Round Three: Eye Suck, But…

So. The third round has officially begun.

There’s really no limit to how crappy this “ISSS” is. The layout is a shitty wordpress, the author is a piece of cunt, and the post quality is far below even the shittiest of sites. I, the author of said crappy site, will now destroy every ounce of credibility that you, the reader, thinks Eye Sedso has toward not only writing posts, but anime and the anime world in general.

First let’s look at the author of Eye Sedso, the shittiest piece of shit I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing being, Glo the Legend. He can hardly be called popular in the anime world. I mean, look at his posts. He spells almost every other word wrong, talks about retarded shit no one really cares about (like his shitty rap group that doesn’t exist anymore and wasn’t good to begin with; or the fact that he has a list explaining his favorite character from every single show he’s ever seen), and most of the time, he’s too busy hating on women’s rights groups and the homeless to write an actual anime related post. Even when he does write a post somehow related to anime, it’s HATEFUL. I think his previous girlfriend said it best, “What a dickhead!” This guy should not only be forced to forfeit his site, but he should also probably be shot in the face with a fucking cannon (like an old school cannon that you can find on an old, old wooden ship, such as Diversity).

Not only that, but Glo the Legend tries, and fails horribly, to be funny. He’s not funny. I don’t think he’s ever been funny. The only times that he makes his many three readers laugh is when they’re laughing at his crappy posts and poor attempts to become something close to literate. So what’s the deal Glo? You got an 11/12 on your CMT’s in MIDDLE SCHOOL and now you think you’re a good writer? You’re 22 and a half years old and you still suck at pretty much everything. Get a life. Get a girlfriend. Do something with you’re shitty, shitty life. You suck cock. For the record, most people get 12/12 on their CMT’s. It’s not hard at all.

And what’s up with these so called “characters?” Bill the Ass-Kicker? You just typed that int Google and chose the first picture that came up! YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE THE RIGHTS TO USE THAT IMAGE!!!! YOU’RE A FUCKING THIEVING ASS-HOLE!!! And what’s this other guy? Voice of Reason? That’s so stupid that someone would have to be a fucking MORON to even THINK about BLATANTLY COPYING IT!

Jesus Christ, I can’t think of a SINGLE REASON why anyone would ever vote for you in this tournament. Oh wait, that’s right, you’re facing off against Anime Yume….oh, excuse me, MAINICHI ANIME YUME.

Mainichi Anime Yume


Dear God, save us all. If I can’t beat Mainichi Anime Yume then I should quit writing, speaking, eating, shitting, and even binge drinking all together. First of all, I’m totally confused about the entire header. What the fuck is all this shit going on in here? There’s some stuff written here, some stuff there in a different font, some other stuff over there in a different language…..what the hell? And what the fuck…an extension of Anime Yume? What the…..why do you need an extension? Can’t you just throw you’re posts up on Anime Yume? Seriously, why do you have two sites about the same thing? I just don’t get it. No one wants to read you’re crappy posts twice!

Oh, and in case you readers want to say something to make yourselves seem smart like….”Hey Glo, if you hate Mainichi anime Yume so much, then how come you have it as one of your TOP FIVE BLOGS!?).

Don’t get ahead of yourselves assholes, I just did that out of sympothy. I’m sure that no one else even have Yumeka on their blogroll, and here’s why.

Yumeka isn’t even a human being. Don’t believe me? Look at her about page:

Here we can clearly see the blogger in question standing next to some girl. That’s right folks, the blogger of Mainichi Anime Yume is non other than Pikachu, the pokemon from the popular Japanese video game and anime series.

Want more proof? I don’t blame you, it’s a tough bit of information to swallow. If you look at the “About Mainichi Anime Yume” page, you can clearly see that Yumeka (aka Pikachu) describes Pokemon with such words as “favorite show and the games.” “Yumeka” even has an entire category dedicated to Pokemon! Here’s what else “Yumeka” had to say about Pokemon:

Pokemon: Pokemon is what got me interested in anime to begin with and it’s been my favorite video game series since then. All Pokemon-related posts will be here

Oh, really? You’re favorite? MAYBE THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING PIKACHU!!! Here we go with the propaganda! You know, I like Rie Kugimiya, but you don’t see a category about her on the side of my ISSS!

I see you’re method Pikachu. You’re trying to act all nice by creating a blog under the alias of Yumeka, just to boost your own ratings and make a profit with typical Poke-propaganda. Well I still haven’t forgotton what you’ve done, Pikachu, on that night, 7 years ago. That’s right Pikachu, I saw you kill those prostitutes, and I also saw you rob them of their hard earned money in order to feed your ever growing lust for cocaine. You are the ruination of society. Rodents like you should be euthanized.

I don’t know who the girl in the picture is, but I’ll be damned if you I lose to a yellow, serial killer rodent with a cocaine addiction. If you vote for Yumeka, you won’t just be casting a vote against me, you’ll be casting a vote against yourself and the entire human race.

