Kiss X Sis: Manga vs Anime

Wonder why I’ve been posting less and less? It’s because I have finals and all that shit. Needless to say, after next Wednesday, I’ll be back.

Okay then. What brought this post on? I’ll tell you what: Me laughing my ass off from viewing Kiss x Sis.

That anime suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!

No shit. It’s probably one of the worst anime ever made. It’s so bad that I’d rather plunge my fist into hot, skin-searing water than watch 5 minutes of that show. Even thinking about the 3 minutes of the OVA that I watched, and the 2 minutes of the first anime series episode make me cringe. Horrible anime.

So what the hell are you talking about?

Kiss x Sis, the manga, is God damn hilarious. Thing is, it didn’t start off funny at all. In fact, it started off quite poorly, which is to be expected with a plot as crappy as this one. It’s honestly a terrible plot. And after oballer once said something along the lines of: This is the crappiest shit I’ve ever watched (referring to the OVA which I had no initial aspirations to watch). After oballer’s thoughts with mine, I really didn’t think that I’d ever tune into an episode.

Then I became obsessed with manga for like…a week. I did nothing but read manga. I would click on random manga and read to my heart’s content. I was reading My Balls, which is very funny indeed, when I saw something on the bottom page of whatever site I was reading that said:

If you enjoy this manga, you might enjoy these!

“Okay,” I decided. I clicked a random manga, and was very disappointed to find out that I had clicked on Kiss x Sis. At first I decided that I was not going to bother myself to read it, but then I decided to check it out again. In all honesty, it wasn’t good. It wasn’t even funny. It was just stupid. But for some reason, I kept reading it, and as new characters got involved, and the scenarios kept becoming exponentially retarded, something happened. I started finding the chapters becoming increasingly funny.

How could this be? Why was I finding these chapters of this shitty shitty shitty shitty manga funny? The reason became clear with my reading of chapter 36: This anime was becoming more and more blatantly retarded, and filled with unexpected sexual humor (well, the sexual humor is expected, but the type and timing isn’t). If you know me, then you know that I love that shit. So why do I still hate the anime? Well. manga is usually better than anime, one could argue, but I feel like usually, it’s at least close. I mean, FMA is a BANGIN manga, and the current series, which follows the manga, might be one of my all time favorite anime I’ve seen when it raps up. I felt the same with InuYasha, Claymore, and even Gantz, until the crappy forced ending. The point I’m trying to make is, usually the anime isn’t that far off from the manga. Even if they completely change the show, like the first FMA series did, it can still be an awesome anime, like the first FMA series was. So why is Kiss x Sis so bad as an anime, when the manga is so awesome? I will delve.

The Manga

How to explain this. The series starts off with a kid who’s dad marries a women with two girls. They are all really young at this point, so they’re pretty much the same as normal brother and sisters. However, as they grow up, it’s clear that the sisters both want to fuck the shit out of Keita, the main male lead, and whats worse is that the parents actually want this to happen. To add some more cliche bullshit, both sisters are apparently really hot/popular in their schools, so of course all of the guys hate Keita now. So pretty much all of the early chapters are the girls coming on to Keita.

Sounds like a shit manga.

It really was. But then they added a few characters, which made things a lot better:

  • Miharu Mikuni: Shy glasses girl with huge tits who is actually just as perverted as the rest of the cast. She get’s more and more retarded (in a good way) as the series continues…..don’t want to spoil it.
  • Mikazuki Kiryu: She’s pretty much a loli, and a whore. She wants Keita, and isn’t afraid about being openly aggressive about it. I find her character annoying, as I don’t like lolis, but I mentioned her in order to mention her sister:
  • Yuzuki Kiryu: The funniest sensei, and arguably the deepest character so far, because she has so much fucked up shit going on in her head. She is Keita’s hot, virgin, fujoshi teacher who has a fetish for smell (and according to wikipedia…..samurai? I guess.), and at first she wants Keita to stop fucking his sisters, because let’s face it, that’s just weird (of course he isn’t really fucking them, although he might as well be at this point). Of course she ends up wanting to gobble his sausage. Mainly in the lates t manga episode.

Now, to explain what I mean when I talk abotu “retarded humor”, here are a few shots I took from the latest manga chapter (36).

Please tell me all girl's don't think like this.

I forgot another aspect of what I consider to be the humor of Kiss x Sis. Unexpected WTFedness. This excerpt pretty much came out of nowhere, or at least I didn

‘t see it coming. The odd specificness of it just makes me laugh.

"We Don't Have a Name"

This is funny for two reasons:

  1. They just walked in on Keita laying on the bed, with his topless teacher laying on top of him, apparently ready to fuck, and they simply asked her to take her time, while they wait downstairs.
  2. The quote, “We don’t have a name.” Breaking the 4th wall if you ask me, as they haven’t really said their names (to my k nowledge…I may have just missed it).

