Spring Season Mid-Terms…Well, They’re Kinda Late…But…

The season’s almost over, so why bother doing these when I could wait a month and just do Final Grades? Oh well I’m doing it anyway. To do something different. I will use one screenshot to describe how I feel about each show so far.


Well, this SUCKS. The show itself doesn’t suck, on the contrary, it’s turned out to be one of my favorite shows, which astounds me considering how hesitant I was toward watching this anime in the first place. I used to be completely against it. But as it turns out, it has a pretty solid cast of characters with unique traits, and if you know me, then you know that a cast of characters whom all have at least one unique trait will usually give me a giant boner (for real. I get real boners when I think of a cast like this).

So what’s the deal with the screen shot? Well, it shows us all that Yachiyo is now thinking of Satou. This small, simple sentence, in essence, told us all, that she ISN’T GOING TO DO THE DIRTY DANCE WITH KYOKO. As an avid fan of huge lesbians that carry around a katana and have eyes that are constantly shut (an oddly specific taste if I do say so myself), this discourages me. I hope that I’m only seeing things that aren’t there, but I think we all know that I’m right.

B Gata H Kei

Well, one line says it all. This show used to be awesome. It used to be funny. It used to not suck. But after hearing the same shit over and over, I simply fail to see the logic of making this show any longer than one more episode. Honestly, it should have been a 6 episode OVA packed with all of the funny shit, because it seems to me as though they have simply run out of jokes. I didn’t even crack a smile last episode. It was all about Yamada pondering “love”, which was sickingly resemblant to the 1st half of Season Two of Shakugan no Shana (the season eventually kicked ass).

Kosuda is a pussy, and I don’t care if he did confess in front of everyone (which is pretty ballsey), he’s STILL A FUCKING PUSSY. Caraniel said it best,

“Kosuda has actually become more interesting to watch than Yamada’s dull sex-crazed tsundere ways; which is really not a good thing since Kosuda by design is fecking dull as a brick!

Honestly, I’m disappointed.

Angel Beats!

A PERFECT amount of comedy (and good comedy too). It has a PERFECT amount of drama. It has a PERFECT cast of awesome characters. It has Kanade Tachibana. While nothing can be perfect, Kanade is certainly an awesome character. She’s one of those no-emotion character types that I personally love no matter what.  And okay, nothing is ever “perfect”, but this series is shaping up to be the best series I’ve seen in a good year. And the OP kicks ass too.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

I didn't even bother finishing this stupid episode. I watched up to this point and quit.

As this show started, it was awesome. I loved it. Klux complained that it was a shoujo, but it mattered not to me, it was funny, and didn’t even seem like much of a shoujo to me (I am not a great fan of the shoujo).

However, over the past few episodes, Usui has become less awesome, the plots of the episodes have become less humorous, and the “shoujo” of the show has finally started to show (That sounded cool). Take note of the screenshot. I do NOT need, nor do I want a show that shows off guys surrounded by flowers with violin music playing every time he is introduced. Perhaps this was masked by the great comedy during the first few episodes of the show, but as the comedy has dwindled, so has it’s masking of this bullshit. Do yourself a favor Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Get funny again NOW or DIE. This show has been on a downhill slide….maybe even a straight drop. I am disappointed again.

Arakawa Under The Bridge

Believe it or not, I laughed my ass off at this scene.

Random screenshot = random show. Random screenshot is also awesome, so it also = awesome show.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

What can I say? Technically this show started in what….winter? It’s awesome. It may even be the best. After it finishes up, I plan on reading the manga, and then re-watching this anime 7 times. It seriously rocks.

As for the screenshot, I didn’t really dig for one, as I could’ve taken any screenshot I wanted. I mean, they’re all awesome. But this highlighted a few things I love about the series. The first is the fighting. It kicks a LOT of ass. The second is the symbolism. There was one scene I recall that showed a flower….wait a minute, I’m thinking of Angel Beats….

Either way, in this screenshot, the combo of blood and tears was awesome. I just liked it. This could finally be the anime to replace InuYasha as a number one.


Well, I really experianced a flip-flop in 3 of the 6 shows I was watching. I thought B Gata H Kei and Kaichou wa Maid-sama were going to kick ass, and Working was going to suck, but so far, the opposite is turning out to be true (although both B Gata H Kei and Kaichou wa Maid-sama both were funny and awesome to begin with, and only recently started togo downhill). Is that all I’m watching? Hmmm, I may pick something else up soon.

Father Reading

I’m also officially half way done with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. (SPOILERS)

I felt satisfied when Kamina died. I mean, I already knew going in that he was doomed for death, but I thought he was going to die much later in the show. Thank God. Now I don’t have to wait for him to die for 20+ episodes. Honestly, he wasn’t even that great of a character. Well okay, he was a great character, but I’ve heard him called things like “bad ass” and “GAR”….he’s not badass, and he isn’t even in the same league as GAR. GAR is someone who pounds people’s heads in with a giant amount of brute man-strength and power. Guts from Berserk is GAR. GAR sounds similar to GROWL. In order to be GA- you know what, I’m not even going to get started on this….

Kamina is awesome, yes, but he’s not really bad ass. He’s kind of just a character that would have been dead in any other show, but the way TTGL is, he just happens to be able to solve everything with fighting spirit. Yes, fighting spirit can make a half destroyed mecha-mobile suddenly become brand new again, and then produce drills bigger than the actual machine out of nothing. It may be impossible, but I must say, I do like it. The show is enjoyable/entertaining so far, but honestly, I expected a bit more. I’d say it was over hyped for me. It has gotten a lot better since Kamina died though.

