The Best Thing About B Gata H Kei Lately Is…..

The Subs.

EDIT: I think these subbers might be racist…

For the record, I’m not racist…unless hippies and feminists now are considered their own race.

Also, here’s a video oballer showed me:

So, was this post better or worse than my last one?


13 thoughts on “The Best Thing About B Gata H Kei Lately Is…..

  1. In the latest episode, Kosuda’s friends asked if he was African American after looking at the size of his cock.


    99% of bears have turned to rap music. If you are part of the 1% that is still listening to rock, put this in your sig.

    • Yea I know! This anime is quite funny. I only wish that Yamada was a compulsive masturbater like in the manga (I haven’t actually read the manga, but I plan on it).

  2. I didn’t learn that watermelon and fried chicken were black stereotypes until a few years ago. It still shocks me to this day. Who doesn’t like fried chicken and watermelon? How is this a black thing?

      • all white people like cold play

        all white people are successful.

        those are the only ones i know of…. and only because ive heard black people say them racistly.

      • I’m not even close to successful, I love fried chicken, and I have watermelon in my fridge (until I eat all of it tomorrow). Does this mean I’m black?

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