Manga Mondays: The World God Only Knows

Well, although this may anger oballer, I was checking out Memories of Eternity, and came across this post. I read it and decided that Eternal had my interest peaked to go check this manga out. I did, and all I can say is thank GOD (get it? God?… ugh).

The World God Only Knows

Perhaps you’re better off reading this on Memories. Of course, if you do that, you’re pretty much negating all of the time I spent writing this post….thanks. That being said, I pretty much wasted all of Eternal’s time by writing this, since you’re here and not there. Unless you were there before…Technically, we’re all wasting everyone else’s time, unless…. How bout this, go read everyone’s stuff….or wait…..what the hell am I even talking about? Does anyone know? Here’s what I think of this shitty manga.

This shitty manga kicks ass. Eternal calls it a solid manga (and it’s also being turned into an anime), but I declare that, from what I can tell so far, it is a top ten eligible manga (for me at least. I haven’t read many manga titles, so it’s not hard to be top ten eligible…I don’t even have a manga top ten). Is it romance? Err…no? Here’s a premise:

See the guy on the right? His name is Keima Katsuragi, and he only likes 2D girls, specifically ones from games. He has literally no interest in real life girls. All he does is play dating sim games, and he’s one of the best at them, with the ability to get with any girl in a shake of a lamb’s tail at the snap of the wrist (that’s an expression, right?). In the gaming world, he is literally known as a God (hence the title or the manga). The girl is a demon named Erushii. She’s been sent to find someone who can capture the heart of any woman, because inside the hearts of these said women, lay evil demons, who can not be defeated unless the heart of said women is taken by someone else (like a man), so now, Keima, with the help of Erushii, must get lots and lots and lots of girls who are infected with demons to fall in love with him, so the demons can be killed (because the best way to capture a girl’s heart is to make her fall in love with you). In a sense, Keima must become a pimp.

Now, don’t get all in a tiff about how this is all about “the power of love” or some bullshit. Do you think I’d read a manga like that? Doubtful. If I did read a manga like that, I’d probably find it really corny, and burn it (delete it?). As previously state, Keima has absolutely NO interest in real world girls. This doesn’t change (or hasn’t yet). He pretty much sees capturing girls and their love as a game, which makes this manga pretty awesome. Personally, I can’t wait for the anime. The manga, above all else, makes me wonder if I should start playing a shit-loaf (that’s right, I said shit-loaf) of sim-dating games. Maybe I can become a pimp too! (highly doubt it).

Drawing Comparisons

To draw a comparison. Eternal compared it to Deathnote. While I kind of saw the comparison, I feel like it’s much MUCH similar to Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro. Besides the fact that both are mainly episodic in story, both deal with solving a problem. In MTNN, the problem is usually a murder or similar criminal mystery. In TWGOK, the problem deals with how to capture a girl’s love. Besides these similarities, both MTNN and TWGOK have taglines. Personally, I love taglines, because once their said, you can pretty much expect something awesome to happen. In MTNN, the main tagline is:

“This mystery is already on the tip of my toungue!”

Whenever Neuro says this, the audience becomes aware that Neuro has figured out the mystery, and will now reveal it in some kind of bad ass way. Likewise, in TWGOK, the tagline used by Keima is:

“I can already see the ending!!”

He, like Neuro, says a tagline whenever he has figured out a conclusion to the problem at hand, which, in this case, is getting a girl to fall in love with him. In fact, the more I think of it, the more similar this manga is to MTNN. Honestly, I didn’t think that MTNN was bad, but it wasn’t anything great. It was decent. So far, I  really like where TWGOK is headed and would rate it higher than MTNN comparatively. Although it’s been a long time since I watched MTNN (I think I saw it around 60 series ago, maybe longer). Frankly, I can’t believe I remembered the tagline (I found the picture later, when I was PROOFREADING this post, which I have started doing).

To conclude; if you liked MTNN in any way, you should check this manga out, or wait for the anime, which is going to come out some day. I’m stickin with the manga, but I do plan on watching this anime when it comes out. I just hope this doesn’t get to repetitive. I mean, I loved Urusei Yatsura through about 90 chapters, but now I can barely get through one. Since then I have become a bit weary of episodic manga/anime.

Honestly, if there was one thing that made me like this manga it was the fact that it has a tagline. A tagline can make anything more bad ass than it actually is.


10 thoughts on “Manga Mondays: The World God Only Knows

  1. haha… i dont actually HATE his site…. i just dont read it… and obviously had to shit on it cuz im playin him this week. Regardless of who i play i have to talk shit, or else its boring.

  2. Elsee, but really, who cares. The most awesome thing about her is her firetruck obsession.
    That’s a pretty spot on comparison you drew; one-liners indeed augment dramatic effect. They sure are hard to use though; a bit of bad taste and they come out stupid and annoying. Anyways, I’ve been following Kaminomi for the longest time. Great stuff.

  3. I was recommended The World God Only Knows while I was in Japan. Thanks for reminding me about it. Gotta buy the first volume of the manga when I do my manga rounds.

    • Definitely worth a look. I haven’t been able to read or watch anything lately, hopefully next week when finals are over all of my friends will stay away from me when they come home from college. I’d rather watch anime and read manga than hang out with my friends.

  4. Aw man, CrazyDave is always trying to recommend this to me, but he’s a terrible salesman. This has certainly piqued my interest and I’ll actually read it now.

  5. *kukukuu*
    that boy is the worst gamer i ever seen

    but without a doubt this manga is a master piece
    collecting this manga should be fun

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