Remember When Chatmonchy Came To NYC?

Back in March? And I couldn’t go? Well, today I decided to look for the chords to Renai Spirits (which I’m STILL LOOKING FOR HINT HINT), and then I decided to look up their performance in NYC on youtube. Now, I am ANGRY.


Speaking of foul, I have an intramural softball game tonight. I think I have 3 homers this season, and I’m ready to get Team Jabooty started today with a called shot right off the bat. That’s right, I’m calling my shot now. Back to Chatmonchy…

Remember when I said that Chatmonchy was the best band ever? Well guess what? I’m still right, they kick ass. Proof being I can listen to their songs, have very little knowledge of what they’re talking about, and still listen to them non stop for a week, month, or half year straight.

UPDATE: I still can’t find these God damn chords!

ANOTHER, MORE IMPORTANT UPDATE: I think I figured it out by myself!

Hahaha, just kidding, here’s the real shit:

If you’re wondering why it sucked:

  • I don’t play guitar. I don’t even know the strings. Suck my dick.
  • I didn’t actually have notes/chords to look at, not that I’d understand notes anyway, seeing as I don’t know what strings are what.
  • The whole thing was pretty much guess and check.
  • I have a softball game in like, a little bit.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my boxers, which kick serious ass. If I pop my penis through the whole I can give Domo a nose! (I almost did it, but that would probably not be wise….in fact, I’m pretty sure this was not wise anyway……my dick….suck it).

29 thoughts on “Remember When Chatmonchy Came To NYC?

    • I suck at guitar, but I think I might teach myself how to play, and then begin my journey as a stand up comic that tells jokes while he plays guitar or piano or some bullshit. But thanks!

      • Oh god, don’t turn into one of those douchebags. Guitar-playing comics are the episodic blogs of the comedy world — a dime a dozen, and only a few who are any good.

      • hahaha. I have no actual interest in becoming one of those guys. I’m not even funny. In fact, I have no real actual talent at all. I’m pretty much useless.

      • i hate 99 percent of all guitar or piano playing comics. Flight of the Conchords is the 1 percent i actually like.

      • Flight of the Conchords are the farthest thing from entertainment on this planet. They’re about as funny/fun to watch as an episode of K-On, except they’re not anime, so they’re actually even worse.

        Also, I believe Demitri Martin on occasion plays guitar and tells jokes….what’s up with that? And Stephen Lynch’s special Olympics song? Oh no!

  1. thanks for putting up your underwear on camera… WHILE your wearing them. asshole. at least you made it to the softball game on time.

    • You’re lucky I didn’t stick my dick out through the piss slit, or hole, or whatever the fuck it’s called….the opening anyway.

      The way I played it probably would’ve been better if I didn’t make the softball game on time.

  2. All I have to say is I’m so glad I marry you 😉

    oh and I watched the Copeland concert the other day and the guitarist is fucking hot. A fact that you didn’t need to know but you’ll kick his ass with that Domo boxer anyway

    • hahaaha

      I don’t know who Copeland is, but I read your post about it, and all it reminded me of was Reese Witerspoon, and how she’s awesome (I just watched Sweet Home Alabama and actually liked it, because Reese Witherspoon is awesome).

      • Urgh fuck. Witherspoon sucks so much. *shudders*

        My latest music influence is Circa Survive after I went crazy for Pheonix last month. I listen to a lot of post rock lately thanks to my shouta. He influenced my taste in music nowadays. He plays the synthesizer/keyboard and guitar and in a band. I want to rape him sometimes.

        Again, another fact that you don’t need to know.

        Reese Witherspoon is okay. She needs to stop doing the comedy and do some serious stuff. I watched one of her serious movie (forget what its called) and she was good.

        I like Christina Ricci for some reason.

      • Christina Ricci is odd looking, and I can’t decide if she’s hot or ugly. For some reason I like her a lot too, although I have no idea why. She was in some movie that I really liked, can’t remember what though. I’m gonna look it up.

        Black Snake Moan with Samuel L Jackson. I loved that movie.

        I’ve been obsesssed with Chatmonchy lately. I found one cover that might be a combo of the worst singing and the funniest singing at the same time. Watch this and laugh your ass off:

        Reese Witherspoon is awesome.

  3. Here’s the Renai Spirits chords:

    Here’s an archive of many others:

    I’m a moderator at the Shangri-La Chatmonchy forum, and we’ve been working for years to get Chatmonchy’s stuff noticed in the English-speaking world. Many gems are buried seep in the threads, but we’re right now trying to dig out everything that’s good and present it in a way that newer fans can easily pick through.

    Hope you get to see Chatmonchy soon! I saw them play three times in Austin, but I can’t wait for them to come back! Seeing them here is definitely better than going to Japan. (At least until they become superstars here, as well!)


      I really need to see them, not skipping class to go see them is one of my biggest regrets in life. I think I had an exam and that’s why I couldn’t skip. God damn.

      I can’t believe I forgot to check this forum, considering that I’m a member (or whatever you call it).

      Again, thanks for this. Now to try and figure out what all this means…

    • I stutter and mumble a lot. I also have a shitty voice in general. So yes, I guess that my guitar playing would be better than my acting. However, I have recently given up playing the guitar. It was fun while it lasted, but in the end, I just felt like a hippie, and decided that I had to scrap the whole thing.

  4. I didn’t know you played guitar. That’s really awesome! Would’ve wanted to see more.
    But you need a better camera… It’s so laggy.

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