Remember Middle School?

It has come to my attention that some people think that my job is to “act like a jerk, to be blunt, crude, swear a lot, and make it funny.” Although I generally succeed gracefully in all of these aspects, this certainly isn’t how I want to be known of or remembered by as an author. Maybe something about seeing it in writing made it really hit home. Jerk? Crude? Blunt? (wait…what’s so bad about being blunt?) These aren’t really kind things, and I’d like to change these thoughts of me. Therefore, I felt that I should work to clean up my act, and to start, I decided that talking about the innocent students of middle school should really change opinions of me….I’ll start writing this as soon as I finish filling out the checks to my usual charities……okay, done.

Three future whores in training....ARE WE REALLY ALLOWING THESE ACTS TO TAKE PLACE IN OUR SCHOOLS!? Say no to popsicles and all dick shaped foods (all the best kinds).

Middle school kids are dirty fucking brats. I honestly hate all of them. I even told my Refuse to Come Wack’s little, elementary school brother the other day that when he becomes a middle schooler, he’s really going to start to grind my gears, whether he think he is or not.

And for the record, no, I don’t hang around with kids more than half my age. You see, I was working on a grueling landscaping endeavor, which only a man of muscular fortitude like myself could possibly handle, when he came over to tell me and my good adult friend, Dean, that he hates Japanese people, because they all cheat. Needless to say, me and Dean were a bit shocked by this angry announcement from a child not even out of Elementary School. When we inquired how it was exactly, that Japanese people are cheaters, he replied by saying that they cheat because they “came up with a cheat thing for Pokemon, like a game shark.” When I told him that Japanese created Pokemon, as well as pretty much everything else on Earth, he said that he could’ve made Pokemon. I would love to talk about this conversation, because it’s literally the funniest thing ever. If you want to read the rest of this innocent, racist, funny conversation, then by all means, go to the bottom, I’ll talk about it more in depth. For now, back to the topic. A middle school student.

I’ve never seen a shittier life form in my life. People should be allowed to legally beat these beasts into submission just for sport, because most middle school children seem to think that the world revolves around them. They all think that they’re always right, and that they can get away with anything. Want some examples? I could give you millions, seeing as I work teen zone at the YMCA on Friday nights. Pretty much it’s a 3 hour event where a shit load of middle schooler come and act like assholes.

I don’t want a kid. Let me rephrase. I do, eventually want a kid. I would most likely spoil my kid, treat him or her like greatness, and transform into a huge pussy after having a kid. You should all pray I don’t have a kid anytime soon (doesn’t look likely anyway). But I think that during the times where this child of mine is in middle school, I’m going to DIE, or run away for a few years until my child has moved on to bigger and better things. I work as a supervisor to middle schoolers at a teen program once a week at my local YMCA, and even though I’m only there for 3 hours, it’s fucking hell. These dip-shit kids (all 200+ of them) act like they’re tough shit. And it doesn’t help that nowadays, we can’t even raise a voice at a child because we’ll get sued for “disrupting their psychological state of mind” or some over dramatic bullshit like that. Look, I fell down the stairs headfirst when I had only just learned to walk, But I got up like nothing even happened (I’ve got that on tape and it’s literally the funniest thing ever).

One time, a kid brought in a knife to this event. Another time, TWO kids brought in knives. There’s always a fight. Kid’s come in high and drunk. HIGH AND DRUNK. MIDDLE SCHOOL. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE KIDS DOING WITH THEY’RE LIVES!? I may be a crude jerk, but even so, these kids are the FUTURE. What does this mean for us? I wasn’t both high and drunk at the same time until I was in college, and trust me, it’s a bad combination for a 21 year old, much less a 13 or 14 year old. What’s the NEXT generation going to be like? It seems to me that with every new generation comes worse and and worse behavior at earlier and earlier ages. Not coincidentally, in my opinion, people are becoming more and more politically correct. Stripping teachers and parents even of the ability to govern their students. It’s now abuse to spank you’re children. Really? That’s bullshit. It’s not abuse to lightly spank you’re child when  he’s bad. It’s not like you’re taking a bat and pummeling them into the ground. Besides, it’s not like parents feel good about spanking their children either. America is becoming a pussy, and it’s effecting our youth. Anyway, middle schoolers (WOW I got off track…and kind of serious too).

Suggested: Click and enlarge in a new tab/window. It's better to see their bratty faces.

