B Gata H Kei 5: Just When You Think Your Out…


This episode was sucking. I was going to not even write anymore episodics about it. In fact, I probably won’t, seeing as no one really reads episodics anyway, seeing as episodics suck ass. I was instead just going to make a post about how Yamada is a huge bitch. I mean, she fucks with Kosuda so much. The kid might get depressed and kill himself if she keeps fucking with him like that. Girls suck. They’re all like that. Huge bitches. In fact, all people suck. Why  can’t we all just be up front about everything. “I need to poop.” What’s so hard about saying that? “I would like you fondle your breasts, and then penetrate your vagina.” What’s so bad about that? People are too uptight nowadays. Anyway, about the episode:

The first half of this episode sucked. It wasn’t funny. I only laughed twice (I guess it was kind of funny), and I found most of the things about this episode (another cliche episode: Valentine’s Day Chocolate) boring and stupid. This show honestly isn’t that good. But then, laughs and good humor came in bunches, splitting sides and wowing people with amazement. Or something like that:

“How the heck is this funny,” you might ask. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever Yamada comes to a realization (usually about something stupid), the show has a way of expressing her realization in a way that makes it seem important. What even more funny is that later in this dialogue with the God of Sex, who came (lol, came) to her in a dream (lol, dream), The God of Sex tells her to put her hands on her chest if she doesn’t believe that her sex power has gone down. She does, and realizes that her bust size, I mean sex power has indeed gone down. What happens next? Only some SMASHING OF WALLS!

After this the show had me laughing my ass off. It was like B Gata H Kei realized it’s flaws and fixed them, unlike Dominos, which probably still has shitty pizza (I haven’t been drunk enough to try it yet. I mean, everyone knows you never eat Dominos unless you’re hammered). The rest of this show was just ridiculous sex shit, some of which made sense, some of which was retarded, all of which was awesome and funny. B Gata H Kei is BACK BABY! (unlike David Ortiz, who hits like an un-abusive husband). Here are some screenshots!

They are not sexier at all. They're just sluttier. If a girl wasn't wearing any underwear, she probably has more diseases around her vagina than.......uhh..........pass.

You don't need to see her naked, even though everytime the "Demon Condoms" logo comes up to censor something I laugh out loud.

Apparently this girl didn’t realize that you have to not be wearing panties in the presence of a guy. And what’s with anime characters getting colds from everything? I’ve been in the rain before and I’ve never gotten a cold. I’ve been naked too, and nothing has happened. In fact, I’m naked right now as I type this (hilariously enough, I’m not even lying about that), and I guarantee that I won’t get a cold. Anyway, Yamada overhears her conversation and gets an idea.

Yamada doesn't really think things through.

The retardedness level is skyrocketing through the roof, and I couldn't be happier.

The thing I love best is how everything in this show is so overly dramatically exaggerated. Awesome shit. Anyway, can you see where this is going?

If only all women thought this way.....actually it's probably better that they don't.

Long night ahead of you?

The tissues have the “Demon Condom” logo on them. This made me laugh so hard I had to pause the video. A condom company that makes tissues as well? Hilarious.

Well, that’s all I got. Have fun not even reading this. I’m probably not doing any more episodics, because I hate them.


16 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei 5: Just When You Think Your Out…

  1. i look at these posts becaues of the screen shots… since i will never actually watch this show… the screen shots make me feel like i have.

  2. “I’ve been in the rain before and I’ve never been cold. In fact, I’m naked right now”

    Hey, you never know ! I’ve been naked for days sometimes, getting some tan on the roof and shit, and never got the cold. Then one time i was JUST barefoot. For a few hours. In a hot summer day. While walking on a carpet. And there you go, two days of coughing and sneezing and snot wiping. So…yeah.

    • Colds don’t make sense, just like that sentence:

      “I’ve been in the rain before and I’ve never been cold. In fact, I’m naked right now”

      That’s what I get for finishing a post when I’m really tired I guess.

  3. I like how her pussy glows in that screenshot. Hut again, I bet she doesn’t have too much of a pussy at her age. Oh, the Demon company makes products that keep the fluids in one place. Condoms and tissues, right? One to fill with soldiers, the other with mucus, spit, saliva… u choose.
    Ah, in that screenshot where she read the magazine, that pink lamp looks like a cock! Buh, nice show! Im getting ready to watch Genshiken 2 and Gurren-Lagann. The crisis is over!

    PS: Im back. I had an allergy for internet for some days. I worked, played Stalker a lot ( I started to speak English with a Russian acent from playing this game too much)and sometimes posted without thinking on my site. Couldn’t watch any anime. Is good to be back!

    • You can fill both condoms and tissues with soldiers.

      Phallic symbols are all over the place. In the first screen shot, her index finger is clearly phallic.

      Her glowing pussy reminded me strongly of the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.

    • There’s a difference:

      Sexy: A girl who turns you on, but does not necessarily get involved with many men. Perhaps she can even be tasteless. A normal bikini can make a girl look sexy, even if she doesn’t fuck everything.

      Slutty: A girl with such raunchy display that it is clear she has a pussy wider than the Grand Canyon. Most of what she wears just reminds you that she probably smells like a used condom.

  4. How suitable for a condom company to own tissues as well. I once had a conversation like that, how societal superpowers have us in the palm of their hands, and how a cigarette company owns Pillsbury and Nestle or something like that. In fact, they probably actually own tissue brands.

    I always had a hunch we couldn’t expect this show to constantly live up to itself, and could only expect it to entertain.

    • This show is decent in my opinion, but FUCK. Everything is SO CLICHE.

      EPISODE ONE = Cliche Introductory Episode Theme

      EPISODE TWO = Cliche pool/fireworks Theme

      EPISODE THREE = Cliche Haunted House School Festival Theme

      EPISODE FOUR = Cliche Romantic Awkwardness Theme

      EPISODE FIVE = Cliche Valentine’s Day Chocolate Theme

      So cliche. That’s the main thing wrong with it.

    • I guess it depends on how you view repetitive jokes. I feel like the longer something goes, the funnier it gets, kind of like the salt guy from Natsu no Arashi.

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