Takumi Usui is One of the Most Awesome Male Characters Ever

First of all, Kaichou wa Maid-sama is the only rival to Arakawa Under the Bridge. It’s uncredible, and I seriously don’t know whether I like it more or less than Arakawa. That’s right, despite the awesomeness that is Arakawa Under the Bridge, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, while it may not be as good as an anime as Arakawa Under the Bridge, is dead even in terms of enjoyment (I’m going to explain that comparison in a later post). Ask anyone, and they’ll probably tell you that Kaichou wa Maid-sama is just “good”, but nothing really spectacular. Those people are called idiots. This show is awesome. You know why?

Takumi Usui

Yes, this would be breaking the 4th wall, because she is in fact, a heroine from a shoujo manga.

I’ve already touched upon what makes him awesome, and this actually might be the first time I ever talk about a male character being awesome. At least it’s the first time I’ve have a post centered around a guy.

Anyway, I’ve already said in my first impression post that he displays apathy similar to a dog caring about where it shits (dogs don’t care where they shit). Apathy is a great characteristic, especially in a character, so already score a point for Usui.

First a brief background:

And now, some background on Usui. He’s the most popular kid in school, which is weird, because he doesn’t really do much of anything. He just has good looks. Proof that as long as you’re good looking, life is served up to you on a silver platter. Related to this: I HATE BLONDE GIRLS, THEY’RE NOT HOT.

Example #1: Females

Most guys want one thing, a girl to suck their dick. Well, it’s not like Usui doesn’t want to get his dick sucked, in fact, he says plenty of perverted things, but he just isn’t really concerned with it. He knows he could get any pussy he wants at the shake of a lambs tail, so he’s looking for something a bit more fun. That’s right, he fucks around with girls in ways that you don’t really think of when you hear that a guy is fucking around with a bunch of girls.

In the first episode,we learn that he turns every single girl down when they ask him out. This annoys the president, who tells him to stop making the girls cry. He, of course, could care less, and is unconcerned by the fact that he leaves every girl who talks to him weeping and suicidal. Take a girl in episode 3 who asks him out. To turn her down, he decides to just make some shit up, just for shits and giggles:

The girl, as you can see, is dumbfounded. She just found out that the boy she is basically in love with dresses up like a maid to get aroused. In fact, Usui doesn’t even wait for a response, because he knows that no girl in their right mind would want to go out (ohhh I just got a craving for cottege cheese somehow) with a loser that is obsessed with maids to that point. Of course, it’s true that he goes to a maid cafe a lot, but that’s just because he finds it interesting to go see the hard-ass president, Misaki, work as a maid (who wouldn’t find that great to watch?). Of course, it’s quite clear that he’s decided to bang the shit out of her as well, but that’s neither here nor there.

tl;dr: Usui isn’t concerned with girls, because he could fuck every girl in the school if he wanted to. He messes with them and makes them look foolish (well not really, but in my mind, yes).

Example #2: The Shit He Says (to the Misaki)

Well, we already know all of the rediculous things he says to random hoes on the streets (above picture), but what about things he says to a girl he actually wants to go after sort of?

Insinuating things to sex insinuates that you are the man. Usui doesn’t miss a beat. Just when you think he’s going to say something dramatic and thought provoking, he’ll attack Misaki with a, “Show me you’re boobs” one-liner.*

Usui is indeed a man’s man, and the fact that he always makes the expression seen in the very first picture is awesome. In fact all of the expressions in the show are among my favorite kind (the other kind being the kind seen in such shows as Kyou no Go no Ni, and Minami-ke).

This show rules. That is all (I still need to start like….2 more shows…..I’m watching SO MUCH SHIT this season, but that’s because it’s SO GOOD.

*: Show me you’re boobs! This is all me and Refuse to Come Wack say when one of us plays with Captain Falcon. I use Pikachu though, he rules…. AND WHO WON LAST TIME BITCH! BYAWWWW!!

45 thoughts on “Takumi Usui is One of the Most Awesome Male Characters Ever

  1. Blonde girls AREN’T hot?????? YOUR FUCKING NUTS…. Case and point is Katie Cassidy. OH how about fucking STACY KEIBLER… on of the hottest girls on the PLANET


    what does that thing say on those underpants? the image is kind of blurry i cant read it

      • you are a moron… you wouldnt last 30 seconds in stacy keibler

        maybe your just bitter against blondes because they dont like you

      • They’re all materialistic morons and I hate them. I have never met a blonde I liked. My sister is probably the coolest blonde I’ve ever met. And she’s a God damn hippie.

        I have never had a good experience with a blonde. I’d rather have a girls with dark hair, but not red, because who the fuck likes that? (unless it’s dyed. I’d hit a girl [sexually] with dyed hair [if it looks cool])

      • nobody… i MEAN NOBODY.. with male parts would not fuck either of those 2.

        if either of them showed up you prolly wouldnt even be able to talk to them…. i prolly bust just from them touching my dick

        also… your judging them based on an external characteristic. you dont know their personalities. and thats racism. AND I DONT LIKE RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Your examples are lame. Kristen Bell is an awesome blonde but I can’t think of any others… most celebrities seem pretty retarded anyway.

