B Gata H Kei Episode 3: Horri-awful

Wait…didn’t I JUST post something not more than 5 minutes ago? What the f-

First and foremost, I HATE this OP:

Why the studio still hasn’t changed it is beyond me….this is the third time I’ve said something about it.

Okay then….I’ll be honest with you all, this episode was a bit boring. Not only did it have the extremely generic plot of school festival/haunted house mode, but, like most episode along these lines, had little to no substance. Allow me to show you the episodes so far in terms of stocks:

Want to see all of the highlights from this episode? Here:

Kazuki loves to be nakes around her brother....if you ask me, I'd say she wants it.

I found this scene pretty funny.

Have I mentioned that Takeshita is also in the running for best character? She's always awesome whenever she's in a scene.

Well, now that I’ve covered ruined almost all of the funny scenes for you, let me talk about Kosuda, and how retarded he is (as in stupid…..yes I kind of just made fun of retarded people. Yes, I’m going to Hell).

How many of you have ever felt a boob? If you’re a girl, then you’ve at least felt your own. If you’re a guy, then you’ve probably felt a boob as well. Hell, if I’ve managed to feel boobs then it’s possible for anyone to grasp some nice boobs. Let me let you in on a secret, they don’t feel like a bag of sand.

So anyway, Yamada gets herself alone with Kosuda in the photography darkroom, and while Kosuda is developing a picture he took, she calmly takes off her shirt, unbuttons her other shit, and unclip her bra (from the front….those look so much easier to take off if you’re in my position). So she’s standing there with her tits pretty much just out there. Bare tits hangin. Kosuda is stupid dumb, and when the lights somehow shut off, and he’s feeling around for the light switch, he grabs AND FONDLES  Yamada’s left breast for about a minute…..AND HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IT IS.

Sorry, I can’t continue with this episode review. This is two episode review in a row that I’ve had to link back to my post about Hot Springs and School festivals…..the only thing from that post that this show hasn’t covered already is hot springs…..if the next episode is hot springs, I’ll shit myself and die (hypothetically).


22 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei Episode 3: Horri-awful

  1. It’s possible to be a high school student and not know what a bare breast feels like. Still, he’s surprisingly unaware. You’d think there’s body heat, or hearing the inevitable sharp intake of breath… Oh well, whatever.

    This episode was enjoyable for me, and I learned something new in the process: The Japanese use the ABCs to refer to the three bases. I also discovered this page, which is hilarious: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baseball_metaphors_for_sex

    • It’s true. I totally forgot about highschool. But still, if you feel a nipple, you’ve got to think that you’re touching a breast. I mean, we all have nipples (unless you have like….a condition or something).

      That wiki page is pretty funny, I don’t know how I have never seen it before. Reminds me of funny sex scenarios I found on Urban Dictionary…..that would make a funny post….hmmmm.

  2. Well, judging by how there already was the pool episode, hot springs and school festivals might not be far off.

    I’ll still have to watch this, but this may prove to be a problem. I’ve only been sticking with Kosuda because he seemed like a person who usually mans up in the end. I’m not going to be sitting very comfortably with this Kosuda ends up being insufferable.

    You need ta label the X-axis and Y-axis on ’em stocks. And a post on sex is always good.

  3. It’d be funny if Yamada grabbed Kosuda’s dick and had no idea what it was.

    The problem with this episode was that the dark room scene was the only true sex conspiracy. The haunted house, beauty contest, and taking pictures in the park had nothing to do with sex and could all be easily found with minor variations in other shows.

    • Correctly correct. If there isn’t anything (or enough things) related to sex in any of these episodes, then they’re going to ultimately fail. The first two were still good though, and this one wasn’t completely bad, but I hope for something better in episode 4.

  4. B gata H Kei is clearly a well constructed social commentary on how feminism and modern media have warped the minds of young women. The insidious and ubiquitous feminist message makes girls feel that in order to be liberated they must assert their sexuality by having as many sex partners as possible.

    The fact that Yamada is intent on pursuing only virgins is obviously an example of classic role reversal where normally men prey exclusively on female virgins. The creators of B Gata H Kei have done this to highlight the ridiculous premises of feminism (that women should act like men – but without any of the responsibilities or consequences).

  5. I actually thought that this episode offered more than the previous two episodes. It offers more insight behind the characters to show that although they might be thick (not being able to tell a nipple when they touch it), but in another sense, it shows the difference between them – Kosuda being a REALLY INCREDIBLY innocent… actually, he got a boner the first episode so maybe not. But like you said, next episodes might be… painful… as… … … ow.

    • I would rather just laugh at Yamada’s failures as a slut, and Kosuda’s confusion as to what the fuck Yamada is all about. This episode did in deed kind of delve into each characters personality and subconsciousness, but at least with this anime, I’d rather they just make it as retarded as possible.

    • AGREEMENT! No one really careas about Kosuda, we just want to see Yamada whore herself around.

      I hope in the end, she fucks Kosuda, and then just leaves and never talks to him again, and then becomes a huge whore. No one would actually expect that, and I would laugh my ass off.

  6. A friend of my cousin’s had an older sister who would walk around naked or in her underwear to freak her younger brother out. It didn’t help that one of her younger brother’s friends was extremely religious and saw her once and became totally terrified – his parents had told him he’d go blind if he ever saw a naked woman he wasn’t married to.

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