The Legend of Moyashimon: A Microbe to the Past

This will contain spoilers for the show (really small ones that aren’t even really spoilers at all, but you’ve been warned) and the ED for this show is AWESOME:

With that, I have become a fan of Polysics, who did the song, which I now have on repeat via You-tube. And no, You-tube does not actually have a repeat option, I simply have to manually replay the song from the beginning after every time it ends, which, for the record, sucks. I wish You-tube would make it possible to put a video on repeat. Like, give the player  repeat option….seriously. Doesn’t that make sense? I mean, okay, you’re not supposed to actually upload music onto You-tube, but still, everyo-

Is this a review of Moyashimon or a You-tube Player rant?

So then. Moyashimon. What’s it about? For the most part, it centers around a certain ability of the main character, Young Link, who, for some reason, can actually see microbes with the naked eye. Of course, these micro-organisms appear much bigger and much different looking to him then they would appear under a scope, but still, that’s just a perk that Young Link has.

So, Young Link (who goes by the alias of Sawaki in this anime) can see microbes. He and his perverted gay friend Kei decide to enroll in an agriculural university in Tokyo, which looks like the most fun place to be on the planet. Seriously. Planting, making sake, hot girls, drinking sake, micro organisms, making and drinking sake, and sake? Count me in! And that’s not all!

What else can one possibly add to this already stellar scholarly curriculum? Only the most bad ass school festival ever created!

One thing that I especially liked about Moyashimon, besides the great animation and movie-like feel that it had at times, was the Festival Episode. I have been known to not enjoy the whole festival episode plotline, but sometimes, they can really turn out well, as long as they’re unique, and trust me, this school festival is unique as a platypus. I only took a few screenshots, because I was enjoying the episodes so much, but here they are, for your viewing pleasure, laid out smack dab in the middle of this sent-

Before I get started. Some info on the girl character. You’ve probably already guessed, but that girl is actually Malon. Where do you think she got her farming skills? Tokyo Agriculture University baby. And if you haven’t noticed, Malon is totally eye-fucking the shit out of Young Link.

So what do these three screenshots, which actually don’t cover any of the cool parts of the festival, mean? Well, in the first one, we have the organizers of the festival. This group of people are explained in the anime, but I wasn’t really paying attention or something, so I have no idea who these people actually are. Basically, they have awesome tight black suits and white towels wrapped around their heads. These get-ups are then covered in symbols and shit that look totally awesome. They almost reminded me of Spiderman, albeit without the red and blue costume. Or the web-slinging abilities. Or the New York City backdrop. Or the-

I’ll get back to them in a minute, but first, the general rules of the festival, laid out for your viewing pleasure in bullets:

  1. You can not use real money. Real money must be traded for fake money of equal value. However, once the festival is over, this money becomes useless, and you are not able to get your real money back, so you should only trade in an amount of money that you plan on using all of.
  2. The festival does not end until a specific requirement is met. However, this requirement is never mentioned, or hinted towards. The students must figure it out and complete it for themselves.

I decided to use numbers instead. Bet you were all confused as shit, huh? Anyway, I’ll let you in on the rules of this specific tournament festival via bullets for real this time. Let it be known that this is much better to get from the anime. If you haven’t seen the anime, I would watch it before reading the rest of this. But that’s just me, and it’s not like this spoilers anything, I’m just covering the rules of the tournament, which, in the anime, you find out gradually, over the course of several episodes. So anyway, bullets:

  1. I used numbers again instead of bullets. Suck it.
  2. Each student is given a paper fan, and a paper ball, which they are required to wear on their heads. If the balloon is popped by a person dressed in black (like the ones standing guard at the gates) then they lose all of their fake money to that person. Likewise, if they pop a balloon of a black cloven person, then they get all of that person’s fake money.
  3. People dressed in the black suits can only attack in the shadows or under  cloud/night cover. So if they’re in the sun, they will be deemed “out” by an umpire (they have umpires all over the place) and be forced to relinquish they’re fake money. They can also not go into buildings.
  4. The festival ends when the main black dressed dude sitting in front of the gate is taken down. He has a key in his balloon that unlocks the gate. The person to pop said balloon also receives 100,000 yen (1000 dollars US) of fake money, which they can use to buy….oh say, a set of aphrodisiacs.

Is that fun or what? Needless to say, Young Link gets the dough AND the aphrodisiacs, which don’t work on Hasegawa, but do work on two other girls, who then have hot lesbian sex. Here’s a screenshot of an apple that Prof. Itsuki used when trying to sell his aphrodisiacs to Young Link and his friends:

When I saw this, I immediately said “Vagina” outloud. In fact, the whole reason I made this post was to show this picture. In case you’re wondering. Yes, I would fuck that apple. I would fuck it right now. In fact, right now, I would fuck a brick. I would fuck anything. Thank God my cat is dead, because I’d probably try and fuck that too. Hey….pussy is pussy. Here’s a picture of the girls who, after being impaired via aphrodisiac, had hot lesbian sex:

Because you touch yourself at night.

