The Aniblog Tourney: Let the Shit-Talking Commence

Have you heard of the Aniblog Tourney? If you haven’t, you have now. I’m not going to go into how it’s perfectly set up, or how I’m ranked 51 out of 96 blogs, I just want to say one thing (well, actually a few things)


First up is my first round matchup. Eye Sedso vs Densetsu no Shounen A, which is a blog  that I’m afraid to say I’ve never heard of. Never fear though, this actually makes it easier to talk smack! But I won’t. I feel like that would go against the game (my site is ten times better than that piece of shit episodic blog of shit), so I’ll not say anything bad about Densetsu no Shounen A (enjoy the hits I just gave you by linking to you you cock sucker!). I’ll just say, gracefully, that the best site should indeed win (mine! who has comment policies anyway?)

NOTE: I’m obviously joking Densetsu no Shounan A, don’t get in a tissy.

DOUBLE NOTE: Even though I was joking, I probably just made a permanent enemy. In the long run, this tourney may hurt my site. Oh well. Go hard or go home.


Next up is my bracket. That’s right, I made a bracket. And it’s completely wrong too. I’m talking “worse than rose_darkangel’s spelling” bad.

I almost finished the upper left section too, then I got bored, so I just went down to my part of the bracket and filled it out the way that I want it to turn out. In all likely hood, it won’t turn out like this at all. But here’s why I hope it does turn out as I stated:

Oballer. He has an anime blog. He is ranked 83rd. He has also been a friend of mine since….shit….Middle School? Elementary School? We sat next to each other in Silver Star (Orchestra for the Elite….that’s right I played some viola in my day, and I kicked ass at it too, until apathetic tendencies kicked in. But I was the first chair, and HE WAS THE SECOND! RIVALRY!). Well guess, what? I kicked his ass in Orchestra, and I’ll do it again in the Aniblog Tourney!

The way that the bracket is set up somehow allows me, by amazing coincidence, to have to opportunity to go up against Oballer in a battle of the blogs….. but……..  wait a minute……….. wasn’t there something…… something that I always say when someone called Eye Sedso a bl-

I don’t have a blog, I have an ISSS! So why am I even in this tournament?

You’re in this tournament because you’re ISSS is similar to a blog (except better), and kicks serious ass!

Okay, then I guess I have no problem with being in it, although I think that the summary of the event should be made to explain that ISSSes like mine are included. Oh well, this is besides the point. Back to Oballer, ranked 83rd, which is 33 spots BELOW my glorious rank of 51, which everyone knows is the best number ever. In fact, elder natives foretold stories of a person wh-

So me and OB have been friends since a long time ago, when dinosaurs roamed the we were smaller. After Robert got me into anime, me and oballer agreed that DBZ  was awesome. One day I told him to watch Bleach. We would then suggest anime to watch to each other that we found, as we both slowly got into anime. Then I exploded and surpassed his anime obsession by leaps and bounds, by creating this beautiful site. When he discovered my ISSS, he laughed. “What a stupid thing to have!” he said. “Only a loser would have a BLOG.”

“It isn’t a blog!” I proclaimed as I continued to sexually please his girlfriend, “it’s an ISSS! An Information Sharing and Storage Site!”

“It’s stupid!” he proclaimed again in a drunken stupor (we were all drunk).

Two days later, TWO of my friends started blog, those friends were oballer, who created an anime-blog now featured as the 83rd rank in the Aniblog Tourney (32 ranks lower than mine), and Refuse to Come Wack, an ISSS (the only other one in existence because I told him to call it that) that was created by Robert who laughed at my site, although he hates anime even though he got me into it.

So what the heck am I talking about? What’s my point?

Oballer is not only a huge hypocrite, who created a blog much weaker than my ISSS, but it’s an odd coincidence that he is in my bracket. Frankly, I don’t even know how he (or me for that matter) got into this tourney and Kluxorious and/or NaNeee!? didn’t, but anyway, look at this shit:

Actually, half of his 93k+ hits were actually from me linking to him, so I’ll take credit for those, giving my site around 164,000 hits. Wow, I kick ass. Everyone should vote for me, because I kick so much ass. They should actually vote for oballer too, because he needs all the help he can get if he want’s to face me (seriously, he’s facing Memories of Eternity first).

So here we go.

  1. Two friends from the same town.
  2. The only anime blogger I’ve ever met/known in real life.
  3. A person who I was in a rap group with.
  4. A person who I’ve even WORKED WITH

Now we’re in the same tourney and I really want to face him. I have confidence that I can at least advance to face the winner of animeyume (who is going to be really tough to beat), but frankly, oballer’s not going to advance if he doesn’t POST SOME GOD DAMN ANIME RELATED POSTS! PUT SOME SHIT UP! I WANT TO FACE YOU NOW!

Further Reading

I am still debating whether or not I should shit talk my current opponent. I will say, however, that if I lose to some EPISODIC FUCKING BLOG, I WILL MURDER EVERYTHING!!!!! FUCKING FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ok bye.


