21stcenturydigitalboy Makes My Posts Seem Less Shitty

I recall some of my posts from back in the day, and how much many of them sucked. Now, I still have plenty of crappy posts (if you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past month, then you can probably testify to this, as I have been very detached from anime, manga, and Eye Sedso, focusing my time instead on running, and taking full use of the awesome weather we’ve been having).

It was with great deliberation that I decided to throw myself into an anime blogging/ISSS extracurricular activity (or as Baka-Raptor says, “the circle jerkiest thing ever created” which is probably true) and read early posts of bloggers (or in my case, an ISSS), while having one of them read mine. It’s almost like a secret santa, except instead of presents, you get to read someone else’s post, the secret being that you don’t know how the other person is going to read yours. (I’ll be reading a post from omo. I’ve done two voices and they both suck).

By luck of the draw, 21stcenturydigitalboy, a blogger who is the author of Fuzakenna! and who some of you may know as a constant hater of Eye Sedso (still got 2 votes out of him though), got to read one of my early posts. Somehow, I knew that he was going to get one of my posts. How could he not? Well, he delivered big-time, as he did THREE different voice options from my posts about:

MISAKA (I feel like I wrote this just yesterday…wow time flies).

Number One: British Accent

Wow. That’s a pretty damn good accent. When I first heard it I laughed at how he actually said every part of the URL…then again, those are the rules. Great job sir, even if the accent sounds like the biggest fairy in Great Britain. Spot on really good show ol’ boy.

Number Two: Deathmetal

Detroit Metal City as a background kicks my ass. A perfect death metal voice kicks everyone else’s.

Number Three: Diva

Volacoid backgrounds pisses me off a bit. Relatively decent singing impresses me at some points. 2 minutes in makes me shit my pants from laughing.

In the end, it’s apparent that Digi should get into some kind of voice acting or something, he’s got talent. Also, that THREE times promotion for Funky Faction. Seriously, start selling some shit already, it’s been like…..2 years already.

These all kicked ass. Better than my crappy voice overs, which all sucked, and which I plan on sending to omo in about 2 hours.