B Gata H Kei Episode 2: Thunder-Package

It’s been a while since I did episodic posts. I hope I can keep it up.

I still hate everything about this OP. It might be the stupidest OP ever made, from the song to the animated content… It’s all just stupid.

This episode had good humor like an ice cream bar. I thought that it was even funnier than the first episode, despite the fact that it had the cliche pool/fireworks theme for part (only part) of the episode. However, this episode contained so many awesomely funny things that I found myself laughing several times, and while B Gata H Kei might not be as awesome as Arakawa Under the Bridge (which is clearly the best show this season as of now), I would slot this in as the second best show of the season (even though I’ve seen like…..2 shows so far).

Episode Plot: Yamada is a slutty whorish whore. First, she gets Kosuda to go to the pool with her.

I could make that screenshot into a joke, but if I did that every single time a characters says something about coming… well then I’d have a pretty awesome post filled with cum jokes, but that’s besides the point. Make your own cum joke.

Look at the sign for the women’s bathroom. This has to be the greatest women’s bathroom sign ever made. Look at the opening legs, they’re just inviting you to go inside (of the bathroom?). Anyway, they get to the pool (which is actually more like a waterpark), and Yamada let’s the dogs out, releasing a huge twist to the viewing audience about what she really thinks about.

Why am I reminded of a crack addict?

I wonder, do most girls has sex as the only thing in their mind? If so, that’s the girl for me. A girl who only wants sex would be fantastic. Like this girl. Anyway, after the whole pool incident, which ended with Kosuda hugging Yamada to apologize for hugging her (yea), Yamada is under the impression that she’s bout to get railed hard any day now. And as a practicer of safe sex, she decides that she needs condoms, and goes with Takeshita, her big titted friend.

Isn't that what she wants them to think? (lol)

Hahahaha Holy shit, and I was just joking.

She ends up buying what I would assume to be a few hundred dollars worth of condoms (condoms aren’t cheap), which must have given the clerks at the counter a real ride. I mean, if you saw some 15 year old girl come up to the counter of your store and buy about 50 boxes of condoms, what would you be thinking? Biggest whore ever? I might tell her to just drop out of school and do porn for a living if you want to have that much sex. Maybe get on the pill as well (doesn’t birth control make a girls tits bigger? I heard that somewhere). What a slut.

Looks like she accidentally bought gay condoms for gay people only. She'll have to return those.

At this time in the show, we get AWESOME 4th WALL BREAKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So blah blah blah. She goes back to school the next day and says hello to Kosuda in class, to which he offers a stuttered reply of “hello”, looking clearly embarrassed and disheveled. Yamada then does something awesome:

Not only does she laugh into the back of her hand like this:

but she also says (or thinks) something very hypocritical, which is a double awesome funny-ness scene, because we all like to laugh at hypocrites for being stupid. And I especially love when female characters laugh into the backs of their hands.

Anyway, she sees Kosuda talking to some girl with giant tits and glasses. The girl has made him cookies and it’s apparent to everyone that she wants Kosuda’s thunder-package. Now the tables are turned, as Yamada becomes disheveled, and immediately goes crazy. However, this adds yet ANOTHER awesome thing to this show: Stalking.

What do these two screenshots tell us? Well, first of all, Kazuki is as of this moment, my favorite character in this show. She understands how awesome it is to have someone stalk you. Look how happy she is as she cries when she sees that Yamada is stalking her brother! She’s like a proud mother. Not only that, but she also walks around naked, and has a general non-caring attitude towards everything. A good example is in the first episode. She can tell that Yamada wants to give a scented oil massage to the knots in Kosuda’s cock-back. A normal sister would normally prevent that, but she instead decides to leave them alone for 2 hours. What an awesome person! Mamiko Noto has never had such a great role.

I think it's funny that the censorship bar is the cover of the box of condoms that is always spoken of in this show.

I think it's funny that the censorship bar is the cover of the box of condoms that is always spoken of in this show.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say on this episode. I left out a lot of funny parts just because. If the next episode is half as good as this one, then it will be a great episode.


11 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei Episode 2: Thunder-Package

  1. Like I said in my first impression post, the last minute of the first episode (before the ED) is what keep me from throwing this into a trash can. The second episode has it funny moments but not as funneh as the last minute of the first episode. Nothing can top that. So I am not sure if this will continue to entertain me.

    • Except maybe the OP.

      A pool episode was maybe a bit too given, but now, with that out of the way…
      I loved that women’s washroom sign as well. A subtle icon that got stuck in my head without me even knowing it. I saw some other spread legs that day, and wondered where I saw it earlier.

  2. It’s called a Noblewoman’s Laugh! That also cements Yamada as one of my favourite characters of the season, although I am sort of projecting someone else through her…

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