45 thoughts on “The Aniblog Tourney: Let the Shit-Talking Commence

  1. haha jeff… half of my hits are NOT from you site, despite what you may believe.

    actually. your home page gave me 144 hits.

    your site (in total) has given me a total of: 3,454 hits.

    you know where all of my hits come from? MEGAN FOX… she is actually responsible for over 35 thousand of my hits. its redonc.

    anyways. expect a post.

    • I don’t even know how you found all that out. By the way, that was me just searching MEGAN FOX over 35 thousand times and clicking on the link that went to your site… I felt I’d just give you some hits.

      • i just did the math when looking at Top referrers all time… yes i have to much time on my hands.

        also, i put up my post, although i dont know if i actually linked to you. i prolly did tho


    Lol if you make it far enough into the tournament chances are you are going to lose to some episodic blog. Well actually that’ll be determined by the voter turn out. I wonder if this thing will take off.

    • I know, and that saddens my heart. I mean, okay there are some episodic blogs that I like, but seriously.

      RC is going to win everything. I think RC is overrated, personally. So what they have lots of screen shots…..and maybe this is just me, but their page takes soooooo long to load. In fact, I just went there, and the page didn’t load at all.

      If they’re page doesn’t work when time comes to vote they should be disqualified. Let it be known.

      • yeah, tell me about it O_o

        CSW is kinda episodic too. >_______>
        But i like the funny of it. And the crazy shit and talk of niggers and crackers. RACISM MADE FUNNY.


        CSW style is how an episodic blog SHOULD be. OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAH

  3. You won’t make it very far if you continue to use the wrong you’re/your

    “You’re in this tournament because you’re ISSS is similar to a blog (except better), and kicks serious ass!”

    • The words you speak are true. This is not a blog, it is an ISSS. In fact, I said this in the above post:

      I don’t have a blog, I have an ISSS! So why am I even in this tournament?

      Ah-ha! I did it!

  4. What the fuck is this shit. The stupidest thing I ever saw in the blogosphere history.. next to that Otaku Elimination shit.

  5. This is so fun, I can’t wait to see who wins…I’m ranked 84 so I guess my blog really sucks T_T well good luck 🙂 hope you make it to the finals, you have a pretty awesome ISSS. I’ll vote for you :3

  6. LOL – didn’t make this list, but I do so much other stuff anyway. Should be cool – kind of like the old office pool and who makes it to the end.

    I do not have anyone else that I know that ani-blogs, so it must be cool to be able to hang out with one another.

    best of luck 🙂

    • Well then you should vote for me. I need all the help I can get. Also, it’s not cool to hang out with each other. Oballer is actually gay, and always comes on to me (not “cums on”….COMES on). Sadly (for him), I’m straight as a line on a flat plane, and married to klux.

  7. Wai wait, how’d I get onto this thing? My blog’s like a day old >.> Did they need lambs for the slaughter? There goes my conflict free blogging life…
    Anyhow, I’ll worry about this tomorrow. It’s an ungodly hour, and I’m sleepy as hell.

  8. *time to pop some corn. -.-”
    Lol. This has so much WIN written all over it…

    Didn’t really surprise me that I didn’t make the cut though. Been slacking on reviews and pretty much covered way too many cosplays instead of animes nowadays.

    Still excited as hell though when so many bloggers I stalk are in the tourney.

    Hmm… My take on this…

    Jubbz might be in for a tough ride.
    Yi should be having it easy.

    Ningyo is facing a tough one too.
    Glo’s going to kick episodic arses. Lol.

    Lostty is gonna need lots of luck.
    Haven’t heard much of the other 2 zzero is facing, but I’m guessing he’s going to cruise.

    Wait! Canne is taking on Colonydrop?! o.0!! Holy crap. Now that’s hard!

    • I hope they make another one some day with like….128 blogs in it. THAT WOULD BE FUROCIOUS!

      Also, I have never heard of the blog I’m up against. I better not lose to a blog I’ve never heard of.

    • Lol. Was so taken away by Canne VS ColonyDrop matchup that I forgot to comment on my take on Ruby’s.

      I’d say 50/50, banananamuffin against animewriter@wordpress…

      “Also, I have never heard of the blog I’m up against. I better not lose to a blog I’ve never heard of.”

      If you do, you know for a fact it’s rigged. 😉

      • No way. We’ll probably both be crunched by some lame-ass episodic blog before then because people are fucking morons.

  9. Good luck with the tourney. There are actually quite a number of blogs I don’t visit, Densetsu no Shounen A is one of them. I haven’t checked out aspergers, oballer, and animeyume much either, and since I usually vote blogs that I read…

    Anyways I was really surprised at my inclusion although I’m a bit disappointed I have to match up with someone so tough on the first round. j1mone is a giant and the only reason that blog is seed 95 is because it changed address. Oh well, such is the luck of the draw.

    I want to applaud you too for actually talking smack. Most of the things I’ve read so far have kept it really tame and respectful. While I appreciate the mutual camaraderie shown by the blogosphere, at the same time, it’s always interesting with more drama. Good stuff. ^ ^

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