Eye’ve Hit a SNAG [Vs. World]

“Good luck to my opponent my ass. I will verbally abuse my opponent, even if it costs my blog a loss in the [second] round.”

– Old Klingon Proverb.

…..well……it would be an old klingon proverb if oballer was an old klingon, but he isn’t, so it’s actually not an old klingon proverb…..it’s more of a quote……like……..just a normal……quote.

Okay well after getting a bye in the first round, I find myself facing off against SNAG Vs. World in the second round of the fabled Aniblog Tournament. And as Coolio once said:

“Awwww here it goes!!!

I was GOING to talk smack, but now? Well, I just don’t think that I should do it. Call me a pussy or whatever, but guys, it really just isn’t right. This is a good natured little tourney, and should be respected.

So, the first thing I noticed about SNAG Vs. World was his fantastic about page, which you could get to by simply clicking the link on the top of his blog, below the header:

Apparently SNAG Vs. World is run by some blogger named Not Found. I found the information refreshing to say the least. It’s hard to find a good about page these days, especially when there’s a lot of bloggers out there who have about pages that don’t work because of things like requested URL problems. You know what really grinds my gears about about pages, is when the author never specifies whether or not he/she is a make or a female. It makes it really hard to talk about them, because you can never say, “He did this” or “She did that.” I’m glad to see that we all know Not Found’s gender (he’s an error document). Good thing SNAG Vs. World is up to date with his bio (there’s another about link on the side, but you shouldn’t use that one, I think it’s broken, it keeps saying that Not Found’s name is Jacob, when we all know that Jacob is a character from the awesome tv show, LOST).

Another thing I noticed was that the few posts I read on the front page were pretty good. I wanted to check out some more of his posts from his past, and this site is so easy to maneauver, all I had to do was click on the archives page, which was on the top, below the header. In fact, it’s right next to the about tag:

At first, you might think that this is simply the same about page I just showed you, but if you look closely, the URL says “achives” at the end, as opposed to “about”. I found this very helpful, as I was able to navigate though all zero of the posts that he had in his archives, which didn’t exist anywhere.

Another thing that caught my eye was his linkage to Danny Choo on his sidebar. We all love Danny Choo, and I’m pretty sure that by now, almost all of us agree that his pictures of ramen and random pointless bullshit inspire thousands of minds all over the world. Who can’t link to this guy? There’s so much to gain! I know some people who have gotten 2 and even 3 hits from linking to his site via showing HIS feed on YOUR blog. It’s a no lose situation, and definitely doesn’t mean that YOU ARE DANNY CHOO’S BITCH. He definitely cares about your blog, and posts comments on it routinely, all because you linked to his feed. You are clearly not GETTING USED. Makes me wonder why I still haven’t linked to Danny Choo’s RSS feed yet…

Not Found is clearly been excited about this tourney for a while. His posts about the tourney have said enough about his excitement (I would link you, but he hides them well). Clearly with this comment from 2D, he has solidified himself as a winner in already. At first appearance, it would seem as though HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HE’S IN THIS TOURNAMENT, but this, my friends, is a tactic. By creating the mood that says, “I don’t even care about this tournament,” he seems like a bad ass, which should garner lots of votes. How can I beat this?

The we come to the content of the posts. Pretty damn good. Jason covers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from goth topics, to goth topics, and believe it or not, he even covers goth topics. Not only that, but the whole general layout in which the posts are presented just adds spice to everything he writes. I mean, white background with words? I should just quit right now! Just look at his header, and try and tell me with a straight face that that isn’t the most EXCITING and AWE INSPIRED header you’ve ever seen. Try it. You can’t do it.

Of course, even with all of this greatness, I still think that Eye Sedso is better, so vote for me, a champion amongst mediocre, a men among boys, a hot air balloon among those balloons that you can buy at the store with the sticks attached that say something like “Happy Birthday Durr” (I hate those balloons). I could tell you to vote for everyone, but that’s dumb, I want you to vote for me.