Demons, all of them. Filthy brats with no sense of discipline. All of these kids are growing up to be bratty, self satisfying pussies. Right now I’m talking about the contents of this shitty nation. Ie: the shit. Let’s get this shit started:

RED: Look at the kid’s face. Look at his camo shirt. Look at his skater shoes and long hair. This kid thinks he’s a real rebel. He thinks he owns the world, and that he’s better than everyone. He’s the type of kid who will talk to you like he’s better than you, because he’s a real bad ass. He’s not just on equal footing with you, an elder, he’s above you. What a joke. Cut your hair, you’re not Tim Lincecum, he’s actually skilled at something. You’re just a waste of life. I bet you sit around all day playing video games. Go have your mom buy you a new toy you cunty piece of shit.

YELLOW: Look at you miss know it all. You’re just like Camo-Boy, except female. You just know everything, huh? You love to just boss everyone around like it’s nobody’s business. And if someone doesn’t like what you say?  TALK TO THE HAND! Say that shit to me and I’ll smack the shit out of you*. Chances are there’s a LOT of it.

* = I’d probably honestly give her a high five first…I mean, if someone puts their hand up at eye level, you kind of have to do it.

LIGHT BLUE: What the FUCK is this kid doing? The “call me” signal? That’s pretty cool, BRO. And look at your face BRO. No smiles there. God knows that face muscles are only for talking shit. In your case probably on a phone, far away from physical backlash. What a pussy. You need to get your ass beat badly.

Don’t you talk shit on a computer? Far away from physical backlash?

……uhhhhhh………………we’re moving on to pink.

PINK: This girl isn’t smiling either. You know why? She’s a snobby, stuck up bitch. She expects life to be served to her on a silver platter of gold*. Good thing it hasn’t been yet, because judging by the roundness of her face, she’d probably eat it. Whore.

* = a silver platter of gold? That makes no sense, but for some reason was hilarious to me.

BLUE: Well look at this. Is this what I think it is? A middle school GANG!? Holy shit, I guess times are tough for these kids. I mean, they need to form gangs to survive in their suburban schools with their peers who are dressed in all sorts of designer clothes. I hope these guys have bulletproof Hollister tees on. I can already tell that the kid with the backpack on thinks he’s tough shit. He really needs to be kicked in the throat.

GREEN: This girl is your typical “never shuts the fuck up” girl. Give the yapping a rest you cunt! I bet you talk all day about how Stacy and Brad might be together but they really aren’t but maybe they have an interest in each other but if they don’t you think that Brad’s kind of cute and that maybe you could date Brad but maybe you don’t want to but may- SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! The teacher tells you to stop talking, and what do you do? First you agree to stop talking, and then you just keep talking!!! She sends you to the office and you’re all like, “I don’t care, I’m awesome and in middle school. Go ahead and do it!” Someone really needs to be punched in the mouth so that it has to be wired shut and that you can’t talk for weeks. Even you’re classmates are annoyed by you.

WHITE: These dudes are fuckin gay. Actually, I don’t have any problem with them being gay, but THIS IS A SCHOOL!!! NONE OF THIS SHIT!!! YOU’RE UNDERAGE!!! WHAT’S GOING ON IN THESE SCHOOLS TODAY!? The girl in the tye-dye is gay with the girl behind her (look at the other girl, she’s all up in Tye’Dye’s shit!), but they aren’t having a cuddle session in the middle of a class-picture. You guys will never live this down. Everyone knows not to come out of the closet until high school.

You can also spot, right between yellow and red, some Group-Girls. Aka, girls who go to the bathroom together, in order to put on makeup together and shit together. They also dance at dances together, go to the mall together (like yeahs!) eat together and they’ll grow up to be nothing more than 4 single friends who don’t get any action, and all live together with cats. Good luck with that.

God I hate middle schoolers. It’s sad that we were all like this one day. In fact, there’s only one genuinely awesome kid in this whole picture. Can you find him?

Continuation of the Japanese Racist Story

So my friends small child brother comes up to me and my adult friend Dean, while we are working on a manly landscaping project, and pretty much rips on Japanese people as hard as he can, calling them “cheaters for making a cheat device for GameBoy DS.” Obviously this boy is a child and doesn’t fully understand marketing strategies and what sells. First a little background on this child, who, for legality purposes, I will simply call “Thomas”. And Dean is being called “Dean” for the same reasons I guess. Not their really names probably.

