Obligatory Aniblog Post?

Wait….you thought that I’d actually write one? Pfffff. You must be dreaming. There’s no way I would write a stupid post about something like the Aniblog Tournament, describing the fact that my site here is not an episodic blog (for the most part), so it’s therefore better.

I'm definitely NOT putting this up because I think the combo of Haruhi and neko-bikini-style-ness will garner support for Eye Sedso.....NO WAY.

I’m not going to talk about anything like how my layout really really really really really sucks, because it’s a crappy WordPress layout (and wordpress is garbage). I’m not going to touch on the fact that Eye Sedso’s layout looks stale and boring when compared to the competition, although, the competition DOESN’T HAVE MUGEN ON THEIR HEADER!!!!!!

UPDATE: Don’t expect me to mention how much better my name is than….well….pretty much everyone else name. Eye Sedso? AWESOME SHIT.

I’m not going to bother mentioning that I write many posts that make fun of things I don’t like, many of which things may not have anything to do with anime, and all of which you can find in my category listed: VENTS. I’m not going to say that this makes Eye Sedso more multi-faceted than the competition. There’s just no way I’m wasting my time writing THAT.

I’m not going to even BOTHER talking about the fact that many of the shows I like (such as Higurashi and Black Lagoon) involve blood or violence, mainly because I love both blood (yay) and violence (yay again), although I do also like shows that are stupid, like Chobits. Also, you won’t catch me telling you that I mostly dislike all moe shows (besides Lucky Star, which I loved). I’m not going to talk about how K-On is the worst show of all time. And I’m not going to talk about my favorite anime, which you can see here. And no, I’m not going to bother defending the idea that I like InuYasha to you, that would just be stupid.

Talking about my favorite manga would also be kind of dumb, because who wants to hear about Gantz or Claymore? FMA is awesome, but I’m sure as hell not going to talk about it!

No, I am not using this picture to appeal to the other crowd of anime fans, of whom like blood and are generally awesome as fuck.

I’m not going to waste time mentioning that, unlike my competition, I do not change/delete/ordoanythingelseto any comments made on Eye Sedso. I’m not going to call him an oppressor of free speech or anything of the sort, and say that his policy is pointless, seeing as he gets no comments anyway, and I get TONS (a few). That would be mean. And I’m always kind toward everyone.

I’m not going to talk about how much of a lie “I’m always kind toward everyone” is. Certainly I’m not going to talk smack to my opponent, who didn’t even write a post about the Aniblog Tournament, or anything at all, in the last 4 years! (2 weeks). I’m also not going to call him a pansy, because……well…..actually there’s not reason to call him a pansy…I’m crossing this out.

LET IT BE KNOWN! I will NOT waste time telling you all that RIE KUGIMIYA IS THE GREATEST SEIYU EVER. There’s just no way I’m going to tell anyone that RIE KUGIMIYA IS THE GREATEST SEIYU EVER. I just won’t do it, and I also won’t tell you that I just ripped off Gilbert Gottfried. And don’t expect a picture either:

And on the less-known 8th day, God gave us....

And on the-less-heard of 8th day, God created.....

I don’t think it would be time efficient to say that I have more than 500 posts, despite only being about one and a half years old (my site, not me dipshit….if I was one and a half years old, and could type like this, I’d be fucking famous, which I am anyway…..probably). I’m not going to tell you that because it would make me look like a huge loser with no time on his hands, which I probably am not.

I’m not going to tell you that I’m a 22 year old art education major in his senior year of college, with about another 2 years to go because I changed my major 2048548759384758939485 times. That would also be silly.

I’m not going to link to other people like klux, just because they’re of my favorite blogs. That would just be dumb and retarded. I’m also not going to tell you that I was there for Baka-Raptor’s trip to England, and chronicled it. You don’t want to read that shit!

I'm not putting this up just because I painted it a few years ago, and think it looks kinda bad ass. DEFINITELY NOT. My actual name is also NOT ON THE BOTTOM LEFT.....THE PAINTING'S LEFT NOT YOURS!!!!

So in case you were wondering, no, I’m not going to write an Aniblog Tournament post. If you want to know about me, read my about page, and realize that if you vote for me, you are automatically awesome. Bill the Ass-Kicker demands it.

If you don't know who Bill the Ass-Kicker is....Google it. It's literally the first image.


27 thoughts on “Obligatory Aniblog Post?

    • I thought of that the entire time I was writing this piece of shit. In fact I was playing the song (this is a lie, but I was humming it…..well, replaying it in my head……I’ve been singing that all day…..coincidence, or something more?)

  1. I can imagine your ‘competitor’ crying and punching the wall madly right now.
    You literally murdered the guy when you talked about his being ‘oppressor of free speech’ or his getting ‘no comments’. Now I’m glad I won’t be up against you until the final round because I will be forced to vote against myself 😛

    • i don’t think he even knows that he’s in this tournament. Otherwise, I hope he IS crying and punching the wall madly…actually, I’d rather he write some smack talk against me. It’s all in good fun, and I always win when it’s in good fun.

  2. I know you won’t stoop that low and talk about the anitourney. You’re way better than that. Besides, the competition is made of (insert a word of your choice here). The whole damn thing dedicated to episodic review of the shitty loli show of Vampire Bund? Pfft. Shit.

    You are going to win this Glo because Eye Sedso.

      • your blog is by far one of the best… you vs baka in the finals? thats how it should be… all these blogs suck.

        oh… and im getting kicked out because i hurt peoples feelings. Also.. the mod “Janette” has literally NO sense of humor.

        she doesnt like either of our blogs because shes a 12 year old girl and being mean is offensive to her.

  3. I learned so much from everything you didn’t want to talk about LOL
    you had more than 500 post? wow that’s really amazing and in so little time too o_o
    Haha good luck in the tourney! ^^

    • I really need to not post as much. A result of posting so much is that my posts are sometimes really shitty. Although I really don’t care if they are to tell the truth.

      Thanks for the luck, I’ll give it back when I’m done using it.

  4. Tsundere for the Aniblog Tourney? :3
    I feel an urge to subscribe to you, to hear about all the things you will one day not talk about in the future. o/

    • It’s not like I care about the tourney (honestly). I……I really don’t………

      I felt that urge when I subscribed to your blog back after you were being voted on. Congrats, but subscribing to me, you win nothing, but you get to see awesome posts.

  5. I was going to ignore voting for any of the blogs in the aniblog tourney…until I saw this post. Now, you get one vote from me, bitch.

  6. hey wordpress isn’t all bad, u just have to shell out 60 bucks a year like me to change the layout. I’m either smart…or a sucker :[

    BTW i posted the top 10 most violent anime scenes, i Think you’ll like the clip of the number 1 choice lol.

  7. It’s ALMOST like I breached many of these things that would mean failure if breached – but luckily, my post was just a sore loser post in excellent foresight. It’s the closest I’ve come to predicting the future, so I’m proud of it.

    So uh, I’ll pitch in for your matchup (curbstomp). Don’t think you need any help though :p

  8. I just poured Tabasco sauce all over this post. Still to sugary. Where’s all the hate? The internet connection is out at my apartment, so I braved a tornado warning to get to school and read this post. All for nothing. I’m going to go STUDY now. Yeah, STUDY. I’d rather STUDY than spend another second on this page.

    • This round was pretty much the same as a bye. I got an easy matchup. Next round should be tougher, because not everyone likes my style of writing. Some people think that I’m crude, blunt, a jerk, and swear a lot. All of which are completely true.

      • “Some people think that I’m crude, blunt, a jerk, and swear a lot. All of which are completely true.”
        And we love you for it. Keep it up. ^ ^

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