InuYasha: The Final Act

Short and sweet with major spoilers if you haven’t a clue about InuYasha (which makes you dumb….at least read the manga). The reason for the shortness is because I could easily write 70000 paragraphs on how much I love this show, but that would get boring. Screenshot and thoughts:

Yea, because Kikyo is with you guys...she didn't die or anything.

Can I just say that the last few episodes of this series (I’m referring to this entire series, which I just added to the original InuYasha series. IE: These past 26 episodes) were FUCKING AWESOME. Big props to Sunrise for finally finishing this awesome, nay, EPIC anime (that’s right). I could not be more pleased at seeing the manga finally completed in animation form. I must say, way back when I first found out that InuYasha was going to be completed as an anime series, I literally ran around my house like a kid for hours. I called friends, they had no idea what I was talking about, nor did they even care, but I could barely contain myself. I will be the same way if they ever  decide to re-animate all of Gantz when it completes itself in 5945848395 years, or Berserk, which will never be completed, because at the rate it’s going, the author will be dead of old age before it gets half way through. When there’s an end in sight, I’ll finish the anime and read the manga, but nothing pisses me off more than having a series I can’t complete because it isn’t completed. Well…..I’m off topic completely.


This final series was filler free and packed with shit to love. I just breezed though the last 6 episodes, which made me forget all about time. Suddenly it was 4 AM and I wasn’t even tired (this came back to haunt me, as I overslept and was slightly late for my observation at a school…no one cared though). I don’t know how long I spent watching these episodes, but I could easily watch about 30 more of them right now, straight through (amazingly, that wasn’t an exaggeration, I’ve done it before). Watching the ending (which I felt was actually done better in the anime), reminded me that INUYASHA IS GOD DAMN AWESOME. So, OBVIOUSLY:



Couldn’t Miroku have just cut off his hand that had the wind tunnel attached? I mean, he’s lose a hand, but he wouldn’t have to worry about getting sucked into the God damn thing. Just a thought.


16 thoughts on “InuYasha: The Final Act

  1. Well, that was was shorter than most of your posts. I was expecting an argumentative essay on how inuyasha contributes to the saving of souls(and lives, from suicide) daily and explaining how inuyasha is the most awesome anime ever made and how it should have a series made up of filler, inuyasha filler and so on.

    • I actually wish I did that, because InuYasha can actually prevent suicide. I know, because once there was a guy on top of a building threatening to jump, so I brought him my laptop and played episode one of InuYasha. He’s a hikikimori now who does nothing but watch InuYasha and touch himself repeatedly, but hey, he’s not dead.

  2. Hey! Kentaro Miura is still young. Im sure he can finish 10 more volumes until he dies. He should be locked in a room full with art supplies and paper and receive angry fan visits at night. When I wanted to watch Inuyasha: The Final Act, I barely understood anything from the first episode. Do I need to watch previous seasons to get in the story? Because I wont!
    PS: Windows 7 lets you postpone your update restart as long as you want.

  3. Yea, Inuyasha is a really great series. Though I should try to watch the rest of the original before I gent into final act. I only gotten through most of season one!!!!! BUt I definatly need to catch up. Come to think of it, I should probably watch the movies too, LOL!!!!!!!!

  4. The Final Act started out kind of rushed but it ended up being good; I actually enjoyed watching the ending more than reading it. I know they skipped/rearranged some things for time constraints in the anime, but other than that it followed the manga pretty well.

    I’m kind of sad that, with the end of The Final Act, this is really the end of the Inuyasha franchise. Unless they want to make some random side-story OVAs or something.

    Oh, and I was thinking the same thing when I saw that top screen cap you have there. Not just Kikyo, what about Koga? I’ll even throw in Kagura too since she was betraying Naraku anyway.

    • 2 things pissed me off:

      -Kagura, one of the most awesome female characters in anime history, died (although I knew that was gonna happen from the manga…it still pissed me off).

      – Koga married Ayame. Ayame is the 2nd best female characters in this show, mainly because she’s awesome (yup, no real facts to back up my claim). I wanted to marry Ayame.

      Still, I got used to the rushed-ness, and actually thought that the pace was done pretty well. The only thing I didn’t like was the fight between Ginka, Kinka, and Mouryoumaru. I felt like they rushed that a lot, and I wanted to see the whole thing played out, as that’s one of my favorite parts (well, I have a lot of favorite parts).

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