Anyway, here’s a profile of Thomas that I made. Eye’s blocked for legality reasons. I forgot to block them.

Eye Sedso does not condone underage drinking or smoking, because Eye Sedso's author is a hypocrite.

“Thomas” is a child who is, for lack of a better word, OBSESSED WITH POKEMON. He doesn’t like anime, but we all know that being obsessed with Pokemon could lead down that path. Anyway, it baffles me how a kid so obsessed with something as Japanese as Pokemon could hate Japan and Japanese people? Personally, I love Japan and Japanese people, which isn’t really hard to see considering my loving personality and kind nature.

So me and Dean are mulching, digging, hauling, etc (well, Dean is just watering plants, he’s paying me to do this, so he’s not doing any real work). Thomas comes up to us and just starts ranting on Japan. He has his GameBoy DS in hand (I think it’s actually melded itself to his body at this point), with the latest Pokemon game loaded up. I this conversation started when I told him about the black and white versions which I knew were newest, I think from reading it on CSW a while back. He got all excited and started talking about Pokemon, got into Japan and how they cheat.

Me and Dean decided to have some fun with him. For these conversations, which probably won’t be funny to any of you, Anything Thomas says will be in Red and anything that either Dean or I say will be normal type. Dean started off:

“Digimon is way better than Pokemon.”

Thomas flared up: “NO! Pokemon are way better. Digimon are in computers (I have no idea what he’s talking about, I’ve never seen Digimon, nor will I ever)”

We made fun of him, and then the convo got serious when we asked,

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I have 3.” (kid’s a pimp somehow)

“What if there was a really hot Japanese girl in your class, and she really wanted to go out with you, and she would do anything for you, would you go out with her?”

“Yeah, to punch her in the face!”

Then we got to the economy.

“Do you like Pokemon?”

“Yeah, it’s the best.”

“But you hate the Japanese.”


“You realize that Japan made Pokemon?”

“Yeah, but they also made a cheat game for it, they’re cheaters.”

“But they made the idea of Pokemon.”

“So, I could make it.”

This went back and forth. Later, he came up with:

” I hate Japanese people.”

Yeah, but without the Japanese, you wouldn’t have any video games. There would be no Game Boy and no Nintendo.”

“I want to move to Japan.”

(“Wow, he changed his mind just like that?” I thought)”I thought you hated Japan?”

“I want to move there and then at night I can go around and kill people.”

(wtf!!!)”They all know karate though.”

“So? I can beat them all up.”

What the fuckkkkkkkkkk!??? I laughed my ass off. This kid is so small, and he was shitting on Japanese people, the Japanese economy, the Japanese industry, pretty much everything except Pokemon was shit on. I mean, the kid’s in 5th grade, so it’s not like he’s completely oblivious to everything. He knows what he’s saying. He obviously won’t actually do any of it (he said legally), and he honestly probably doesn’t mean any of it, but it was hilarious for me and Dean to go back and forth, making fun of Pokemon to get him mad, and giving him different scenerios about Japan to see his reactions. If you read this last section, you probably wasted your time, because it’s one of those, “You had to be there and actually know the kid” kind of things. Sorry for wasting your time. Actually I’m not. Goodbye.

I Guess I Should Add A Reaction to Janette’s Comments:

You said that my job is to “act like a jerk, to be blunt, crude, swear a lot, and make it funny.” Honestly. Yes, it kind of is my job, except I’m not getting paid, so it’s not a job. Wtf is up with that? Should I ask for some money or something? I’m pretty poor, and could always use an extra dollar.

The only thing I disagree with is being “blunt”. I still don’t see what’s wrong with being blunt just calling things as I see them? You were being blunt when you said that my job was yadda yadda yadda. Crude? I don’t know about crude. I feel like that would insinuate that I have no intellect, which I have plenty of. I could easily write a post that compares and contrasts two things, brings up new ideas, etc. In fact, usually I do, but I just don’t find that as fun as writing whatever I want to write. When I feel like writing an intelligent post, I’ll let you know. And even when I’m being abrasive, I feel like I still bring up decent points. Also, I’m only a jerk when I need to be, which is a lot. You would have to admit that I’m being quite cordial (at least I think I am) right now.
As for episodic blogs. Yeah, I don’t like them. Well, not totally true. I like some of them. TJ has kind of an episodic thing going on, and I like his blog a lot. Klux, one of my top five favorite blogs in the world, written by my wife who I’ve never really met or married IRL, but who is still my wife, is a bit episodic, but she writes in an awesome style (a bit like mine).

