Iwasawa NO!

Within this post you can find spoilers for Angel Beats episode 3 as well as Tokyo Magnitude 8.0! What joy!

IS THIS LATE? I DON’T CARE! Angel Beats episode 3 was pretty damn good, and I must say that Iwasawa is pretty much a lock for my favorite character of the show, even if she isn’t…..well….I don’t want to spoil the episode and tell you that she disappeared and thus most likely won’t be in any more episodes, which SUCKS BECAUSE THAT MEANS NO MORE MUSIC!

TIRADE! ANGER! REVOLT! uhh….BANISHMENT! err, wait a second.

I am angry. No sooner had I decided that Iwasawa was one of the coolest characters I’ve seen in a while did this shit happen:

You know what? Fuck me right? All of my favorite characters always disappear or die. I could give some examples, but unfortunately, I can only remember a few, and I don’t want to starts giving away people who die in shows, because that’s called being an ass-hole (of which I am, but still).

Let me first delve into the life/death/after-death/disappearing of Iwasawa.

Want to see a good example of great art? Look at that emotion! The eyes! The feeling! What girth! What power! (those last two were an inside joke)

I’m going to keep her life short and sweet (you’ve already seen the fucking episode anyway).

  • Parents fought.
  • Discovered music.
  • Decided to become musicion.
  • Got a performance.
  • Died from the same thing Yuuta died from in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 before she could perform. Yes he was my favorite character in that too….FUCK.
  • Now she sings awesomely in this after-life school place thing that all these people are in.

This characters is almost exactly like me! Except that my parents don’t fight, I haven’t decided to become a musician, I’m not a girl, I don’t have pink hair, I don’t sing awesomely (or do I?), and I didn’t die. But music is my escape, so it’s pretty much like we’re the same person! In figure drawing, I listen to music and just kind of zone out. Suddenly I’m not even on Earth. I do the same if I’m having a bad day (usually every other day, but NOT THIS WEEK! [SPRING WEEKEND COMING UP BITCHESSS!!!!!]). So essentially we’re the same person.

You are no where close to the same pers-

So what the heck. We’re not going to have awesome concerts anymore? The concerts kicked ass! This would be like taking Quidditch matches out of Harry Potter books (not the movies, the movies suck). the concerts were one of the best parts!!! You know that show K-On? You probably haven’t heard of it, but I first started watching because I thought it would have lots of MUSIC. Unfortunately, it never had any music, besides that one episode for a few minutes, and thus, it became the worst anime ever. This anime has had a bad ass concert almost every episode, and thus, it’s been kicking ass (for the most part). SO WHAT’S THE DEAL HERE! IWASAWA! WHAT THE HELL DUDE!? (I call girls “dude” a lot. Get used to it dude.)

So what? What the hell? She got to sang her song and whatever, and this apparently fufilled her dream. Let’s take a gamble at solving this whole show right now:

This world is a place where people that were unable to do something in their own lives go after they die, Yuri couldn’t protect people and Iwasawa couldn’t sing her song. I guess when you do this shit, you can move on. That just sounded dumb. Anyway, I’ve doubted that Angel was bad the whole time (especially with Otonashi [awesome name btw]) pretty much telling us that the whole time, and now it’s become painfully obvious that I am right. She even has said something along the lines of: “It’s like I’m the bad guy.” SHE’S NOT BAD. In fact, she’s awesome because she doesn’t show emotion. This is among my favorite character types (I should make a post about that!) This girl is pretty awesome too:

Does this count as an episodic post? I really just wanted to say that I’m mad since my favorite character is gone. Her seiyu kicked ass too. She should come out with some songs. Better yet, the band should become a band in real life. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool (if it hasn’t happened already). The seiyu who make up a band in an anime become an actual band of the same name in real life. If that’s not a great promotional tactic I don’t know what is. You already have an anime fan base, and if other people like the songs, you’re set. It’s such a good idea, that only someone as brilliant as I could have possibly conjured it up.

Seriously though….FUCK. I’m still hoping she comes back. I mean, they never did have a “really-dead montage“.

12 thoughts on “Iwasawa NO!

  1. Huh wait, gone already? That’s quite a daring move on their part… Looks like I may have to rebuke my 12/13-episode curse on this series. But I’ll see how it plays out. After all, if there’s no montage, chances are still good.
    Maybe the concerts drained too much of the budget and they had to cut it short. They certainly look spectacular enough to be that way.

    • I’m hoping the lack of montage comes through and she somehow comes back, but the way that she disappeared leads me to believe that this isn’t going to happen.

      The budget is certainly big enough to add a concert every other episode…..at least don’t kill Iwasawa off.

    • She is certainly ass-kickingly awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she was actually God either (even though we know you weren’t being literal with that statement…or were you? Oh ho!)

      I was not being literal with that last statement.

      Or was I?

  2. I was pretty surprised that Iwasawa was the first to go. I guess killing off one of the more prominent characters helps get people’s attention. People probably would care less if one of the idiot guys from the group got killed off.

    From all the stuff I’ve heard, Girl De Mo is not dead. I guess they’ll find a new singer.

    • They’ll all die in the end. Girl De Mo might not be dead, but it really isn’t the same. Who’s going to step in as the lead singer? That short girl who’s a fan? I’ll shit bricks and die if that shit happens.

      Iwasawa is un-replaceable.

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