for essentially re-writing someone else’s work, and displaying how I would have done the series, if I had been in charge of writing it. In a nutshell, she tried to control what I put into my posts here at Eye Sedso.

        You know who else tried to control what people said? Hitler! And I’ll be damned to have a racist, nazi piece of shit like you writing totalitarian garbage on MY site. If you have a website or blog or ISSS (trust me, you don’t have an ISSS. You’re not awesome enough), then feel free to spout all sorts of bullshit about how K-On is the best anime ever and how Jews are the ruination of the world. Blur likes K-On, and even let me know in the post, but he wasn’t a dick about it. He didn’t tell me to stop writing posts about K-On. That’s because, even though he likes K-On, which is a poor, poor anime, he’s still fucking cool.

        Basically, don’t tell me what to do. You suck. I hope you get hit by a car…..or anything. I hope you get hit.


        66 thoughts on “rose_darkangel Can Suck It

        1. “perhaps English is your second language. If this is the case, disregard me pointing out and correcting your spelling mistakes”

          What is this shit?? WHAT IS THIS SHIT? just because English is her second language she’s exempt from any criticism?? Fuck no. This girl is a fucker and deserves to die. She posts a shitty comment(as explained by your long-ass post) and misspells EVERY FUCKING THING SHE SAYS. Does she even know what a sentence is?? I remember that when I was leaning English by myself, I would NOT go around spurting out nonsense that I didn’t fully comprehend. Two reasons to kill her right there: the one pointed out by the post and the fact that she doesn’t even bother learning a language before going around showing what a fucker she is.

          And that’s just the best case scenario…

          • I changed my mind halfway through that sentence and decided she should be thanking me instead.

            Your English is immaculate. In fact, maybe even better than mine. She is indeed a fucker. If you’re going to make fun of someone, make sure you spell correctly.

          • Indeed. What a sad life this individual leads…I only wish that this person saw this post. Maybe she did, and decided that she couldn’t take life anymore the way she was, and decided to get a sex change, but then something when wrong during the operation, and she ended up with a penis attached to her nose. Afterward, she kept sticking her nose in other people’s business, which eventually got her ass kicked, disfiguring her penis-nose forever.

            It’s an oddly specific prediction of her reaction, but still.

        2. Hehe… this post is full of win.

          Even though I in some sense like K-ON! but not that much at all. It’s just some average anime to me that is simply over advertised.


          Jeff… The pen! The pen is mightier than the sword!!!!

          ALSO… that 12 year old cunt bag obviously doesnt realize the point of your post. It was that K-On is predictable, the same shit over again, and AWFUL. Someone obviously is sexually frustrated!

          Anyways. I wish she posted that comment on my blog, because i would have done the same thing. Kudos.

          • Indiana Jones reference is indeed a great thing. I wonder what the next movie will be about? It will probably suck, I didn’t much like the last one….I mean, it was a pretty good movie, except for three parts:

            -The monkeys
            -The refrigerator
            -The ants
            -The alien at the end

            So four parts. The movie was too child-like when compared to the other three. Gayness.

            • yea… i actually watched all 4 of the movies this week… cuz i was really in the mood for sum indy.

              apparently everyone is really excited about the 5th one. and harrison ford said that if there is a lot of CGI hes not gonna do it. so thats a good thing to hear

        4. Glothelegend: What the bloody hell? You would seriously post this? Your masturbation habits have gotten the better of you.
          Dez691: Screw you.
          dood: Not funny. You suck.
          Baka: Bitch, please.
          kluxorious: Your mom is sad at what you’ve become: a stinking, dirty otaku.
          Nyarth: Get better tastes.
          Oballer: You butthole.

          Yeah, I called all you buttplugs out. And you know what, fuck you all. What kind of assholes would gang up on this little girl? Obviously, Rose was simply just confused and tired. Give her a break.

          I did laugh heartily.

          • I masturbate after my post-sex masturbation session. That’s how much I masturbate…..when I’m not masturbating, I’m masturbating.

            I love your responses, especially the response to oballer….there’s no comeback when someone calls you a butthole.

            I did laugh heartily.

          • ok cunt bag…. fuck you. Lets meet in person and well see who calls who a butthole. btw im really drunk.. so your pissing the fuck out of me. also… im not really a person you wanna call a butthole jackhole

        5. K-on is the best anime in the world i watch it with my mommy my daddy my pony his name is Bill and he can kick a clouds ass if you don’t like K-on go make your own anime and leave the best anime in the world alone i will make my own anime too with K-on and girls that like lolipops and have fun and sing and eat candy and sleep go away you disappear or i will tell daddy you raped me and you will get arrested that will be the end for you i will call my feminist association we have lawyers and a gun especially for men like you make your own blog and say bad things there not here i am a troll and a troubled teen wait you have a blog i go shoot myself or get some i am flat chested!

          This is the best sentence in the world!

          • This is indeed the best sentence I have ever read!

            APRIL FOOLS!

            Oh! It’s not April Fools Day anymore you say? Not for me! I celebrate April Fools MONTH SON!


        6. rose’s reply is obviously the work of some rabid fangirl who defends the show she loves blindly and possessively. I wouldn’t get mad at her comment because I’ve seen plenty of those kind of comments in movie forums…or to be more exact…movie forums related to Twilight saga. Some of these Twilight fans think the books and movies are the best thing ever created while I’m pretty sure they have read only a handful of crappy books or watched only a few empty mainstream movies.