I guess in the end, it’s all up to the person and their general interests. Yi (or someone…I thought it was Yi, I can’t find the quote now though) said it best:

“It’s amazing to see that we all have our own cliques, even in the blogosphere”

As for the smack talk, it’s all in good fun. I might tell someone he’s a little pansy and his blog is such a huge piece of shit that it’s tearing a hole in the ozone layer. I might poke fun at my opponent and call him a Nazi. I might even accuse him of touching babies. But when it’s all said in done, we’re all in this together, moving forward for a better future. Think of the children! Peace on Earth!


72 thoughts on “Remember Middle School?

    • I prefer sarcastic smack talk, because it’s the most funny to me, and the least abrasive. I’m not sure what route to go with my smack talk against my next opponent, which I have already started writing, and an now simply revising over and over.

  1. wow… this post was SO LONG.

    also.. thats a very good quote by Yi (or someone you thought was Yi)… very insightful.

    and Janette is retarded. one of those self-righteous pretentious types. Swearing and being a jerk is just comedy. and actually i dont know how to live without those 2 things. for example… ANOTHER kid wanted to fight me last night in softball. I don’t know if you noticed (you were too busy making inappropriate comments to that girl) but charlie and I almost got into another fight. I don’t know what it is about me that makes ppl want to fight me. (probably because i talk shit to EVERYONE without even realizing it, its like a reflex)

    oh and I was there when we took that picture of Thomas. AWESOME picture.

  2. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that so many people in the aniblogosphere are such pussies. Thank you for that Aniblog Tourney. Seriously, trash talk is an integral part of competition. Plus all your smack got me to read you, and oballer, and I’m not reading the two ya’ll were up against, so take that for what it’s worth.

    At any rate, I think you missed out on a few kids in that picture, like multicultural kid in the back, the proto-emo kid on the right, or that kid above GREEN, he looks kinda baked to me, or he could just be naturally slack-jawed. Where did you get this picture anyway? I mean it’s just such a perfect storm of ass-clowns. All I can say is I hope I wasn’t this bad, I don’t think I was, I remember being really introverted.

    Anywho while I don’t agree with all the stuff you say, I really like K-ON, but I’ve long since reconciled with the fact that I have shitty taste, I still think your ISSS is cool shit and look forward to some verbal bitchslapery in the upcoming rounds of the tournament.

    • HAhaha there’s sooo many things to be said, this picture was pretty easy to find….I just typed in Middle School Class in Google (I hate Google now though and refuse to use it).

      I thought that the kid with the Chinese hat on was the only cool one, because it’s clear that he takes all the things that these other kids do as a joke. He’s the man.

      That being said, I could have found something negative to say about all of these kids, and I would guess that I would be close to correct in all of my assumptions.

      • I just don’t want to believe this picture is completely real, because it makes me so sad.

        I could buy that multicultural kid is alright, but it’d be a hard sell for me from just this picture. I mean he is still in middle school.

        Oh I do believe you could shred all the whelps, I just felt those three were some unfortunate omissions.

        Kudos on helping stir up internet controversy, by the by. My opinion of you continues to improve.

  3. It takes a certain level of intelligence/skill to be a crude jerk and still be entertaining and not have people secretly hate you. o/

    Oh, middle school kids…I really hope I don’t have to resort to babysitting this summer. Every year, they grow a little ruder. And they all have these newfangled things called “cellular phones”, and they’re always “texting” someone…!

      • Ha ha, I just got a new one. Otherwise, I’d still be back on a lesser phone than them as well. Actually, I probably still am. Since they all have iPHONES now. Gah!

      • Whoa, do you never leave your blog or something? I just finished reading the other comments, and there you are, answering again!

        I can’t even remember what kind of phone mine is anymore. Is that bad? orz

      • lol. Yeah, I leave my ISSS a little. It took me about 20 minutes to reply to all the random ass comments on this post. There were new comments at the top, in the middle….this whole comment section is all over the place. It’s like a circus…honestly, I’m not used to this many comments.

        I had just finished with all of my replies, and went back to my dashboard for no real reason, and saw that you commented.

