The Best Assistant Manager in Anime

Again, I’m a bit late with this, but I don’t give a shit. I’m not going to be putting up anything new this weekend, as I will be in a constant drunken stupor up at Uconn for Spring Weekend. I don’t know why I’m going, since there are people there, and I hate people, but I should be drunk enough to not feel bad after making fun of them all, so it should be fun. Feel free to get into the spirit and leave all sorts of random, drunken sounding comments all over the place. Or don’t. Here’s the post:

I have recently talked about my semi-disdain for Working!!, which isn’t really a bad show, but is, in my eyes, filled with little flaws that irk me to the point of slamming my head against a brick wall until my skull fractures. Well, maybe not to that point, but still, some things about it annoy me or put me off. But one things that almost makes up for all of that is the Manager of the restaurant:

Kyoko Shirafuji

Now, I don’t know why I feel the need to keep highlighting characters from shows this season, but I’ve been writing drafts all over the place. Like my last character post (Takumi Usui), Kyoko relies heavily on apathy.

Shift #1: Apathy

Does she care about her job? Not really. Maybe a little, but honestly, she doesn’t do shit. When whatshisname-pedophile kid comes to work, she tells him that she will not teach him anything about the job, which leads pedophile-kid to think that she wants him to learn by experience, when really, she just hasn’t bothered to learn anything about the job herself, despite being the assistant manager.

Take a look at her eyes. They always give off the emotion of non-caring. They look low, almost half closed. In the picture above, she almost looks high, because of that pot leaf and the odd color scheme, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with the show. Here’s another example of her absolute non-caring for the job:

Yachiyo is a huge lesbian for Kyoko, and that makes her the second best character of this show....not to mention her katana. Yachiyo rules too.

Kyoko is living the dream. She doesn’t do shit! Someday, I want to realize my dream of doing nothing. Yes, doing nothing. My dream job… If only I could get paid for sleeping and watching anime. *Sigh~*

Shift #2: Attitude Toward Customers

This is also a form of apathy. She doesn’t really care about backlash from treating customers like shit. This makes her kind of bad ass. Take this example. A lady complains that it’s a bit warm in the room:

She proceeds to call the customer an ugly fat lady. And STILL her eyes are only half open. AWESOME. That’s true non-caring at it’s best….we could all learn a thing or two from Kyoko. Lastly, we have the famous “kicking the shit out of a customer and then mugging them” scene:

So not only does she kick the shit out of a customer, but then she tells said customer to pretty much go fuck himself. The customers leave, and then Kyoko calls in a favor.

That’s something bad ass… a tambourine. And what’s more is the other employees know that she acts like this, and when the confront her about treating the  customers like this, she just says that if the amount of customers decreases too much, she can just have her “friends” force some people to come to the restaurant. AWESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME.

Also, notice how her eyes in every scene are still apathetic. Yes indeed, it Kyoko wasn’t in Working!!, then Working!! would suck.


AWESOME EPISODE. I like this show now. Not only did we finally learn the backstory of the Yachiyo’s katana, but we also had an AWESOME character who is looking for her wife, who went shopping and got lost.

But what’s great about it is:

  • Yachiyo’s complete lesbianism reveals itself.
  • Kyoko was awesome.
  • Everyone likes someone in this show, and there are crazy love triangles all over the place.

This episode gained my trust for this show, and Yachiyo is now (as far as I’m concerned) tied with Kyoko for the best character in this show. I mean, SHE’S AWESOME. I think I actually like her more than Kyoko. I mean, she has so many traits that I like:

  1. Lesbian….as in, huge lesbian.
  2. She doesn’t open her eyes. I don’t know why, but I like characters that doesn’t open their eyes, despite the fact that I like eyes more than Hachibei from Ai Kora.
  3. She’s got a mean streak a mile long. I mean, you DID see the Katana, right?
  4. She almost killed the hopeless  General Manager (last screenshot), because he gave some food to Kyoko (her lesbian lover). I mean, it hasn’t been clarified whether or not Kyoko is a full lesbian, but all girls are part lesbian, so there’s still hope that she and Yachiyo have a gratuitous sex scene later in the show..

Maybe I should have written this post about her instead? Yachiyo all the way! I’m going to make a shirt that says that (yea right, what a stupid comment). Let’s hope Working!! it keeps up this greatness.

13 thoughts on “The Best Assistant Manager in Anime

  1. “That’s something bad ass… a tambourine.”

    Danger Doom in the hizzy!
    Widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy we
    We need food

    and i guess to relate this to the actual post. that person sounds like a great manager

  2. I got a mean streak a mile long, don’t get my style wrong. We ain’t hot? Well then you’ve got your denial on.

  3. “Yachiyo is a huge lesbian for Kyoko, and that makes her the second best character of this show….not to mention her katana. ”

    You mean that makes her the best character of this show.

  4. OMFG – I got to check this out now. I have always wanted to kick a customer out of a store once or a hundred times in my life. Reality is such a crock when all we do is bow our heads, ask for forgiveness and then suckup to a customer that is little more than a donkey’s ass (or that the same thing – oh well).

    • I have kicked a customer out of a store before!

      Nah that’s a lie. but yea, customers are among the stupidest people on the planet. I could tell stories about my time at Lake Compounce Amusement Park, and the absolute morons that worked there. In fact, I have some time, so I’ll tell my favorite:

      A lady comes up to me to order some food (my area was food, specifically, Mexican). We have a GIANT fucking menu, right next to the order menu.

      She orders a taco or something and asks for onions. I tell her, as she is staring at my face:

      “We don’t have onions.”

      She looks at me and says,

      “Okay, I’ll just have a few onions then.”

      I stare at her, give up, and give her a taco with no onions. Nothing happened.

      That story sucked, I guess you have to be there. More often, people came buy and tried to order things that weren’t on our GIANT FUCKING MENU. On kid tried to order a burger and fries. I pointed out the menu, and he looked at it and tried to order a hot dog, which WASN’T ON THE FUCKING MENU WE ONLY HAVE MEXICAN FOOD YOU MORON.

  5. Yeah, I just saw episode 3 the other day. That’s why I’m late with the reply.

    I’m glad you are changing your mind about Working!! This is one of the anime that is able to make me laugh wholeheartedly. And since I’m a sucker for romance, the triangle-love thingy is just right for my taste bud.

    I also like to mention that I am glad that the midget doesn’t get the spotlight much ^^

    • I’m really glad that the midget whose name I have already forgot hasn’t really done anything. The less moe the better.

      Episode 3 was the driving force that made me like this show. Dare I say it’s nearly as good as B Gata H Kei, which has been on a downward slope for the past 2 episodes.

      I still have to watch all of the latest episodes, but I don’t know when I’m going to be able to do it in the next three weeks. They’re the last 3 weeks of the semester, and I have to do a shitload of work.

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