    • Good thing my last reply was posted while I was typing mid-sentence. I was going to add:

      I don’t know what it says on the briefs…I found them on google….that’s the only thing you noticed in that picture?

      • ive noticed some other things… but stuff that you purposely put there for a laugh i will not acknowledge.

        HOWEVER… Child’s play movie? whats that?

      • Oh no, the cat’s out of the bag. Me and Robert were commissioned to do a movie, which will be in theaters July 17th.

        Actually it’s just a file that I put on youtube. You can even view it in my Loo$e Change section.

  2. I wish more anime boys were like him. I’m so tired of the wimpy, shy male characters in romance series. There’s nothing seductive about them. But yes, the dialogue definitely makes this show interesting.

  3. Guh, why was I not expecting the brief background?
    Hey, I’d take a big healthy bowl of apathy over some wussy any day. My inner suave douchebag seems to be prone to titillation nowadays.
    Brofist, for having stepmania on your desktop.

    • Of all the things on my desktop, Stepmania is the one thing you noticed? THAT’S the one thing that stood out to you?

      Stepmania is indeed awesome. I haven’t played DDR or Stepmania in ages though, which is too bad.

      As for characters, apathetic ones are always awesome. Can’t go wrong with someone who doesn’t care.

      • Just so you know, we’re (I’m) beating around the bush for what’s really on your desktop, just to ENRAGE you.

        And yes, Stepmania totally stood out for me first. It’s Stepmania. I couldn’t help noticing your ‘rhymes’ word doc though.

      • I’m too lazy to actually check, but I’m pretty sure it’s either 172 or 183. I can’t remember exactly, but it’s at LEAST 172. I believe in quantity, not quality.

    • It’s a shoujo, but it’s not really bad. I don’t really like shoujo, but on occasion they don’t suck.

      On a complete opposite note, I had to draw a picture for art homework, and mine was pretty much a guy holding a knife with a wall covered in blood. I thought of you (it was a pretty shitty piece of art though, I honestly just wanted to leave so I only spent 15 minutes on it or so.)

  4. Uh, you aren’t watching Rainbow (mature series about guys stuck in prison who are being taught to box) or House of Five Leaves (a new samurai anime by the same studio as Samurai Champloo)?

    I also haven’t seen you mention Katanagatari (the once-a-month series with 50-minute episodes) which has also been really good so far.

    • I’m not watching Rainbow and House of Five Leaves….YET. I only watch a few shows week to week at a time, and then I go back and watch the shows I missed all at once. Usually, I save the better shows till they’re completed.. I also do want to watch Katanagatari ever since I heard of it the other day.

      There’s so much good shit to watch I need more time.

      I can’t wait to watch House of Five Leaves. Samurai Champloo kicked so much ass, and I can already tell that I like the animation from House of Five Leaves.

  5. Haha, I agree with Usui’s awesomness, the first time I watched this show was randomly and then I kept on watching because of Usui being so awesome.

    The first episode seemed like Usui and Misaki fighting over dominance like a pack of dogs.

    My favorite parts are when Usui keeps staring so hilarious XD

    I usually don’t play this part, but I’d have to say, Usui is so awesome that I can agree that he has got to be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

      • Are girls not allowed to wonder around here? O_o
        Does anyone know of any other Usui-like characters? I killed my social-life coz of exams, so i need more Usui-like characters to keep me somewhat sane.

      • What the heck? I don’t get my last reply to Some random guy……ohhhh the last sentence.

        Somerandomgirl holy shit you have almost the same name as some random guy you two should date.

        Anyway I don’t know any other characters like Usui but I wish I did kind of…..I dropped this show because it started to suck really bad.

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  7. Sorry, I try not to date random guys.
    (find me a guy like Usui and i might date him)

    Thats a pity, why did you start not liking this show?

    Any anime/manga recommendations tho?

    • It became way too shoujoey and filled with flowery backgrounds/other bullshit. I couldn’t take it. Not only that, but Usui kind of dropped off. It was clear that he simply just wasn’t putting forth the same amount of effort that he was in the beginning of the series.

      Check my list (page above) for recommendations.

  8. The author is simply an “idiot”. You may not get the exact point of the story lines. You’re worse of those mentally impaired ones. It was easy for you to criticized the whole character of that guy you called Usui Takumi , huh, without you further knowing of the real thing about him. No one except the creator of that character knew him , not even those who watch and read its story on the manga a million times. You don’t have a place above the creator’s imagination. Know your place, dude. It seems that you made this site just to criticize it and insist that your favorite anime ranks the top. If that so, I would take that as your opinion and I respect it. But, please do learn to respect those of others too.

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  10. The way you described made Usui sound like a fkboy and like his mind is always filled with sexual thoughts but thats not true. Usui honestly cares about Misaki and he only says such low-key perverted things in a joking manner and just so that he can lighten the mood (bc misaki always gets flustered and pushes him away when he tries to get serious about their rs). but dang usui really is awesome. he’s cool, strong, protects misaki well, and really funny too HAHHA i live for chibi usui and the jokes he makes in that monotone voice. not to mention he’s super good-looking 😉

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