What’s odd is that Malon later talked about how disgusting it was for same genders to kiss. Then this happened:

What a lesbian whore. Admit your feelings Malon! God this series was good. But who is my favorite character? Well, you could check my character page, or you can just read this:

Haruka Hasegawa

At first I didn’t like her because she was such a bitch. But she dressed awesome, and just look at her when she’s drunk^! Classy!


Bill got his ass headbutted by a fucking Microbe.

Farther Reading:

First play this music, then read the following:

Can you believe it? I’ve somehow pulled within 5 votes of Yumeka for the third round of the aniblog tourney! I’m astounded, and on the comeback quest (hence the music). Do I have what it takes to complete the comeback? Only you can decide! A VOTE FOR EYE SEDSO IS A VOTE FOR YOURSELF!


21 thoughts on “The Legend of Moyashimon: A Microbe to the Past

  1. Kei is awesome. Don’t hate on him… I don’t see how he’s perverted.

    I loved how Haruka was a sadist when she got drunk.

    I just wish Moyashimon had been a bit longer; maybe waited longer before making it so they’d have had more material. It was such a funny show, and I liked the fact that the characters weren’t high school students. I wasn’t crazy about the blonde, though, and her comment about same-sex kissing being disgusting was really fucking obnoxious.

    • I never hated on him really. In fact, I loved everything about this show, even the crossdressing trap of Kei (although I didn’t like him in the gay BL way).

      I would love to party with Haruka. I especially love what they did to her when she woke up.

      The blonde was annoying. especially her need to clean everything. I will never use antibacterial stuff. Especially if I have kids. It’s better to let the play in dirt and build up an immunity.

      • Yes! So yes! Antibacterial stuff is soooooo fucking baaadddd for people. Its the reason people get sick so easily these days; they’re killing too many germs, and they’re also killing good germs which help us out. People are waaaay too overprotective of their kids these days in America – this is why peanut allergies are through the roof.

        If I ever have kids, I’m locking them outside for three hours every day – including the winter. Man up, bitches.

        Of course, I’m also a person who is in the regular habit of eating anything dropped on the ground, to include ice cream. I have also shared a toothbrush during field training. I could list a litany of other things… but I almost never get sick!

  2. More anime really need to use chiptunes for their OP/ED themes and I know Moyashimon’s will stick out on that virtue alone. It sure works to differentiate themselves from the typical J-pop stuff. I really do need to finish that show at some point…

    Also, I prefer Life of Brian’s song, but that’s because I find the movie to be awesome and underrated.

  3. You did a LOT of ranting in this post. Also, I have started this show. And i dont know how you like that band from the ED… their songs are so annoying. Whenever that girl sings in that wierd voice with the weird background music i want to jump off a bridge

    • I didn’t rant at all.

      That band is awesome. You just have a one track mind, which is proved with the type of girls you like, music you like, and media you like. Micheal “One-Track” is you’re new name. I dub thee.

      • one track mind? what are you talking about? you have no basis for my taste in girls, you just assume in only like blonde girls. which is false. i like hot girls. and as far as music. i like good music. there isn’t only one type of music i like. i actually listen to all types of music, except emo shit, and pop music. therefore you nickname has no basis.

  4. Oh hell yeah Moyashimon! I have lots of love for that show – its one of the 1st things I suggest when people ask for a short comedy series to watch. I sat and watched it all one day – nearly pissed myself laughing!

    • It had a great funny moment right off the bat when the pooper scoopers came by and scooped some poop in a VERY enthusiastic manner. DMC is still probably the funniest show I’ve seen though.

  5. All I have is love for Kei. This is one of the anime that I watched in my earlier years of becoming a tard. It was awesome then as you said it now. I like it so much, I decided to pick up the manga but until today the update on the chapters we sporadic. =(

    • Kei is cool, but the cross-dressing honestly surprised me. I’ve dressed like a girl before though, so it’s all good. I would pick up the manga if not for your insight on the chapters. I hate waiting. As of now, I’m almost done with Love Hina, and let me say that Ken Akamatsu should have just ended this manga around chapter 100. This shit is just retarded shit. Honestly, I’m not really blown away.

    • Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is indeed a kick ass manga. I’ve been reading it for some time, although not lately. Now that I’ve finally finished Love Hina, I’ll probably get back into it, although I was pretty close to catching up to it.

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