The Mysterious Fat Blue Cat With Wings From Some Anime That A Friend Of Mine Saw

If you though that that name was long, well, you are right, but let me tell you….I NEED TO KNOW WHAT CHARACTER/ANIME THE CHARACTER IS FROM, because I HATE not knowing mysteries….I one time was obsessed with the JFK assassination to the point of losing sleep (no lie) and it still irks me that I don’t know who did it, but some guy in a French jail cell who is a cripple apparently does, but refuses to tell unless he’s released from jail (could this just be a ploy? Yes. But he’s also a frail old cripple. They should just release him….what’s he going to do, besides put my mind at ease!? Also, it would be funny if they released him and then he just said, “Lee Harvey Oswald did it, don’t you read?” or something like then….then he’d probably keel over and die, if he isn’t dead already) God I hate the French.

The Story

A friend of mine, and fellow ISSSer (I’m not the only one with an ISSS people…it’s a trend and it’s catching fire….JOIN ME!!!) was in his library at his school, when he noticed a person from the class that he just got out of on a computer in the computer lab, watching an anime. The person in question apparently skipped class to watch anime, which is completely fine with me….I mean, we’ve all been there at some point. My friend, who detests anime like he does hippies (well, not that much, I mean he GOT ME INTO ANIME in the first place….you could say he’s the grandfather of this ISSS…..or at least a family member once removed [if that makes any sense at all]).

Anyway, the anime in question was apparently the “GAYEST LOOKING ANIME EVER”……you know what…here’s the story: Story Link

The Question

So what I want to know, is WHAT ANIME HAS A FAT BLUE CAT WITH WINGS!???? We’ve had two opinions already, and since I have no idea if this is the correct blue cat, I must ask the anime masters, which means all of you douchebags who are reading this.

Here is an amateur sketch of what he says the cat looks like:

Here's what Refuse to Come Wack's author said about this in when he emailed it to me: "Since it's easier to show than to explain, I'm bored, and because I like paint, I decided to make you a picture of the cat I'm talking about. In all honesty, it was also drawn almost as shitty in the anime."

And here’s a hilarious video that has an amateur sketch in it which, by comparison, is 293944849 times worse than the one shown above (because it doesn’t have color). Notice at the end how the newscasters make fun of it.

Anyway, the question is as follows:


If I were to hazard a guess, I might say that the kid was watching The Cat Returns, and saw the cat? Or something? I doubt it. It could be Fairy Tale, because the animation could be conceived as gay-looking, I guess. Does ANYONE know for sure what this is from????? ANYONE????????? I JUST REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!!!

EDIT: Robert, was it this cat?

This fits some of the criteria: BLUE, FLYING, GAY LOOKING ANIME, FAT (maybe). However, there are no wings, and it doesn't look like the picture, which, according to Refuse to Come Wack's author, is quite accurate.

Well, writing this post made me obsessed with the JFK stuff again…..look at this and tell me he wasn’t shot twice (warning, this shows someone getting SHOT IN THE HEAD [so you should immediately watch it])

Although I will say that I’ve seen the magic bullet theory proven to be correct (not that the bullet was magic, but that a bullet shot from that height and angle into JFK do everything that it was said to have done [make the same entry/exit wounds]).

17 thoughts on “The Mysterious Fat Blue Cat With Wings From Some Anime That A Friend Of Mine Saw

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  2. The only two blue cats I ever saw are Happy from Fairy Tail and the Doraemon one, but since Happy isn’t fat and Doraemon doesn’t have wings we have a real puzzle here. I’d say it was Doraemon because he’s fat, blue, his design sucks and he flies…

    • I was at Best Buy today and saw Wanted by good ol’ Clint for 10 bucks but didn’t buy it because I didn’t have enough money. I also saw Two Mules for Sister Sara for the same price but couldn’t remember if that was the one you said no-one knows about but is amazing.

      • *Unforgiven (not Wanted)

        Also, I just re-checked your site and it was Pale Rider that you said I needed to see, although Two Mules is still on your top 10

      • Unforgiven and Two Mules for Sister Sara are both really good movies. Unforgiven is better but still very good.

        i didnt buy Two Mules by itself. I have it in a 3 pack of: Two Mules, Joe Kidd, High Plains Drifter.

  3. I wish I have the answer for you, Jeff.

    btw, just found out that you are included in the Aniblog Tourney with some of the other blogs that I regular. Congratulation? Good luck? Meh, this will just be another OEG >_>

  4. 1) It’s not that cat you posted because that clearly looks NOTHING like the cat I drew.
    2) “I drop boxers like Rocky”…goose. Your remix part is SO MUCH BETTER.
    3) Our original New Avengers song “The New Avengers” is awesome (my mouth makes sound waves that slice and suture)
    4) On the track my act against cats is bruising.

    • I guess we’re doing it like this:

      1) I’m going to watch Fairy Tale, JUST because it has a blue cat in it (and the cat is played by Rie Kugimiya), even though it looks so-so as a show. I NEED TO FIND THIS CAT.
      2) I already forgot my new part, but it is a lot better than the old one.
      3) The Original New Avengers song might be the best we ever did. Also, while working for Dean today (that’s right, I’m THAT broke), I was rapping to myself, and thought of this chorus, which could be used for a Loo$e Change song:

      (purposely horrible R$B singing):

      Your body’s hot – Oh my Goddddd
      You’re pussy’s wet – My dick is hardddddd

      Then we rap about sex, as usual. It sounds better when I say it.

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