I guess he is bad ass in comparison to every single character in TTGL. But to me, a bad ass is someone like Kenpachi, who just beats the shit out of people with no mercy or compassion.


29 thoughts on “Spring Season Mid-Terms…Well, They’re Kinda Late…But…

  1. I was wondering if anyone else would have the guts to do “mid-season” impressions, so kudos!

    Working has truly become a really enjoyable show. I’m actually laughing at it now, unlike the other stuff airing. Angel Beats, Five Leaves and Tatami Galaxy are now consistently entertaining as well after having shaky starts. Hopefully Beats will have a decent ending so as to not retroactively ruin it. It’s not as great as the fandom makes it out to be, but it’s fun enough. Leaves and Tatami have their own things going, and I appreciate how they aren’t trying to mass-market appeal to otaku but do their own Noitamina thing.

    Giant Killing, FMA and Durarara are also holding up alright. I don’t expect much from any of them, and they keep exceeding those low expectations. FMA is going a little too overboard with the shounen for my tastes, but hey I’m not in the target demo anyway so why complain? Durarara is still interesting, but feels like it’s dragging on almost as much as FMA.

    But Arakawa’s not impressing me. It’s a fun enough distraction, but I get this sense that it’s happy to go nowhere and be completely worthless in the end.. which doesn’t feel right somehow (and I generally like random shows). Maid-sama is just lame and pointless (as a shoujo fangirl I am disappoint.. after Kimi ni Todoke I was hoping for something less mindless, not moreso). B Gata and Daimaou aren’t trying too hard either, though Daimaou isn’t quite as bad as most ecchi shows.

    • I’ve been hearing all of this stuff about Tatami Galaxy, but have no clue about the actual show. Maybe I’ll check it out. I probably won’t watch Giant Killing, even if it is a pretty good anime. There’s just not enough there for me to be interested enough to watch it.

      I like Arakawa, although it’s not as good as it was at first.

  2. WTF ?! Full metal alchemist brotherhood is the best show in the universe, i think when it finishes i will watch it often too and i will also lower every series i’ve watched a point in their respective scores, because now FMAB is a 10 show loner, i think it deserves baka raptor’s special ++++ rating too. =P

    TTGL impressed me too in the beginning, but it couldn’t hold this good impression for a whole season. Well, think at the good side of it, at least kamina didn’t came back from life like happen often in shitty shounen shows.

      • I read somewhere in the interweb that the producers of the anime already had its hands on the ending of the series and they were shocked by it :-O, but they won’t change the ending and it’ll be exactly as the manga.

        So…even if it’ll have a bad ending, FMAB will still be better than anything i’ve watched in my whole life 😉

      • Then you lost the best part of it 😉
        There is no excuse to watch shitty shows like K-ON and don’t finish TTGL.
        Watch it at least to the end of the Spiral King’s Arc, which is the best part of the anime anyway XD

      • Uh, the hype surrounding the show essentially comes from the final arc (after the time-skip). It wasn’t till then that everyone started going on about how epic it is.

    • If Kamina came back to life that would be gay as hell. The show imo got better AFTER he died really.

      @ klux: You should finish this show up. You really should.

  3. FMA = Greatness. Obviously.

    Maid Sama = used to be funny. The only reason I actually still watch it is because I know it’ll be over in 3 more eps.

  4. See? You know I always speak truth. I told you Working is good and BGHK and Maid-sama will just waste your freaking time.

    and don’t say bad things about Kamina. It damn broke my heart

  5. I like B Gata H Kei. I still think the rivalry is funny. 😦

    One of the best mixes of comedy this season for me. The other one would be the mindless comedy from Shin Koihime Musou.

  6. I orginally dropped Working after its terrible 1st episode, but picked it back up again after all the positive things I heard about it – havent regretted it. Working actually makes me laugh which is all I want from a comedy!

    As for B Gata H Kei – should have went with my gut reaction and bailed……its too late now 😦

    I knew Kaichou wa Maid-sama was going to go along this route – anime can’t seem to get shoujo right!

    FMA is just in a different league – I am so going to cry when it ends 😆

    • Is the manga over for FMA? I was reading it, until I heard about the new (current) series. I was on chapter 44 at the time. I feel like if I knew the manga then I’d find the series less interesting. I plan on finishing the manga after the series.

      • There’s one chapter left of the manga – both the anime and the manga will be ending nearly simultaneously.

        It does kill the excitement a bit to know exactly whats going to happen – I can’t really take part in the wild theorising which is half the fun of following a show weekly. I still look forward to each and every episode though, simply because I love seeing how BONES have breathed life into the static pictures!

      • I can’t believe it’s almost over. I feel like I’ve been following FMA since I first started to like anime…in fact, I have been. It’s gonna be weird to live without it.

  7. Fullmetal Alchemist is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how Angel Beats ends. On a side note, I love this blog.

  8. You’re missing out on the best shows this season… House of Five Leaves, RAINBOW, Tatami Galaxy and Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Plus obviously Durarara!! but I know you’re waiting for that to finish in a few weeks.

    Also, have you seen the new Evangelion movie? It was incredibly awesome.

    • I plan on watching all of those, especially the Evangelion movies, after they all are completeld. I think there are 2 more evangelion movies, so I’m going to wait a few years to maybe, dare I say, buy them all and watch them in one sitting? That sounds like a great time to me.

      Now, to finish up TTGL, the best show I’ve seen in a while.

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