What Anime Character Reflects You Best?

There are thousands of different anime titles out there. And from these thousands of titles come an even greater amount of characters. Within these characters, there are certainly many who are copies of others. In fact, I doubt you can find one specific character who has no traits similar to any other character. The same can be said for actual people in real life. But still, I find that there is only one character within this heaping mass of characters that accurately captures the essence of yours truly. And that person is

Yoh Asakura

Look at his lazy, half shut eyes. He almost looks blazed, but no, he's just laaazzzzyyy.

Before I introduce Yoh Asakura, let me leave the animated plane for a time and speak of Peter Gibbons, a character from the awesome movie, Office Space. If you haven’t had the luxury to see Of…..what am I saying? Everyone’s seen Office Space! I’ve seen it like….394823 times. That’s a lot of times. Anyway, Peter Gibbons hated his job, goes and sees a hypnotherapist, who keels over and dies in front of him before he can “wake up” from his state of hypnosis. The result? Peter does whatever he wants at his job for the rest of the movie. So what is is exactly that Peter wants to do? Nothing. His dream is to do absolutely nothing. No ambitions, no dreams, nothing. He only wants to sit on his ass and be lazy. In fact, when asked what he’s do if he was rich, he responded by saying that he would do absolutely nothing.

Now on to Yoh Asakura. He’s the Peter Gibbons of anime, at least in the beginning of the series. He wants to become Shaman King so that he can do nothing. He is a lazy, lazy piece of shit. That is exACTLY the kind of person I am. I don’t want to do anything. Truth be told, I don’t actually want to be an art teacher. But I figure that being an elementary school art teacher is decently laid back, plus you get summers off, and I’m decent at art/good with kids, so I figure that I teaching elementary art would be the best thing to do. That is what I want to do. Nothing. I want to have zero responsibilities, zero commitments, even zero friends wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. After all, people are all stupid. Too bad I can’t preform a kage bushin no justsu, then if I need another person to do something like play wiffleball, baseball, basketball, sex, or fight, I’d be able to do it on the spot. Woe is me.

As far as Shamen King goes, I loved it when I watched it years and years ago. I wish they had an ending though. I have started reading the manga which they apparently now finished (finally), so I should find some solace when I’m done with that….which could be never considering that I read about 4 chapters and haven’t gone back to it in ages.

So, what type of anime character represents you?

Farther Reading

Here’s a random video that kicks ass that I found while looking for an Office Space video….for the record, when I looked for said Office Space video, I got completely side-tracked and ended up looking at youtube videos for about an hour.


39 thoughts on “What Anime Character Reflects You Best?

  1. Shaman King ? Really ? I bet if you’re alone in the world with ZERO friends, naruto’s sexy jutsu is more suitable to do what you meant you wanna do, if you know what i mean 😉 unless i misread your text and you actually mean it. (sorry i don’t fell like explaining this, as it is embarashing to me)

    Answering to your question, I would say Kintarou from Golden Boy, Aside from the toilet fetish (which i don’t have), i love to study and to work (just like him), I am peverted, and very expressive, emotional, determinative, crazily kind person with high value.

    People always tend to underestimate me (just like happens with kintarou), and in the end we both prove our value.

    Kintarou has a good heart and a strong sense of justice, he travels with his bicycle all around the corner, i guess i share the same love with him for 2 wheel vehicles and share the same kind heart.

    The only difference is that i don’t go writing everything in a note/diary, i had a note/diary once…but not anymore.

    • Would I fuck myself if I could use the sexy no jutsu? Probably. God knows I’d probably end up getting really perverted because of it too, until such point where I stopped leaving my room, and instead stayed in there, using different forms of sex to keep busy, fucking myself in several different ways. I would clone myself and fuck the shit out of my own face and ass and vagina and even my own penis. When I had to take a shit, I would somehow find a way to turn that into something that arouses me. The mixture of piss and shit and cum and blood and sweat would eventually arouse me to the point of insanity, where I would then literally fuck myself to death.

      Also, I haven’t heard of Kintarou although I have heard of Golden Boy…I’ll look into it farther.

      • I think you should go out and breath some fresh air, because apparently, breathing exclusively anime is not doing any good for you whatsoever… it is not healthy… take a break…

        PS: I think you getting drunk is a dangerous sittuation…for yourself, of course 😉

      • Hahahaha, I read you’re comment first and was like, “what’s he talking about? Am I getting made fun of?” then I read what you replied to (my comment) and went, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” hahahahaha

        Yes I tried to create the most obnoxious scenario I could, inspired by this:

        I think I did well, don’t you?

      • Ops, how the hell that comment got published ? i accidentally fell aspleep in front of my laptop and don’t remember what happened next… maybe i took the wrong pill yesterday?

        I watched the whole thing…is that supposed to be a joke ? You did a great job actually, but you forget to say the word Aristocrats at the end… =/

        Now, just ignore what i’ve written before and keep watching anime, as i think american TV is doing more brain damage than anything else…hey wait, now that i mentioned, brazilian soup opera can be worst, hope they don’t broadcast this over there.