What is love? Perhaps it’s when your teacher lays on top of you while she’s pretty much naked, and then both of you use that scene to masturbate later. There’s no humor like masturbation humor. And look at their faces. If you were to replace the words, this ending is drawn in a way that looks like a respectable ending. For examp

le, if I make a few changes….

By "use tonight" they're talking about what they're going to use to masturbate to that night. Ie: each romantic.

I changed almost nothing about this, and suddenly it becomes an inspiring ending. It’s made to look like something inspir

ing, but then you read the words, and it’s just retarded (in a good way).

In conclusion (of this section at least) the manga is funny, mainly because of the retarded, perverted humor. It’s as though this manga is becoming a parody of itself.

The Anime

Still wonder why the anime sucks? Look no farther than this screenshot, which I stole from somewhere.

Bullshit blatant fanservice. The anime seems to focus less on comedy, and more on kisses. Prolonging and accenting the Chuuuuu~~~ and creating more fanservice than the manga has. Not interested in that unless there’s sufficient humor to go along with it, which there isn’t. I have nothing good to say about this anime. Pass.

The End

Farther Reading

The dubs for Negima……just horrible (NOT in a good way).

Well, the girls in the class actually aren’t dubbed to bad from what I’ve seen. But Negi and the ermine suck. So does Motsu kind of.

31 thoughts on “Kiss X Sis: Manga vs Anime

      • Fuck. Why’d I laugh.

        Aanyhow, I was about to roll over foaming at the mouth when I saw you wrote such a post, but that army generals thing is pretty lulz. And creepy, but I made sure not to imagine it.

        So the Keita in the manga actually smiles at sexual matters? That is not only normal but leaps and bounds ahead of his anime counterpart. I mean, him in the anime would vehemently deny masturbation and call it an impure activity or something.

  1. No, not all girls think like that.

    And I have decided not to even touch the anime. The OVA was a bad enough experience as it is. And I am not gonna waste my time reading the manga either. I’ll be better off reading Psyren, which I have been put in the back of my mind every single day.

  2. the OVA was retarded… and i figured “well if they are gonna make it into an anime they will make it better… right?”


    Pile of poop (haha he called the shit, poop!).

    The manga was ok tho. Still wasn’t the biggest fan of it.

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  4. Apparently watching this shit lowers your IQ at a rate of 42 points/episode.

    Seriously though, what is wrong with japanese people?? This anime is just wrong in so many ways. No, not in the “fucking your stepsisters” way(I always wondered why that is considered bad), but everything else it does is wrong. There was a dramatic episode… last week. They spent 15 minutes building up for one phrase and that phrase was “Why didn’t you tell me you can’t marry two people in Japan?!!”. When I heard that I closed the player, opened up a random Higurashi episode and just watched the goriest scene I could find(Shion in the torture chamber removing her nails, in case you want to know) over and over again I had regained hope in humanity.

    • That’s probably why I can’t get through more than 5 minutes of this show, and I got through a whole season of K-On.

      My favorite Higurashi scene is when Rika stabs herself in the neck while Mion laughs her ass off.

      • yea Mion laughing her ass off while rika stabs herself is one of the greatest anime moments ever.

    • You can try it, but it’s mainly just retarded. The beginning is also not really that funny. It doesn’t really get actually funny until around chapter 20 or so, when the manga starts to parody itself, break the 4th wall, etc.

      I think it breaks the 4th wall, I’m not sure though.

  5. Hey fucker, guess who just gradumacated? Yeah, that’s right – me. You know what this means… podcast has to happen soon.

    • You rat bastahd! Congrats! I still have 3948583 years left in college. And I also still have another week of finals (thank God). Then we can create possibly the shittiest podcast the world has seen!

      • I think we should create the ass-hattiest podcast the world has ever heard, personally.

      • We can talk about the Red Sox and how bad they SUCK. PAPELBON SUCKS. I SAID THIS ALL OF LAST YEAR AND I’VE BEEN SAYING IT ALL OF THIS YEAR.


      • Man, I hate Beltre. When they signed him, I was so fucking mad – he sucked all the years he was with the Dodgers, until the very last freaking year of his contract, and then he got a fat contract from the Mariners! And then he sucked for most of that too! BLECH.

        And how about those fucking Bruins? I know, I know – you were a Whalers fan. But they’re gone for now (but like disco, they’ll never die), so the Bruins are the ones around to watch… and they just totally shat the bed! I was so angry!

        Looks like all we can count on are the Celts…

        So… I’m thinking for podcast – 85% bitching about our favorite sports teams sucking, 10% bitching/praising anime, 5% randomly insulting other bloggers.

  6. I think the military general kink has been increasing as of late. Don’t take my word for it, but some girls really seem to like their samurai.

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