        If you can’t remember your phone, you should just get a new one…or steal one from a middle school kid. God knows he’s got a good one, and his mom will probably just buy him a new one, seeing as they’re all spoiled rotten.

  4. If you didn’t like what I said about you, you could have asked me to take it down, and I would. That said, I did not mean what I said as an insult, but as a summery, and I’m sorry you took it that way.

    • I wasn’t insulted at all. In fact, I more or less think that your summary was perfect. Your tourney posts were pretty much spot on. I’m really hard to get angry in reality. Unless you were a PETA member or a hippie, I’m fine with almost everything.

      • …erm, then why did you spend a fair amount of your post deconstructing and criticizing what I said? Just bored? I’m honestly curious.

      • Eh, just felt like addressing it, no real reason. Let you know what I think. I didn’t really criticize you….well I guess I did, but not in a bad way.

  5. Bluntness by itself is only positive or negative based on how the receiver takes it, and crude is undeniably accurate when you’re someone who likes to use profanities. Janette didn’t say it’s ‘wrong’, she just said it’s not her thing. If you can’t accept there are people like that and must go out of your way to be a retaliatory post, then you sir aren’t any more mature than a middle schooler.

    So when category A of people disagrees with category B they’re “self-righteous pretentious types”, and if category B disagrees with category A it’s all fine and acceptable? My form of humor is obviously divine and the fact you don’t have my form of humor makes you trash? The pot is calling the kettle black again.

    • i have fun bashing people. the end. i dont know what category a/b whatever is. i just love making fun of everyone.

      • “So I came in my hand right? But then a fly landed on my face, and I forgot that I had cum in my hand and smacked myself in the face!”

        Hooray for making fun of oblivious people, who don’t know that you’re using them for your own enjoyment!

      • dude im pissed that you only started saying shit in the 5th inning. cuz if you did it the whole game it would have been the best game ever.

  6. That kid in the suit is SO SCARY o.O Reminds me of a show on Discovery, named Toddles & Tiaras. Scary shit, no matter how you look at it. Its with those little girls with a tyrant mother or father that push them all the time to win an obscure pageant contest.
    Nice group picture. A bunch of troubled teens in there. I would send all of them in the boot camp. And the whores in training to a Thai brothel. They should learn there that SUCKING is not so easy, when u have to do it 50 times per day. Personally, the type that I hate the most is the pink type.

    To Jannette (Im a stranger I know): And why do you spend a fair amount of time reading his criticisms to you? You like it, say it.

    PS: Does Uncle Sam has a spare nuke? An old one, one for the 50’s. If you have, send it over here, in Romania. But just tell me first, so I can leave. Full of racists in here.

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  8. @glotthelegend To be honest, it’s very puzzling to me, as you’re reading really deeply into something I didn’t spend that much time on, dissecting what I was trying to imply. @.@ I think this whole post is a bit of overkill…

    @Andrei You can’t even spell my name right. :/

  9. Dear Jeff,

    We have successfully started a revolt on the internet and I couldn’t be more proud of us. High Five!



  10. My exact quotation was “after several rounds and seeing all the comments and votes, it’s really interesting to find out that even in the blogosphere, there are cliques.”

    Anyways, interesting post. I was going to TL;DR this, but then I remembered, “This is Glo. This is going to be funny.” And it is.

    I hate middle school kids too. I’m just not good around children. They are endlessly annoying. Btw. there’s a bit of The Ring action going on next to the pink girl, a testament to how demonic middle school kids are.

    And the Pokemon kid… Must have been quite a conversation.

    Btw. reading the comments, chill out with the drama, people. ^ ^
    And let’s get some FUN smack talk going. Excited for yours and Baka-Raptor’s.



        @ Yi: I totally did missed that Ring stuff! Awesome! a lot of people are noticing even more things wrong with these kids than I did! What a gas!

        I can deal with middle school kids (by yelling at them and threatening them….seriously that’s what middle school teachers do), but they’re still fucking annoying..ugh, it’s friday in two days and I’ll have to watch over millions of them again.

        People really do need to chill out. I never knew people could get so offended over smack talk. Like…it’s smack talk, it’s not that big of a deal.

        Glad and impressed that you read the whole thing.

  11. After reading all those comments, I think someone (point finger at Janette) is in love with herself.


    You made me wonder Glo, how were you back in middle school? Are you the Blue type?

