Arakawa Under The Bridge: AWESOME


Jesus Christ! I was expecting this to be pretty good, but I didn’t expect this! Even after I read klux’s post praising the show for kicking ass, I clearly still underrated the show. But after watching one episode, it’s clear that this show is phenomenal.

The Characters

Women are from Venus, men are from Mars….well, men are actually from Earth, but women are definitely from Venus.

Nino is a girl who lives under s bridge. She is apparently (according to her) from venus.

So we already have one crazy character. Nino, a girl who would rather live under a bridge than live in a house, and who either thinks she is or really is from Venus. She also takes advice from the Mayor (well, she lives with him anyway), who I’m not even going to mention because he’s so awesome.

Ko is the main character (technically I guess I should have mentioned him first), and comes from a rich ass family (that’s him in the first picture). He gets his pants stripped (as you can see in Klux’s post) and hung on a bridge. He climbs a pillar to get said pants, and the pillar simply falls off the bridge (it’s a supporting pillar to the bridge too, but the bridge apparently never needed it, as the rest of the bridge remains intact and upright). Ko is a person who was brought up and taught not to rely on anyone ever, which, up to this point, he has always done. If you ever rely on someone, you have to pay them back for it. Example:

So anyway. Ko falls off the bridge into the water, and has to rely on Nino to not die. Needless to say, he needs to pay her back (if he isn’t able to pay her back he gets really bad asthma).

Needless to say, this anime kicks serious ass, and it’s also awesome as a rucksack filled with awesome things. I’m done here.

15 thoughts on “Arakawa Under The Bridge: AWESOME

  1. Ah, every time I read review of Arikawa and the different screencaps, I still managed to laugh my ass off remembering the shiznit. That’s how freaking awesome this is.

  2. Definitely funny stuff. All the characters are nuts, as Kou points out, though he seems to think that doesn’t include him. Nino is very cool because she is so matter of fact about everything.

    • I love characters who are insane, which is one of the reasons why I like SHAFT productions, specifically with Akiyuki Shinbo at the helm (Sayonara Zetsubou still has one of the top 5 best character lineups ever imo)

  3. What a breath of fresh air. Really, that’s all anime has to be; entertaining.
    At first I was thinking about how awesome an idea that would be, a protagonist with the strangest complex interacting with people of a completely different social standing, living under a bridge and having the most fantastic of claims. Throughout the story the magic of these characters would unfold, and viewers would have to discern whether its the unknown mysticalities of the world, or just one big acid-induced trip.

    But that was thinking too hard into it. I’ve since resolved to enjoy it as it is.

  4. I agree. I also feel like enjoyability has nothing to do with how good an anime is. I mean, an anime could have awesome animation, art, and a plot that is something resembling an Oscar worthy feel, and you can think that it’s a very good anime, but then something totally retarded can come along, with pretty much shit all over the place, and still be more enjoyable and fun.

    I might make a post about that.

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