There’s nothing good about what Pikachu is doing on Mainichi Anime Yume. She forces children to work in sweatshops producing 12000 posts a day for almost no wages. That’s horrible for the wrists. Not to mention, she ends up throwing out almost all of the posts anyway. Not only should she no win this round of the Aniblog Tournament, but clear actions should be taken to prevent this monster from doing these things any longer. Let us unite and band together to put an end to the tyranny! Let freedom ring! Vote for Eye Sedso! I may be a piece of crap, but at least I’m more humane.

And for the record, Pikachu has no clue about how to write a good post. Don’t bother looking at any of them, just take my word for it.

(disclaimer: I definitely didn’t make all of this up. It’s completely true believable ).

Farther Reading

You STILL owe me a FUCKING post!



40 thoughts on “Round Three: Eye Suck, But…

  1. HAHAHA I remember that whole week after you guys broke up, robert and I just wrote some form of “dick” on your wall like 3 times a day.

    Also. I have never trusted pikachu. Ever seen that episode of South Park???

    I think we all know what happens at the end (the [chin]Pokemon want us to bomb America).

  2. “I see you’re method…” <- roar, I can clearly no longer vote for you.

    And Pikachu is the bomb, sooo~ (Except Raichu is better.)

    • I used to love Pikachu. Used to be my favorite. Remember how Pikachu loved ketsup? So do I. I thought we had a kinship. Until that night two months ago, when I saw Pikachu rape three underage girls and kill them. It was never the same.

      Raichu does kick ass, but I never evolve my Pikachu, because of the influence from the anime.

  3. Here we can clearly see the blogger in question standing next to some girl. That’s right folks, the blogger of Mainichi Anime Yume is non other than Pikachu, the pokemon from the popular Japanese video game and anime series.

    Needless to say, I was shocked…

    This sways my vote. I cannot control my anti-non-human bias any longer.

  4. I have this electronic pikachu bank that makes happy pikachu noises when you put coins in and sad pikachu noises when you take money out. I wanted to donate my savings to a little orphan girl battling cancer, but my pikachu bank discouraged with sad pikachu noises. Now the little girl is dead, all thanks to Yumeka.

  5. To think that I always thought Yumeka was the girl standing next to pikachu, I was totally fooled 🙂

    So basically, I have to choose between crappy ISSS written by a guy who has never accomplished anything and a blog with messy header written by a yellow serial killer. Tough choise 😛

    • Well that makes Mainichi Anime Yume seem better. The vote is really between Eye Sedso, a crappy ISSS with an AWESOME header written by a guy who hasnever accomplished anything, and a yellow terrorist who wants to use you for votes and then kill you and your family. This rodent also has the same views as Hitler. I forgot to mention that because I just made it up.

      • HAHAHA, how can I not vote for Eye Sedso?
        Maybe I should use your strategy against Star Crossed in the fourth round…

      • Star Crossed to me would be a Polywhirl if anything….do you want to trade your Polywhirl for my Farfetch’d? Holy shit how did I remember that. It’s an actual quote from Red Version. I think in Cerulean City.

  6. Reminds me of Eminem’s rap battle in Eight Miles.

    Although I used to love Pikachu, I’d vote for you just to see more funny trash talk. Good luck. ^ ^

  7. Hah, so that’s where the Pikachu reference came from XD And to think, I was getting ready to replace that photo with a different one.

    This is quite a funny a post (and I liked how you were fair and also trash talked your own blog too). Unfortunately I have no talent with joking and being humorous, so if more people want that than what my blog has to offer, you’ll probably win this one.

  8. If it is the real Pikachu you are up against then I’m afraid you have no chance. the millions of boys and girls who worship the yellow rodent will blow up the polls!

  9. I think i’ll vote for pikachu! >:-)

    You’re totally right, compared to baka-raptor’s blog, this one is the shittiest piece of shit in the entire universe.

    Even klux’s blog is better…

    Get a knife Jeff, you know what you gotta do tonight.

  10. I bet I know more about Pikachu than anyone else in this room. Light Ball and its 90 base speed are its only slightly redeeming factors. Slap timid onto it, 252 into SPE for a maximum total of 306 speed, encore or sub and attempt to sweep. Focus Punching mixchu is especially lulz.

    Did I ever tell you I was god’s gift to that game? I’m SO excited about pogeymanz black and white.

  11. I wa shock. GlotheLegend is an awful person and he should like, change his name so as to not misinform people of his un-legendary status. Maybe Glo teh Suck would be better as an alternative. Or MissingNo. Now I would vote for MissingNo.

  12. If I can’t beat Mainichi Anime Yume then I should quit writing, speaking, eating, shitting, and even binge drinking all together.

    that! :mrgreen:

    • Uhh…yes.

      I have Kanono downloaded on my computer for years and have still not watched it. In fact, I don’t plan on watching it any time soon. Speaking of soon. Is this podcast dead now or what’s the deal here?

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