    • I wasn’t even in this picture. In middle school. I once got made fun of for wearing a Pokemon shirt to gym (it was gym, you were supposed to wear clothes that you didn’t mind getting dirty). Looking back, I probably would have made fun of myself too. Needless to say, after getting made fun of, what did I do? I wore it again the next day. SUCK MY DICK FAGGOTS! But it was at that moment that I decided to bottle up my anger and all other painful emotions, and then release them in the form of hate years later on an ISSS that kicks ass. It was all part of the plan.

      Seriously though. I had about the same views as middle schoolers as I do now. Was I what you’d call a loser? I don’t think so. Was I popular? Not really. I was kind of just average. But I pretty much hated everyone, except a few people who I chose as worthy to be my friends. In fact, I still hate pretty much everyone. In fact, if you’re ever on my facebook, and take a look at my quotes, you can see what my life motto is.

      I am now going to stop giving my whole life story, because it’s too awesome for most people to handle. People who can read my site without exploding could handle it. But some stray readers might end up exploding if they chanced on this comment.

      • Well, bigons be bigons, and I’m pretty sure I spelled bi-gons wrong. Whenever I say bigons I’m somehow reminded of The Rescuers, a Disney movie staring two mice. The sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, was much better, and is AWESOME. Me and my sister would rent that movie EVERY TIME we went to the video store.

        @ oballer: Yeah judge! That was a DOOZY!

  12. I was gonna leavce a legit comment on this, but then I remmeberd that its Cinco de Mayo and I’ve been drinking for five hours and don’t really give a shit about anything you wrote at the moment.


      • Somehow, I knew you’d say that. I forgot. Mark invited me. I invited Charlie last night at Chilies. Must have just slipped my mind when I was juggling all of the work I’ve had to procrastinate on.

        Get over it pussy.

      • well maybe its cuz I haven’t gone golfing yet this year. Obviously thats not your fault, however, I have been wanting to go so fucking bad. So, in the end, you should have invited me. Dickhead.

  13. What is going on heeeeeereee… First there was the kid who hated on Japanese people, then the drama and the controversy, and then the Tequila… Maybe I just took a pint too many myself.

    I sure do remember middle school though, it wasn’t long ago at all :p I had it easier though, since kids in Hong Kong were generally more passive and kept to themselves. Not comparatively as many people to kick me around.

    • I had a dream that I somehow got a whole shitload of money, and I just kept buying Patron with it. It was awesome…I was actually at Spring Weekend again, except it was better because there’s was soooo much shit going on.

    • Eh. I’ve have 50 a bunch of times and my 100K post had 69 (EL OH EL). 64 is something that doesn’t blow me away, even though I usually only get 25-30 comments on average (half of them me).

  14. Ah, middle school… I remember mine… owait, no I don’t, because I hated every single kid in there and so I skipped to high school, the place where people aren’t retarded. Yeah… that was fun.

  15. Middle school can be pretty rough. I imagine many of my kids think I exist simply to torment them in my barbarian tongue, and that when school ends I go home and sit in a dark corner to wait for the next day.

    But you know, that’s adolescence. You go through these horrible physical changes, and you finally understand that you are a completely separate being from everyone else. It shakes up the mind so badly that it takes most kids years to develop a real sense of emotional intelligence. Many adults never even get there.

    A teacher’s job in that period should really be to guide them towards that goal. Unfortunately we’re saddled instead with standardized tests, facts to be memorized, the terrible shadow-beast of literacy benchmarks. The school system as it currently exists is remarkably built to break people down.

    … I kinda lost track of my point there. But I guess my closing remark is, be patient with them. 😉

    • Not for an Art teacher! We don’t really have standardized tests, and that’s why I like it. Art is a class that I feel most classes should be like. I mean, okay I’m not a teacher yet, but if I can find a job someday when I finish school, that’s where I’m headed.

      I feel like the key is connecting and understanding the students, and relating the material in a way that they can understand. I really hate standardized testing (as does pretty much every teacher I’ve talked to). Our school system is really bad, and it’s only getting worse. Cutting budgets and laying off teachers, is probably the worst thing that the school systems/towns/government could ever do ever. It’s honestly retarded. I have i mentioned that I really don’t like Obama? He doesn’t do anything. I wish we could get a president that actually did things for education.

      That being said, middle school kids are, and will always be brats. Thank God I’m teaching elementary students, where the children are all nice and enthusiastic about school.

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