I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Be Different, Even If That Means Writing A Really Long Title…Wait What? People Have Done That Already? Aww Man….Why Am I Reminded Of That Doug Episode? You Know, The One Where He Tries To Be Unique After Some Show Steals His Style, And It Ends Up Being Impossible?

In case you can’t tell by the title (I would think that it would be fairly obvious) this post will be about my thoughts on episodic blogs (duh). Just letting you know. Oh, and by the way, no, I’m not bashing any episodic blogs, in fact they’re all better than my shitty site, this is purely objectionable (is that the word I’m trying to think of? I’m really tired and probably really dumb too, so I’m not really sure…you know what I mean though.)

I do not like to “go with the crowd”. I am against “going with the flow”. I take a firm, yet supple stance on the banks opposite of “blending in”. Basically, I love uniqueness. Of course, this applies to real like as well as my ISSS, but mainly to my ISSS. This is one reason why episodic blogs turn me off like and old people having sex (I just put that image in your head. Don’t feel bad, I put it in mine too unfortunately). I feel like most episodic blogs are just more of the same. They take an episode, summarize it, and then say, “I thought this was cool. I didn’t like this as much. This person is a BITCH!”

Honestly? Really? Truly? Madly? Deeply? Savage Garden?  I don’t know about you, but I feel like if you’ve read one episodic blog, you’ve read…..well…….MOST of them. However, some episodic blogs can be very good.

Random Curiosity? Not one of them. Personally, I don’t like episodic blogs with 20948959389358739587395 screenshots:

This is what I would call, "And OVERLOAD"

Why don’t you just stream the show? I mean….why would you even waste time taking that many screenshots? What does it accomplish? I’d rather you take a select few screenshots of the things you found most important, most funny, most whatever, and put those up. That would be more interesting, and it would also give actual meaning to the screenshot you put up. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I see this many screenshots, I just skip right past them. I mean, it’s not like they’re saying anything about any specific screenshot. The author obviously put them there to show you that he or she does indeed know how to take a screenshot. Good for you kiddo. And sure, the quality is nice, but they serve no purpose. Sometimes, quality + quantity don’t make something good if there’s no purpose involved. Then again, I guess some people like it…I mean, 100 comments? Shit, my record is 70 (set in my last post), and almost half of them were me (before that my record was 69, which is a funny number if you’re in immature piece of shit like I am).

There are other people who aren’t even that opinionated. They don’t bother saying more than a few lines about what they thought about the show. That’s cool. Congratulations, you just wasted a whole shitload of my time, your time, and your dad’s sperm.

Why summarize an entire episode? Well, even I kind of do this, on the rare chance that I write an episodic post (like Hayate, which is a show that I feel I NEED to write episodics for, they’re so good). But we’ve all seen the episode already, so why do we need to read what we’ve already watched? I mean, I guess if the reader forgot most of the episode, it would make sense (but whoever watches an episode of anime only to forget the whole thing is kind of wasting his time watching anime). Instead of reviewing the whole episode piece by piece, why not instead focus on one specific part of the episode and then talk about that? That, to me, would make the post more interesting than just:

  • This happened
  • Then this happened
  • Then this happened
  • The episode came to a close

Thanks for telling me. I was there though. I watched the episode. I don’t want to know what happened because I already know.

I read blogs to see other people’s opinions on shows. I’m pretty sure most, if not all of you are the same way. I mean, why else would you read a blog? I guess if it had lots of porn or something on it…..I like to see interesting takes and new perspectives. Maybe someone talks about something from the episode that not many people noticed. Let me use an example, because examples are helpful.

When I do an episodic…..let me rephrase…..when I do an episodic that I actually am satisfied with, I’ll pick out one specific thing, a character, a moment, anything, and talk about that one thing. It could be a small thing that I noticed or maybe even the main theme of the episode. Anything.

