El Cazador de la Bruja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja

Are you serious with this?



24 thoughts on “El Cazador de la Bruja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja

  1. BUhahahahaha! Thats because the majority of people who work in the anime field are self taught, and dont have any studies. Well, in this case, they just put the character on top of that door and they made his feet sticking out after. Clearly amateurism. And that door. Cmon, it supposed to be wider, for that Godzilla to enter and exit. Is that a morgue car?

    • It’s clearly not a morgue car, it’s a….limo? The animation is never a reason to drop a show, and it was only one of the many things wrong with this show.

    • No I dropped it because the anime was boring, shitty, had no good substance, and made me want to punch a whole hole through my head whenever I attempted to watch an episode, which sometimes took 4 days to do.

  2. Haha, yea it’s not an exceptional series, but I’m still struggling through it. I don’t like to tdrop series, and as the third of the semi-canonical yuri girl with guns work from Bee Train, I owe it to Noir and Madlax to finish this.

      • they did all the .hack anime, Phantom requiem, Noir, Madlax, Murder Princess, Avenger, the shittiest clips from Halo Legends and Batman Gotham Knight, and some other stuff that sucks.

        Every show they’ve ever produced has had a ton of potential, and every single one was completely shat on.

      • .hack//SIGN…possibly the worst anime I’ve ever seen.

        Murder Princess….ditto.

        I hate Bee Train I guess….although Phantom wasn’t that bad.

  3. Honestly though… how the fuck did you notice that… i mean that couldnt of been more then a 2 second shot. In a million years i would never have noticed it… and maybe thats why they didn’t edit it, because you are prolly the only person to notice.

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