The ISSS Anime Tournament

There’s been so much hooplah about the Aniblog Tournament, but since I have finally been ousted, I have suddenly decided that the whole thing was a sham, and so I got to thinking: What about the other sites out there that AREN’T blogs? I’m of course talking about ISSSes. So without farther adu, I pronounce to you The AniISSS Tournament!

Uh….okay, so actually, Refuse to Come Wack isn’t anime related, so he’s technically out, which of course means that….


When’s the parade?

Real Thoughts

For the record, I’d like to congratulate Yumeka. I actually have her in my top five for a reason, and predicted that I would actually be crushed by her, so I’m pretty happy with how well I actually did (4 votes guys. FOUR VOTES. YOU GUYS REALLY COULDN’T FIND FOUR COMPUTERS SOMEWHERE AND VOTE FOR ME!? I blame God). I’ll be voting for her against Kurogane (even though Kurogane’s Anime Blog is actually not bad), and if ou by any chance voted for me, then I implore you to now vote for MAY every time she’s up, as she has stolen my luck. For the record, if we all filled out brackets and put money on this tournament, I’d have a pretty much perfect bracket so far. I think all of my picks have won, including Listless Ink the other day (woot woot). That tournament was fun for me, and I got a lot of new blogs to follow. Maybe another one in a year? I hope so.

For everyone who voted for me, I’d like to thank you. I got a lot of support from people like my wife, who even used her facebook to garner support for me, even selling her body in the process. I don’t have many readers, but what I lack in quantity of audience I feel like I make up for in quality of audience in spades. If you read Eye Sedso, then congratulation, you kick ass.