Let’s take an episodic of Hayate no Gotoku! What do I talk about? In one review, my focal point was Jenny, the best random-ass character ever invented in the history of the world. In another one , I talked about Maria (I think I talked about Maria in every episode review), who is the best character in the show, and, if you ask me, is probably a real freak in the sack (honestly, I can see her getting down all the time…real kinky shit. She’s probably into all of that whipping shit and stuff. I’m not really into that yet though. Notice how I said, “yet”.). In fact, I’m surprised that that Superpost only got 7 comments. Maybe my awesome, better method of episode review is disliked by others? That’s silly. If that were the case, that would simply mean that all people are idiots.

I don’t know, maybe I just don’t read enough episodic posts. Maybe my mind is skewed from some weird accident that I suffered from as a child, and over time forgot. Or maybe I’m just too cool and make too much sense compared to everyone else. I can see how my supreme awesomeness might be intimidating.

PS: I have been behind in FMA, and I only recently caught up. What do I have to say?


Best show ever. Lt. Ross is hot. So is a certain housewife. So is another specific Lt. So is pretty much every girl in the show, even the old lady used to kick ass and be hot.


50 thoughts on “I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Be Different, Even If That Means Writing A Really Long Title…Wait What? People Have Done That Already? Aww Man….Why Am I Reminded Of That Doug Episode? You Know, The One Where He Tries To Be Unique After Some Show Steals His Style, And It Ends Up Being Impossible?

  1. first of all… i totally agree. every single episode review post is the same exactly thing. first this, then this, then this, then omg this!, the end. the episode was good/bad can’t wait till next week!

    second of all… did you just put that “rate this” thing in there cuz you found out how randomly and just wanted to do it?

    • I’m testing out the rate thing because I did indeed just randomly find it. I’m really not sure how I feel about it yet. Personally, I think it’s kinda gay, but I’m probably going to be too lazy to get rid of it (plus I forget how to). I’ll keep it up a while (lol….keep it up a while) and see how it goes (LOL!!! GOES!!)

  2. You know what I find to be most sad? I actually remembered who Jenny is when I was reading this…who could forget those eyes!?

    I don’t love episodics either, and for much of the same reason. I used to read a couple of episodic blogs until I noticed that I was skimming most of their posts or just deleting them outright, so I removed them from my reader. What attracted me to the posts I did read was always the ability of the writer to provide some sort of entertainment along with whatever they were summarizing. Even if it meant I’d have to skip to the bottom of the post to read something with personality, the blogs I did follow had something to them.
    Blogs that just summarize aren’t blogs; they’re text dumps.

    *rates it a -1 for fun*

    • That’s what happens, Episodic blogs (some of them) really just become sites that you skim for a while before realizing that they suck.

      Jenny is so awesome I really want to watch that episode again.

      • For more srs biz, though, I have many of the same issues with episodic posts as you do. Not to jerk myself off here, but I resolved to stick to a few rules when writing episodically …

        — Minimal recap: I think recap is acceptable in only two cases — 1) If something confusing happens during an episode that should be explained so that the audience might have a better idea of just what the hell is happening. 2) If a part of an episode needs to be recapped to reinforce a point (but keep it lean). For all my episodic posts, I assume that people have already watched the episode, so they don’t need me to bullshit about the plot.
        — A few screenshots: Not just to break up the text, but some pictures are just funny and/or interesting. I try not to screw around with too many though. Picdump is not my game.
        — My opinion about a show’s quality is (mostly) meaningless: I try to stick with blogging series that I actually enjoy, so my positive opinion on what I write about is already known. I’m more about finding something interesting — big or small — in each episode than making value judgments about a series, unless there’s an unusually bad episode in the bunch, or the series just takes a huge dive (which is what happened with Ookamikakushi, and I mostly went off on my own tangents as the series went on). There are plenty of people who review episodes; I just try to offer a different look at them.

      • Not much for me to say here other than I agree with pretty much every point that you just made. If everyone followed those rules, I would be subscribed to pretty much everyone.