        Yeah, i made fun of you and myself too actually…hahahahh

  2. Your choice of character surprised me. I thought you is more like Kenpachi. Guess I don’t know you that well, husband.

    And you’re lying. You are not lazy. Lazy people don’t write an update entry every other day. Lazy people is like me who… wait, I’m not lazy. But yeah basically you are not lazy. Stop trying to deceive us.

    And I’ll write a post to answer your question. It gave me something to write about. Thank you.

      • And you’re not 3rd, It’s just that it’s in alphabetical order and I don’t know how to fix it….I keep everything in order in my subscription bar, and trust me, you are second, although you’re name isn’t conspicuous klux, for some reason it’s kluxorious kluxes, which was also a bad ass name.

    • A) After thinking about it. I would b closer to a character with like…8 personalities, but Yoh best represents my life goals and dreams. We both share the same passion to do absolutely nothing. I don’t work this week, and I’m just going to be as lazy as I can (actually, I’m going to be very active outdoors), but I’d LIKE to be lazy as fuck. Maybe I actually have no idea wtf I’m talking about.

      Kenpachi? Fuck yes. If I was as strong as that I would FUCK SHIT UP. That does it, My goal for this month (besides the non-masturbation goal which I am chronicalling on Frankly Stupid), is to get massivly strong and fight 103934 people….or at least get massivly strong.

  3. Yeah, Yoh is kinda lazy and easy going. But like any good shonen hero, he also knows when it’s time for action. I think that’s what I liked about him; he was still a shonen hero, but calmer and less aggressive than most others.

    Thinking about what anime character you’re most like seems like fun. I shall give it some thought.

    • Exactly like me. When I want to, I can step up and perform, but that’s rare. Take studying…I don’t do shit all year, until I actually have to, in which case I actually put effort and wind up with B’s and shit…

      This semester I was literally doing shitty in 2 of my classes. My teacher in one said that I might have to re-take the class. What did I do? Slammed the shit out of the rest of my assignments and got a B and a B+ and said classes.

  4. I feel like Peter Gibbons is the best character ever. He’s like me too.

    As far as answering your question…. I will prolly follow in Klux’s footsteps and write a post about it too. It’s gonna take me a little while to think of who… considering there are like 5000000000000000000000+ characters.

    • I’ve always felt like Yoh ever since he admitted he was lazy (screenshot unavailable because I watched this show before I even had Eye Sedso).

      Shaman King was AWESOME FUCK.

  5. I will say Arima from Kare Kano. He is studious, nice and generally a pretty nice fellow… but you never know when his dark claws might come to consume you.

  6. Tomoya from Clannad. He was so similar to me it was really eerie watching the show. Especially the second season because I watched it was like watching an alternate future to my life.

  7. ‘After all, people are all stupid.’
    *nod* you are right! (and for the record, I have no friends either o_o)

    I’m still thinking about the character that reflects me the most. I’ll tell you when I figure it out.

  8. I love Peter from Office Space. He’s so chill and awesome. For some reason though, like Klux, I was surprised at your choice too. I think it’s because from your posts, I always imagined you to be more badass and passionate. Agreed about the part where you kind of just do what you want, the same as Peter and I guess Yoh (haven’t seen the series).

    As for myself, I’m not really sure. Personality wise, maybe Kurumi from Kimi ni Todoke.

    • Yea no one expects me to be lazy. Although Yoh is also good at fighting too, so don’t sell me short just yet.

      I still have to watch Kimi no Todoke, which is now finished, which allows me to finally marathon it.

  9. Ooh great question! I can’t really think of a single character that made me go ‘dear god thats me!’ But there are a number that I can definately see aspects of myself in. Much as I’d love to say I’m like Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHOLiC (the patron saint of my blog), unfortunately I’m no where near as awesome. However I can see bits of myself in Konata Izumi (Lucky Star), Yukari Tanizaki (Azumanga Daioh!) and Tsuruya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).

    With Konata its the laziness and obsessive otaku tendancies. Yukari covers my temper, attitude to work and love of alcohol and Tsuruya has the cheerful part of me that laughs at the most random shit covered!

    • Thanks to this comment, I was thinking of xxxHOLiC the entire time I was running. God I miss that show.

      If I were a girl I could be considered like Konata, in that I’m very eccentric at times, lazy as fuck, and love anime, while most of my friends do not.

      Actually, I bet almost all people who like anime could be categorized as Konata. I mean, she’s kind of based off of an otaku (which, for the record, I am not).

  10. That’s the hardest question I’ve been asked all week. Nobody, probably. No character is singularly definitive of myself – I’m too multi-faced for one personality, and too insincere to be a character. Maybe a villain that people would hate from the get-go. Maybe if Dio from Casshern fused with Sahashi Minato and Lelouch vi Britannia, something like that.

    And I wasn’t surprised by your choice, actually. Always thought you were a pretty chill dude.

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