          Errr, just ignore me. I don’t know what I’m talking about, obviously O_o

          • I haven’t read or watched Twilight. Mainly because it looks like the gayest shit ever, and I hate everything it stands for.

            I hate shows that pussify things like vampires, which used to be fucking cool and bad ass.

            • Vampires! A topic that really pisses me off, lets see; there is:

              1)Count Dracula who is basically immortal, can turn into a bat, has superhuman strength, can control people’s minds, is based on one of the most violent historical figures of all time and he can control animals. Almost forgot, the blackest of all the black arts is undoubtedly necromancy, and this guy owns it all!

              2)Then there is Alucard who is also immortal, is damn nearly indestructible, carries huge guns and uses them freaking well, can shape-shift, can hypnotise, has superhuman strength, can pass through walls, can walk up walls, can’t be destroyed by sunlight and is just one badass motherfucker.

              3)Selene,another awesome vampire is a damn good fighter, is great with guns, has super human abilities (speed and strength), and can heal super fast. I’m now jealous.

              4)Rayne is immortal, carries two huge blades, cuts through Nazis like butter, is good at martial arts, looks freaking awesome, has PC games based on her, and apparently appeared on playboy according to a friend of mine. (If this isn’t true, tell me and I’ll bash him on the head for giving me false information)

              Ohhh, I almost forgot that emo-kid from twilight, what can he do again? Sparkle in the sunlight. Nice.

              Sorry for using your blog to bash this shitty crap glothelegend, I don’t own a blog and this little voice in my head kept urging me to speak my mind.

            • You’re always welcome here, especially with awesomely true comments like these. I was actually going to write a post about vampires and how they’ve gone really far downhill lately (the draft for this post was back after twilight started that shitty “I’m a teen but I am overly emotional because I’m a vampire” phase. I’ve since deleted it because it was turning out like shit, but it was pretty much what you said.

              Vampires used to be bad ass and awesome……what uhh….what happened? Hm? You’re balls drop off?

              (awesome joker reference is awesome)

        7. Like I said, you blow jobs can’t do squat. If you’re serious, meet me in Paris, Tokyo, Oballer. Glo chickened out and never showed. Hopefully you man up, but I’m sure you pussy out just like him.

            • i would love to kick someones ass… so ill also meet at jeffs house… and i will beat the fuck out of this gay k-on lover

        8. Funny shit.
          I’m sincerely surprised a comment could arouse this sort of anger from you.

          Now I want to try!
          Glothelegend is a gay name because a legend…
          An ISSS is gay because…

          Fuck, I give up already.

        9. lmfao

          This was awesome

          and that woman’s a retard

          Just goes to show you what K-ON does to it’s fans. God fucking damn it. It’s worse than Clannaids. ITS A DISEASE THAT CAUSES FOOLISHNESS.

          • Indeed it is. Most people who like K-On develop deep routed problems that can’t be solved by conventional medication and treatment. Problems like poor spelling, and bad taste develop right away.

        10. This was freaking hillarious!!!!!!! But in all seriousness, rose got what she deserved. This just goes to show you that if you play with fire. You know that you are going to get burned sooner or later!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

        11. Leave it to glo to write an entire post in rebuttal to one k-on fan unable to defend herself. Then to debunk every single sentence and include supporting points with hitler and the greater evil of totalitarianism. Here’s your well-earned cookie, man. Macadamia nut, of the chewy variety.

        12. o.0! Wow… So much hate. Lol.
          I really should post something since I was tagged. But my minds a total blank right now.

          Can’t resist saying that I love Clannad and K-On though. 😉

        13. Kind of mean but valid points. I hate it when people say something like, “If you don’t like it, stop bitching and don’t watch” or “Nobody forced you to watch it! It’s not for you. Blah blah blah.”

          No, that argument never works. If everyone has the same mindset as rose_darkangel, then humans would never advance. We’d always have the same crap because no one would criticize anything. Hitler would still be killing Jews, because the best way to deal with terrible stuff is just to walk away.

          She’s full of shit and her comment was stupid. We’re allowed to complain about a series.

          With that said, I like K-On! a lot…

          • What really irks me is that she most likely never even saw this post. Therefore I have no choice but to use her as a reference for stupidity from here on out (seriously, her name’s going to be popping up a lot in my posts).

          • Drop that piece of shit, or, if you’re curious about how the rest of the show turns out, rewatch the first 6 episodes, and pretend that there’s another girl in the band who doesn’t do much, or have any real role in the plot.

            You’re welcome.

            EXTRA READING: I just realized how similar K-On is to the Endless Eight arc.

        14. HOW THE BLOODY HELL DoeS This geT 49 COMMENTS?!

          Obviously, you must post more hate posts, Glo. People seem to love this.

          And, oh, don’t hate cuz you ain’t fresh as I is.

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        18. Thank you very much,
          because your ISSS post just made my day. THAT was hilarious.Especially love the two pictures at the end.-.-b

          Similar experience: I had posts bashing on Justin Bieber, Starstruck and Disney…and what I got were Spanish and English comments defending them.

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        20. hahaa i like how you make fun of her nickname. the name reminds me of rozen maiden. all women are bitches, somes in the boton and some on the surface, but all hores. theyr only good to fuck, and are beter with mounth closed. and yes i notice you make some comments on porpuse to be confronted by people.

        21. :O ….
          but you were bashing on a popular and well-liked anime series, how could you not expect any comments like hers? i’ve seen worse comments on those anti-k-on things.

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