  3. I don’t read episodics either, but for a more different reason. You see the reason I read blogs is mostly to get new shows to watch, I also read ones that are really amusing and/or interesting, but not as much, and it’s super atypical that episodic blogs help me on any of those fronts. You’ve pretty much explained why I find them neither entertaining or interesting, but the reason I don’t use them as sources for shows to watch is that either they do current season stuff, which I’m already watching or have decided not to watch after 2, maybe 3 weeks, or when there doing older shows I need to see the whole picture, ’cause when I commit to watching an anime I’m gonna watch ALL of it. Therefor I need to know that it suddenly goes in the shitter, or maybe that it’s good at the end, so I don’t accidental pull the trigger of the gun I have to my head while watching anime out of surprise.

    • That’s why you gotta look at full reviews, or a list like mine, where I have rated all of the shows. I’m such a great person, helping people find good anime. I’ll just say you’re welcome in advance…”You’re welcome in advance.”

  4. Shit. I just wrote an episode review on Angel Beats latest episode. The reason why I do episodic/chapter shit is so that I won’t forget the details because my brain is lacking the capacity to remember much. Sometimes I even forget that we are married. I didn’t mean to turn my blog to an episodic piece of shit.

    Thanks for reminding me of what not to do.

  5. Episodic blogs with shit load of screenshots can be awesome too because I won’t have to download the whole show to get screenshots. I can just steal from them. Economically efficient!

  6. I want to point something out. The division is not between episodics and editorials. It’s between summaries and editorials. Episodics can be editorials too as long as the author discusses something in each episode.
    The thing with many episodic blogs is that they don’t provide anything other than summaries and cheap humor.
    Anyways, personally, I don’t mind episodic summaries as long as they’re funny, and I definitely enjoy episodics when they provide some opinions and thoughts.

    As a side note, there are also “reviews” that are really just series summaries.

    Anyways, I don’t know who started this whole division between episodics and editorials, but for the sake of semantics, it should really be summaries vs. editorials.

    • Very very true, now that I think about it. I guess in his post I was really complaining about summarized versions of episodics, althoughsome good episodics can still have 49857739 screenshots, which I still find stupid, and will now steal at will….wait a second, when am I going to use them? I don’t write episodics that often.

  7. You mean you’ve never used random curiosity for the screencaps before? That’s all I use it for. I think ‘goddam, I need a screencap from that episdoe in Code Geass R2 when Lelouch wears that stupid hat, where on earth could I get that? Oh yeah, RandomC!’. That’s the purpose of screenshots and I’m be mightly dissapointed if they stopped providing a mountain of screenshots.

    Anywho, name good episodic blogs then

    • Good ones include:

      -A Product of Wasted Time (mainly because a lot of the stuff TJ writes about, I read/watch, although he does ten to summarize a bit too much)

      -conspicuous [k]lux – I like her when she does episodics. She has good writing and doesn’t summarize. She actually points things out and either laughes at them, or scowls at them. etc.

      -I actually have The Cart Driver slotted in the fifth spot on my top bar where I have all of my subscriptions, so I must like your episodics, although you write a lot of other posts too.

      There’s actually not many more that I’m subscribed too other than that.

  8. Exact reasons why I stopped posting episodics.

    1. Getting/taking screenshots are a pain in the butt (especially when streaming)
    2. Uploading/hosting screens = time consuming
    3. Summaries just gets repetitive over time
    4. Becomes a tedious chore every week

    Now imma free man :>

    • 1. Yes. I hate having to take a screenshot when you’re streaming an anime, aka the only way I can watch anime. I used to use torrents and direct downloads, but the government cracked down on my ass. Taking a print screen and then going into paint isn’t really hard, but it’s tedious and annoying.

      2. I don’t even know what a hosting screen is.

      3. This they do, unless you kick ass, and can write a review that is unique.

      4. It is way to tedious, and this is why I stopped doing it.

      Congrats, you understand how much episodics suck.

  9. Yeap. If the ”review” how they all call them, is just summarizing the episode and ending with a bad or good at the end, its not even a review. Some people need to learn what a review is. What that guy is doing is not even hard. The hardest part that he does is taking that HUGE amount of screenshots. A huge number of the comments were actually better reviews that the article itself. And the time to watch all those anime and ”spoil” them? No life, really. Or no real desire to make a real review. Ok, I will write a post about making a review. Hah!

