B Gata H Kei 4: Half and Half

So I got back from Spring Weekend, which was a fun time indeed. I would love to share with you all what I did there, but I completely blacked out the first night, and what happens at Uconn, stays at Uconn. Besides, I don’t want to bore you all, so in that case…

I don’t  know how long I can keep this up. At this point, watching an episode of B Gata H Kei is beginning to become a bit of a hassel. I mean, true, I laugh several times at every episode, but at the same time, this shit’s starting to get repetitive. An anime can be repetitive in a good way, but B Gata H Kei isn’t becoming repetitive in a bad way: by repeating stupid shit.

This OP not only still sucks, but I actually got physically angry at it this time, and it has started to make me hate this show. is stupid:

You know where you can stick that flute? RIGHT IN YOUR SCCOOOZATCH!!! FUNGUL!

The first two episodes were awesome. The third was a bit of a bore. The fourth was much funnier, but the un-originality is starting to get to me, and sadly, this is starting to remind of me Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezzaonavindwhateverthefuckit’scalled. The first season of Haruka was great. The second one started strong, and then became a heap of shit. This is following this trend in worst way possible:

Character Pussification

Do we REALLY need this amount of long pauses and second guessing to know that Kosuda is a pussy? We understand Kosuda's persona, now just get on with it!

Why? Why oh why do they do it? Why do writers decide that most people want to see characters who are huge vaginas? It’s like they love to create a guy who can’t ask out girl and gets flustered easily. In BGHK, even Yamada, who is the aggressor, is a pussy. She talks the talk, but when it comes time to walk the walk, she changes into Pussy-women. These characters are starting to piss me off. I mean, how much longer is it going to take for Yamada to get laid? I want her to get laid soon, then see her try and move on to another guy. This could create all sorts of good shit between her and Kosuda. Instead both her and Kosuda are dragging their “relationship” along at a pace whose retardedness can be matched only by rose_darkangel’s thinking process.

I mean, okay, I’ll give Yamada some credit in this episode. Even though she was a huge vagina when it really came down to it, she did manage to “steal second” and force Kosuda to grab her tits. She even went looking for a Love Hotel. But then she get’s all pussyfied after a kiss? You’re never going to get laid if you don’t man up and come on strong. STICK TO THE GAME PLAN BITCH (in fact, take the time to make a game plan before hand). Come onnnnnnnnnn.

Despite all of this, I would say that the only thing really wrong with these episodes lately is that they are tending to drag just a bit during the most boring parts. Like when Yamada and Kosuda are in the middle of an awkward silence. We get it, they’re both pussies. Can we get some funny, retarded/sexually perverse humor now?

What a flat ass.

What a whore. Why did I even create this screenshot?

This was actually really funny, considering the situational context.

See, this is why I want to watch this show. I don’t really care about the whole “love story” and what-not. I just care about seeing funny stuff. Yamada failing, Yamada doing funny/retarded perverted things, Yamada performing a Noblewomens Laugh, Yamada failing, and Yamada failing are only some of the things that I want from this show. Repetition is fine, as long as the content being repeated is funny and awesome. They’re repeating the wrong things in these episodes.

In general, this episode wasn’t really bad. In fact, it was pretty funny. But they really need to pick up the pace in some parts.


4 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei 4: Half and Half

  1. I strongly suggest they change the OP to this music immediately:

    Not only would it be the best implementation of English in japanese animetion ever, it’d make the show even better.
    The episode was pretty funny, but I hate to say I can see Yamada “discovering the power of true love” and giving up her awesome dream in the ending…

    • THAT SONG KICKS ASS. I endorse this as the new OP completely. Tom Jones is the man.

      I really don’t want Yamada to give up her dream, but it probably will end up happening.

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