    PS: I remember my anime episode reviews. A pain in the ass. Was like digging trenches.

    • Yea, a review of an episode really doesn’t take much talent. It takes more talent to make a unique review, where an author maybe looks at the episode from another perspective, or does someithing semi-cool. CSW has some good reviews, because he just makes random shit up about the episode. That’s what I want.

      • I really think it’s the goal of the blog in the first place. There are some series that do not get subbed fast enough, and the episode summary blog is there for a purpose (for those who are hungry enough to want to know what happens next without making too much of an effort).

        I do agree with you that all in all, episodic blogs seem to go down to mere summary and a short one-two paragraph. However, is length now an argument for an entry to be fluffy. I can be writing a thesis on elitism portrayed on anime or a single paragraph that informs simply on this occurrence and open it up for discussion.

      • I would prefer to have an episodic post open up a discussion. I feel like there’s a much better chance of accomplishing this if the author keeps it nice and sweet, simply states things that he or she find interesting. The whole point of a blog is to interact with it, IMO.

    • I actually ended up watching 3 episodes of Doug right after I put this post up. He always seems to get the short end of the stick.

      For some reason, the Doug episode that I mentioned is the one that I think of and remember more than any other. That and the one where he gets handcuffed to Patty.

  10. I agree with you that episodic summaries plus some short impressions is quite pointless except for thousands of people (hundred of which manage to leave some comments)who come for the screencaps.But that does not include selected few episodic blogs that can raise interesting topic out of an episode. 🙂

      • After several hours of thinking, Shinmaru is the only name that pops up…wait, maybe sekijitsu. Well, that’s hard, really X_X

      • Shinmaru definitely has some of the better episodics. They’re actually interesting. too bad most of the shows are ones that I haven’t seen yet.

      • Yeah, I’ve tried to branch out a bit more lately because just sticking to currently airing series limits the audience (unless you’re insane like Divine at Random Curiosity/psgels at Star Crossed, or have an enormous team like THAT or Sea Slugs). When I finish a series, I’d rather read one post that encapsulates a writer’s thoughts (even if they just focus on one or two aspects of a series) than a bunch of posts about that show.

  11. Ok, I am not a huge fan of episodic blogs. But a blog with fifty million screen caps just to cover one episode, that’s a little much if you know what I mean. But I guess you can say that they are helpful for those who are a bit confused or missed something important, so that is kind of a good thing IMO!!!!!!

    • Meh. Helpful shmelpful. The only times I find myself needing help is when I have to remember characters names. For some reason, that to me is one of the hardest things to do.. And not just in anime. It’s never fun when you’re at a party and some girl who is hot and is actually talking to you asks you if you remember her name, and you don’t. The girl leaves, and then you get shunned by her and all her friends. Great.

  12. I just want to say first fuck you (don’t mean it) because I was going to write a post about why I hate episodic blogs! I was going to publish it because if I lost to a fucking episodic blog on that Aniblog tournament thing, I would have been fucking pissed. Episodic blogs are low tier of aniblogs

    I totally agree with you on all your points. I don’t even read those blogs because you could just watch the episode. The only reason I could see for me to start reading them is because I started watching anime RAW and sometimes I have no idea what’s going on.

    Lastly, I actually wrote an episodic blog for my first year in this aniblog thing, but then I started to see what kind of style I have and what I wanted to write about more.

    Bravo, nice post.

    • I will kill myself if I lose to an episodic post. Even I’m not that bad. I mean, if it’s a site I like than okay, but actually no, not okay. I want to beat everyone.

      • Time to compete and I wanna thrash you, YAY! Bring it on, bring it on.

        J/k. Honestly though, I am looking at ways to make THAT more informative for both the casual blog reader and also the anime blogger who wants more insights. There is always room for improvement imho, and I hell ain’t gonna be stuck in the boring summary mode without giving any nice insights in the show,

  13. You need to start listening to Four Year Strong…like old school Fall Out Boy but less whiny. My roommate just showed me them and they’re nasty.

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